Written by carmine

22 Apr 2009

my 22 year old gf was getting dressed ready for work. we was staying at my parents house. she was up 6am and i pretended to be asleep watching her getting dressed. helen is size 10 tanned with amazing 34dd boobs and blonde hair, really sexy. helen had blue jeans on with button undone you could just see the sexy bow on her white knickers.she had white bra on which was too small with one of her boobs in the bra and one out looking so sexy puutting her make up on. helen got up to go to the bathroom and bumped into my 46 year old dad on his way to use the bathroom mum was in bed asleep. dad stopped and stared at her amazing boobs, helen smiled at him and kissed him dad kissed her back and started sucking her amazing tits.helen pulled out dads 8\'\' cock and was wankin dad and kissing him hard.i heard whispering and i crept to my bedroom door and looked through the gap and helen was giving him the best blowjob he\'s ever had and he cum in her mouth,helen swallowed every drop and i got back into bed and pretended to be asleep. i heard dad and helen whisper that they would meet later in the day. helen rang me that afternoon to say she would be late cos she has to work overtime and dad made an excuse to mum that he had to go out. it turnrd me on so much. since then helen and my dad always seem to be out or at work the same time, and i know what is happeneng but it turns me on so much. whwnever they are both out i wank furiously thinking about what there doing. as far as im concerned helen is so sexy and her tits so amazing that i have no right to be the only guy to have her and i want as many people as possible to cum on those tits.