Written by Gina

24 Aug 2015

When Colin came back from the jeep safari with our so called friends and found me naked,covered in spunk and handcuffed to the table he broke down in tears. While the bitches and their sick husbands tortured and pissed on me he just lay sobbing before after a few minutes shouting at them all to get out. When we were on our own he unlocked me from the cuffs, told me I looked amazingly sexy and kissed me gently. Later on after i'd bathed he asked me to tell him what had happened and as I told him his cock got hard although it was barely half the size of my young fuckers dicks. We fucked but it was unsatisfying as firstly I could barely feel him in my now stretched cunt which had previously accomodated two cocks of enormous girth and secondly he came in a matter of seconds. I told him he had blown his last chance now and I intended to carry on being fucked by as many young studs as I could find. I expected more tears from him but he merely asked if next time I was gangbanged he could watch. I told him no and asked him what sort of a wimp he was and then texted Nathan and asked him if he and the boys fancied another round.

Half an hour later there was a knock at the door and when Colin answered Nathan barged into the room saying "out of my way wanker , I've come to fuck your slutty wife then i'm going to take her to a sex club."

When I told Nathan of my husbands desire to see me get fucked he sneered at Colin before demanding that I fetch some lube. I told him there was none left but he just told me to strip before going into the kitchenette cupboard and producing a bottle of cooking oil which he poured over me before fisting me then fucking me once more up my arsehole with his rock hard cock. When he spunked up my arse he produced a big fat butt plug which he shoved right up me to keep his sperm inside me. He then told me to go and get my nipple clamps and while I did this he handcuffed Colin to the chair and put a ball gag in his mouth. He then attached the clamps to my still aching nipples before telling me just to cover myself with a coat as I wouldn't be needing any more clothes where he was taking me.

The "club" he took me to was real dive and as well as my other three fuckers there were another ten blokes ,mostly a bit older than Nathan and his friends, and two heavily tattooed topless girls brandishing whips.

One of the girls started to pull tightly on my nipple rings while the other began to finger me roughly. After a while a chain with clamps and small silver bucket were produced and after wrapping the chain round the handle of the bucket the clamps were attached roughly by one of the tattooed sluts to my labia. The weight of the bucket pulled at my labia but the pain wasn't too bad until Nathan began encourage everyone in the club to pour their drinks in it at which point the pain was so intense with all the weight in the bucket that I nearly passed out.

Eventually the bucket was removed and the butt plug pulled out of my arse with a loud squelch. Then the serious fucking started. Every man in the room fucked me at least once in every hole while the girls acted as fluffers to keep their cocks hard. When everyone was sated but I was still begging for more cock one of the girls spat into my mouth and told me I was the dirtiest cow she had ever seen while the second girl reamed my well fucked arse with both fists before forcing an empty wine bottle, widest part first up, my gaping arse.

Nathan then re-attached the clamps to my labia, and said " Right the show is over can you please pay the whore ?" and passed a hat round in which he collected over 200 euros.

He then threw me naked in the back of a van and I was driven back to the apartment. When we got there the driver helped me out,still with a wine bottle wedged up my arse before dropping his trousers and fucking my throat hard before spunking all over my aching tits. He then let me in our room ,using the key given him by Nathan, where I found Colin still tethered to the chair as I walked in with my nipples and labia clamped and a wine bottle wedged up my arse. I removed Colin's ball gag and uncuffed him and when he had uncorked my arsehole, I squatted over him and let him drink what felt like gallons of spunk from my well fucked holes.

I told him that next month for my 40th birthday I wanted to be fucked by at least 40 young studs and I expected him to organise it.