24 Mar 2018

Well it's been over a year now since I met Joan and we have enjoyed some really sexy times over that year. It took me four dates before I finally got her to bed but it was well worth the wait. We went to a Hotel about a month after we met for a meal. When we were drinking coffee after we eat I casually said to her I have booked a room for the night. I looked into her eyes to see her reaction to this, she smiled and said it's about time we took things to the next level. Once in the room I put my arms around her and kissed her hard on the lips my tounge slipped into her mouth and she responded to my passionate kissing. She started unbuttoning my shirt as I lifted her top over her head she is not a small woman with 44FF breasts and a beautiful lacey bra trying hard to hold them in. I unclipped it and a fabulous mound of soft flesh fell onto my chest as I pulled her to me. My belt was being undone by her and felt my trousers slip down my legs, I stepped out of my trousers and she felt my cock through my boxers, it was rock hard by now. I too hold of the waist band of her skirt and it was soon on the floor with most of our cloths. She was wearing black stockings and suspenders a fantastic look, her knickers were matching her bra and I soon had them down her legs and on the floor with her bra. I look a good look at her and was pleased to see her pussy was bald. She stepped back and sat on the end of the bed pulling me towards her and she pulls down my boxers, my cock is sticking out infront of her face and she takes it in her hand outs it too her lips and licks the end of my cock dripping with pre cum. She opens her mouth and takes my cock in sucking it as I close my eyes savoring the feeling and getting close to cumming. I don't want to cum yet it's too soon so I say lay back on the bed. I lay next to her and kiss her lips, squeeze a nipple then move my mouth onto the nipple sucking it hard. My left hand moves down her body to the bald pussy between her legs. I stroke her in the hope her legs will open to let my finger do there magic. As I suck her nipple she is moaning and making audible sounds that are not words but the sound a woman makes when they are feeling pleasure. Her legs start to open up and my finger finds her clit which is hard and sticking out. I move further down looking to see how wet she is and encounter two huge lips her vulver is very pronounced maybe an inch and a half long, I have to open them up to find her hot wet hole and is it wet two fingers slip up so easy then a third with no resistance. I start to finger fuck her and she is really making noises now think it's time to move down her body, my head is between her legs which she has now got them as wide as they will go. I lick her hard clit and finger fuck her with three finger sliding in her wet hole. Her huge lips are so inviting and I take then into my mouth and suck them. I don't want her to cum yet and I feel she is getting close so I get her into her knees so I am behind her licking her cunt and ass which makes her wiggle. We are both ready for the next step so I line my cock up against her lips but find I have to seperat them so I can find the hole. As I touch her with my cock I feel her push back trying to get it inside her. I push forward and she pushes back and I am in ball's deep in one go. I start to fuck her but not too fast, she is not happy with that and starts pushing hard and fast against me, fuck me she shouts fuck me hard make me cum. This gets me so hard and I am determined to give her what she wants, we fuck like animals thrashing away till I feel her cum on my cock and her juice runs down her legs, this gets me to the point of no return and I fill her full of spunk. We both collapse on the bed and fall asleep in no time at all. In the morning we have some foreplay and I fuck her missionary style. That is how we start a friendship that has lasted till today. I have always had an interest in fisting and Joan gets so wet and I found right from the start my fingers would slip deep in her and she takes three fingers with ease. I have always loved women who cum on my tounge while I am likcking and sucking there clit and finger fucking them at the same time. Joan loves this and it dose not take her long to cum while I do this. If I want it to last longer I have to hold back on the clit licking and sucking. I was determined to get her to take my hand deep in her cunt and found it did not take me long to get four fingers sliding deep within her with my thumb tickling her clit, and that brings her off really quickly. I bought some KY gel and I found it was so easy to finger fuck her with the gel inside her. Bit by bit I would open my fingers inside her stretching her more and more. After a couple of months I had my thumb inside her along with my four fingers. I now had to get my hand past my knuckles and over another month I managed to stretch her cunt to the point that my whole hand would easily slide inside. I have now just one quest to do and that is to get her big enough inside to let me make a fist. I want to close my hand inside her and pull back towards her opening and then forward without cumming out. When that is possible I want to be able to pull out and push in without much resistance. I will then be able to fist fuck her and bring her to orgasm just by going that. I would like to see her squirt too which I am sure she could do when arroused enough. So here we are one year and a bit on and I feel I am close to my goal. She cums so hard with my hand inside her and I can now fuck her cunt with my hand and cock inside her together. I have put my hand in her cunt and a thumb up her ass which now makes her cum as I fuck them both together. I want to fuck her ass but as of yet she has not felt brave enough to let me. Watch this space I will be letting you what happens next. If you have an interest in knowing what happens next please let me know.