29 Aug 2019

It's been a while but I've been busy, up to no good.

This sounds like a porn video but it's true and it was amazing.

Me and my girlfriend were out in Newcastle for a few drinks. We are about to leave when her friend walks in looking sad. She had just been stood up, all I could notice was how amazing and strong her legs looked and how peachy her arse was. My girlfriend already knows I find her attractive and she agrees.

So I offer to get a round of drinks in and she tells us everything, she keeps buying drinks and my girlfriend is pretty drunk. She gets a posh accent when she is drunk so I knew it was time for her to go home. Her friend however was finding it hard to get a taxi and my girlfriend says she can stay in our spare room tonight and drive home as she left her car in a car park. So we walk home and I'm holding my girl up and she keeps saying how nice and sweet I am and her friend agrees and smiles at me. My girl then let's loose that I find her friend attractive and I see a noticeable smile and she just says thank you.

We get back to mine and I take my girlfriend to the bedroom, she gets under the covers fully clothed and passes out. I make sure she is comfortable and let her sleep. I go to get some water for her and place it next to the bed. I then go into the living room and her friend is there trying to turn the TV on. So I turn it on and put Netflix on and she chooses a series she has been watching. I offer her water and she asks for wine so I get her a glass and myself a beer and sit down on the couch. She looks at me and says she's always know I've found her attractive (she is insanely attractive) and that she thinks it's sweet. We get to talking about the dude who stood her up and I call him this name and that name and just be supportive and she gets really close and hugs me. She says she needed a hug but all I notice is the fact her dress is hugging her arse and it's making it look so nice.

She notices and starts to kiss my neck. I look back to the bedroom and shout my girlfriends name to which her friend looks puzzled. No response. I then start to kiss her, her hand wanders down my leg and back up over my cock. She feels how hard I am. She gets on her knees and tells me to take my jeans off. I rush them off and she starts to suck my cock. Her mouth is so soft and wet, she rolls her tongue around my tip while sucking. She deep throats me and I feel myself hit the back of her throat, she didn't gag but continue to bob her head so I'm repeatedly. Fuck.

She pulls me out of her mouth and my cock is dripping, she spits on it, stands up, pulls her dress up, her pants aside and sits on my cock. Putting it all inside her and she starts to ride and bounce. She is so tight and wet I can barely believe this is happening. She picks up the speed and starts to dig her nails into my back and pulling my hair, she is going to cum. As she cums she slows down but I want her to grip me hard. She I keep fucking her, to which she starts to shake a little but tells me to keep going. Within a minute she is cumming again.

She gets off and gets on her knees, she is shaking. She grabs my cock and starts to suck it again. Tell me when you're going to cum. I do not want to cum as it feels so good. After a couple of minutes she stops and starts to crawl to the other chair, I follow her and get behind her. She spreads her legs and I get inside her. I'm fucking her and she keeps slapping her arse when I do and she is begging for me to cum, I tell her I'm close and get ready to pull out but she backs up further and grabs my arm and pulls me close to her. I can't so I just cum inside her. It felt so good to release my load into her.

She smiles and I pull out. We both go to the bathroom and clean up. I sit back on the couch and she kisses me and sits with me. She's tired so I set her up in the spare room. Give her another kiss and go to my own bed.

Tags: affair, arousal