Written by Gstan

10 Mar 2009

my girlfriend ang has always been highly sexed,

but was not very out going till she had a few drinks inside her.

as was the case when one friday night i was out with my mates and she was around her mates, where i was going to meet her later and walk home.

at around midnight i made my way there to meet her,as normal i went to the back door i was just putting my cig out.when through the window i could see 3 people at the dinning table playing cards.

as i focused on them i could see ang sitting there

with just her bra on, the other 2 were her mates mum in her underwear and her dad naked.

now i was stuck to the spot watching. next thing is the girlfriend takes her bra off and lets her breast swing free

i could here the saying what lovely tits she had.

the next hand and ang had lost again, when the dad s forfit time and says he wants her to kiss his wifes nipples.

which i thought yeah right but she did and it wasn't a fast kiss.

the dad was sporting one hell of an hard on (me to).

the next hand and the mum loses, he tells her to kiss ang's pussy, she lowered her head down and i could see ang's head go back the dad was now up and guides his hard cock to her mouth. she opens up and lets him push in to her.

the mum still licking her pussy as she lows him.

after a few minutes he gets her to bend over the table and starts to fuck her from behind as the mum played with her tits whilst fingering herself. i couldn't take it anymore

so i walked through the door. the mum was the only one to see me and just carried on. i had my cloths off and cock out in seconds. ang now saw me and asked if i like her being a slut which she knows i do.

just then the dad pulls out and tells them to kneel infront of him, as they do so he fires his load over their faces.

i pull the mums hips up and thrust into her as the girls lick cum off each other. i was soon feeling her pussy full of my cream. ang now wants my cock inside her so as i start fucking her and she's sucking his cock.the mum went out of the room and then came back wearing a strap on and starts to fuck the husband she say he loves this so ang shoves a finger up my arse. with see this the mum and dad manover behind me. i could feel her strapon trying to push into my arse and and with a bit of lube it was in and fucking me.

ang was now sucking my cock i was gonna cum any second again i see the husbands cock in front of me so i took it in my mouth just as he came and feeled my mouth full of cum he then pulled out as came in angs mouth to suck the last few drops from me.

i found out later they was swingers and that ang has been screwed by their son and her mate.