Written by Sara

25 Feb 2018

I thought I would tell you about my co master, who shares ownership of me with my husband. I am forty five now still got a size ten body firm 36d tits, smooth and toned, I work out most days. Mike is my second husband we have been together twenty years, my firs marriage lasted only a year due to my affair with a very fit and well hung black neighbour who became my second master. When I met Mike he was very much into the swinging and open relationship scene and loves me being fucked by younger, fit very well hung black guys.

About five years ago we were looking for a guy to be a co master, but he need to be under twenty five, black muscular, well hung and very dim. Through a young guy who was fucking me, he introduced us to Max, his cousin. Max lives close to us, he owns a security company with his dad. When we met Max was twenty five, Leon his younger cousin arranged a meeting at a local pub, know to be a bit rough. Mike, Leon and myself were sitting together in a secluded part of the bar, I was dressed in a black leather mini skirt, hold up black stockings, thigh length leather boots, a low cut white blouse, no bra and I never wear knickers. I was newly waxed and feeling really horny. After about fifteen minutes Max turned up. He was sex on legs, I almost had an orgasm just looking at him. Max was and still is, 6’1 tall, very fit, muscular body. His pecs were straining his tight white shirt and his arm muscles I could not get rough using both hands. He has a shave head, clean shaven, really firm legs and a very sexy bum, and you could see the outline of his huge cock through his jeans. He also had the most sexy velvet voice, when he spoke I almost fainted.

Leon introduced us, Max told Leon to move as he wanted to sit next to me. He sat down and told me how stunning I was and then proceeded to give me one of the best and most passionate French kisses I have ever had, sliding his hand up inside my skirt. Leon became the runner going to get drinks, I had a large vodka and tonic, Max had a coke. We chatted and soon were telling each other what we both liked sexually. I admitted I was a sub, and Mike told him I was a slut. I told him I loved rough sex and he said so did he. We were in the pub together about an hour and a half, and Max said let’s go back to my place. Leon drive Max’s Merc and Mike drive our car, I was in the back on the Merc with Max. We were kissing and he was groping my tits and pinching my nipples, then fingering my pussy, telling me he was going to destroy my cunt. He made me cum twice on his fingers on the short journey to his house.

Once in the house he put on a hard core dvd with black guys fucking a white women. Whisky came out and vodka and Max and I sat on the settee he was ripping off y Boise and leaving it on the floor, and told me to take off my skirt. He took off his shirt and fuck what a body every inch rippling muscle, he threw off his shoes, no socks and told me to get in my knees and take off his trousers, I unbuttoned him, he had no underwear and his huge cock hit my face. I have had a lot of plus nine inches but this was massive, like a cock can and just under twelve inches, I measured later. He was also rock hard, I licked him and got some into my mouth, he held my hand tight and started to push his cock into my mouth and throat, I was gagging, but he did not stop, telling the guys this slut is going to be mine and she will do everything I tell her. After some minutes he came into my mouth pulling out and spraying over my face.

He then pulled me up and took me upstairs telling the guys to give us half an hour. He had me on the bed, on my back, licking my pussy and arse, he was very good with tongue and fingers, then he stood and pulled my legs up to his shoulders and slowly entered me after a few minutes I felt his balls at my arse, he then started to fuck me hard, then leaning over and pulling my nipples, slapped my face and told me to tell him how much I wanted his cock and made me beg him to be tougher with me. After about half an hour he told me to get into doggy position and he started to fuck me again using his huge hand on my arse, my husband and Leon were there by now and Mike started to fuck my mouth, Mike is nine inches but looked small in comparison to Max. I was fucked both ended Max eventually pulling my head right back with my hair shoot his load inside my pussy, I thought he would never stop, he pulled and and rubbed some of his cum into my arse, he had been fingering my arse when he fucked me and then still hard slowly slid into my arse and arse fucked me fir another fifteen or so minutes until he came again: when he pulled out he laid down and made me clean his cock and told Leon to lick me clean.

We lay there he was pinching my nipples and I was stroking his monster cock. We all chatted and Mike said he wanted a co master for me as he was away a lot, they discussed the rules and both agreed. The rules were They could both fuck me when they wanted, friends or others they wanted could fuck me and that no limits except shit and vomit. Mike also told him I was bi and loved to put on shows for guys.

Mike and Leon left, and Max said he would return me to Mike on Sunday afternoon. Mike left early Saturday morning. I stayed with Max, who has an evenness amount of energy and can fuck for hours, I stayed in bed with him until 6pm Saturday evening. I got up had a bath, put my cloths on and a spare shirt of his ex girlfriend. We then went to a local black bar which he was well known in. I was one of three white girls there all of us dressed and treated like sluts. I left with Max at 10pm and a mate of his called Sam who was similar build to Max came with us. They both fucked me hard, Sam leaving about 2am. In the morning just before noon I had another shower we had some food, Max had me again and took me home to Mike about 4pm. We sat in the sitting room, Max gave Mike a dvd of Sam and him fucking me, made me suck him off before he left.

That was the start of what has been so far five years three months of co ownership by Max and Mike. Max uses me between three and four times a week, sometimes more if Mike is abroad. I have been gangfucked and used by so many of Max’s mates and other black guys he knows I have lost count, all have to be filmed. I am totally addicted to his monster cock and with Mike I have the best if worlds