Written by Gina

22 Aug 2015

My name is Gina, I have been married to my husband Colin for nearly twenty years now, since I was 20 and although our sex life has never been that exciting and i've had the odd fling over the years I always thought we were reasonably happy. Then a couple of months ago my sister Marina told me that the bastard had made a move on her and suggested they started an affair. Marina is seven years younger than me and while i'm dark and slim with small breasts, although I have very long nipples, Marina is much more buxom than me, thanks to having her tits done a couple of years ago, has blond hair and often wears revealing clothes. In her younger days she had a reputation of being a slag but since getting married she has settled down and says she's always been faithful to her husband Craig. I was furious when she told me about my husband's pass and so was Craig who thumped him. We had a family meeting though to discuss things and after Colin said it happened when he was drunk and apologised, everything calmed down a bit. Marina told me that I should make him pay though by being unfaithful myself and the more i thought about it the more the idea appealed. Before going on holiday I paid to have my pubes shaved into a Brazilian, I told Colin it was to add excitement to our sex life but really it was to make me feel sexier as I planned on shagging around while we were on holiday. I've never had trouble attracting admiring glances while sunbathing in my bikini and the first few days of our holiday were no different. We have gone on holiday to the same apartments in the same resort for years now where we meet up with the same friends and do the same things. One of the activities we always do is a two day jeep safari involving an overnight stay away from our apartment but on the day we were all due to set off I told Colin that I didn't feel well enough to go and would have to stay behind. So Colin and the three couples who we went on holiday with set off while I stayed at the apartments and planned to get laid.

While sunbathing during the first few days i'd seen a group of four lads aged about twenty who all had six packs and gym bodies and I decided to see whether any of them fancied me. I lay on my sun lounger topless and began to apply lotion to my breasts, before long one of the four called Nathan, approached me and asked if I needed a hand. Not really I replied but if you fancy coming up to my room for a fuck then that would be nice. At first he was a bit suspicious, but when I told him that Colin was away a big grin lit up his face and he held my hand to get up and walked into the hotel building with me. In the lift I pulled down his shorts and began to suck hungrily on his throbbing cock,the biggest i'd seen for a long time. He suggested we go his room rather than mine but I said we'd have more fun in mine as I had lots of lube as well as handcuffs and nipple clamps in mine. Almost as soon as we were inside we were fucking, he ripped my bikini bottoms off and plunged his huge cock liberally smeared with my spit and drool straight up my juiced up cunt. Nathan had bags of stamina, unlike hubby, and fucked me for what seemed like hours before finally coming inside me. I wasn't finished and began to suck hungrily on his cock again telling me that I wanted him to fuck my arse. He told me what a dirty bitch I was then said that he was going to get his friends up as well to gangbang me. I don't know whether he thought that would shock me but my answer was "oh yes please!". He poured lots of baby oil on his hand and began to enter his fingers up my arse probing me deeper and deeper before ramming his dick up my arse. While reaming me he texted his friends by the pool, within five minutes there was a knock at the door and he walked over with his cock impaled up my back passsage before opening the door to his friends and exhorting them to gangbang the dirty bitch. Soon I was sucking another big cock belonging to Jay who fucked my face hard while pulling my nipples agonisingly with the clamps while Nathan continued to bugger me. When my two fuckers had both come, they were replaced with two more ready,eager and willing young studs. The fucking went on unabated for the next twenty four hours, I later found that the lads had all taken Viagra before coming up to my room, the highlight was having all four cocks inside me, two up my greasy cunt, one up my not so tight arsehole and the fourth forced down my throat. When I finally told them that they would have to go soon as Colin would be back , they all wanked over me covering me in their glorious sticky spunk before Nathan tied me to the table with the handcuffs. When Colin arrived back that was how he found me.Unfortunately for him he'd brought our friends back for a drink. While the three women proclaimed me a slag and took turns whipping and fisting and twisting my red raw nipples, me their husbands dropped their trousers and began to piss on me.I'll tell you about the rest of my spunk filled holiday in another instalment.