Written by Alinyorks

31 Jul 2008

I had been going on about it for ages, seeing my beautiful girfriend being fucked outside by a total stranger!

After 2 years of going out together we found ourselves travelling home past a place I knew was used for dogging, I said lets just park up and have a look, and she agreed. We sat with other cars in the dark and I was aware of men outside looking into the car. She suddenly said "OK" and got out of the car picked a guy with his cock in his hand and sarted rubbing him! Then she went on her knees and took his cock in her mouth and sucked his big erection.

We were all watching and wanking and then she stood up lifted her skirt bent over the car and pulled her knix to one side showing her shaved wet cunt!

He went straight in and pushed deep and fucked her like a beast! Grunting like he was a rapist or something! She loved it and asked me to kiss her while she was being "serviced"!! He grunted and was obviously coming for her so I went in after him and kept up the fuck till she came, as did everyone else!