Written by insatiable_girl

7 Jun 2014

I have been with my husband since I was 19 when we met at uni, I'm mid thirties now. I have been lucky enough to get fucked by many different cocks in that time, and he has watched me and heard about his slutty wife when I've come home with pictures, videos and a cuntful of cum. We rarely met couples and never had women join us, it was 99 per cent me fucking men and my husband always said that he didn't fancy other women in comparison to what we had.

We have three children now so fuck less than we used to and I rarely get new cock, I have a couple of local regulars I can call on though. I'm not as tight in pussy or body as I once was but I can still get cock when I need it, I'm a dark haired size 12 with D cup boobs.

Recently after the birth of our third baby our marriage seemed like it was in trouble. I think it was just lack of sleep and some other family troubles, but we were arguing non stop and I thought we would separate. Mind you, I could see we'd probably be one of those separated couples who still fucked every now and again. I was on the verge of filing the divorce papers when I found some text messages between my husband and a female colleague. I didn't realise, and clearly neither did my husband, that our iPad displays the texts sent as iMessages sent on his phone. I didn't have the full text conversation as iMessages only work when both phones have internet connection, so some normal texts weren't shown, but my husband had been having a late night chat with this woman. It all seemed innocuous if a bit flirty, but then she'd ended the conversation by saying she was going to bed but her toddler was in her bed. My husband replied saying the child had beaten him to it which was a bit of an eyebrow raise for me. Still, she didn't reply, or not on iMessage so I just thought his last comment had not been received that well and didn't think much more of it.

I forgot about the iMessage thing for a week or so, but when I next checked it had gone much further clearly and there were references to not being able to restrain themselves on night shift together and needing to get rid of a colleague so they could be alone. Again it didn't seem like I had the full conversation.

My first reaction was shock as although we were swingers we'd never played behind each other's back and my husband had hardly looked at another woman for years, and work colleagues on either side were definitely off limits! It seemed to be a sad reflection of the decline of our marriage that my husband was now cheating on me with a colleague. I didn't feel angry, just that this was a symptom of our decay and it seemed that I should get on with the preparations for divorce.

We hadn't touched each other for months and to be honest we were so angry with other that although we were still sharing our super king size bed, every night we laid as far apart from each other as we could and an accidental brush past would make me pull away and turn over crossly.

A few days after reading the messages I had a rare day where the kids were all out the house at school/nursery and the baby with the childminder so I could catch up on some paperwork. I found myself looking at my husband asleep in bed after his night shift and wondering what he'd been up to at work the night before. Suddenly I had an urge to touch him. I took off my jeans and got into bed spooning him. He was asleep but very quickly reacted to my touch, it felt so strange after months of not making any contact, but very soon we were rubbing up against each other groaning and his fingers were in my cunt using the wetness inside to rub my clit. He pulled off my knickers and went under the duvet between my legs. I had hardly even masturbated for weeks as I had become completely disinterested in sex in the misery of my marriage and all the fighting. He parted my quite hairy cunt (hadn't had any need to shave it) and at the touch of his tongue and fingers I was soaking. Well it was all very familiar but I very rarely come from oral sex ever, it gets me very hot and wet and then the fail safe routine my husband and have had going over the years is that once he's got me close, in order to tip over the edge I almost always have to climb on top and I have nearly all my orgasms on top where I can control it as I grind away. Over the 15 years we've been together I've maybe come from oral 10 times tops usually after swinging as one thing that does get me off is when he licks me out when I've got a pussy full of cum!

Anyway, back to the job in hand, he was licking me and I was absolutely loving it, I had forgotten how it felt to get off, he was using 2 hands on me which I love, fingering and licking my cunt and clit at the same time. He then started a new move I'd never felt before, running his fingers from my arse to my cunt but not entering either, circling on the area between and teasing both my arsehole and outside of my cunt while sucking my clit. The circular moves and focus on the inbetween bit felt different and I didn't remember him ever doing that before and suddenly I couldn't stop thinking, I bet she loves him doing this and he's been making her cum like it, well god that sent me crazy and although I never let loose when he's between my legs I was bucking up into his face and then my legs and cunt spasmed and I nearly drowned him clamping his head between my legs while I came thinking of him licking another woman's cunt.

Well after I came so strongly, as this is a real story and not porn I just wanted to go to sleep so I just let him fuck me for a bit and then asked him to wank off which he did with me virtually comatose next to him on his shoulder (sorry, I don't multiple orgasm, I fall asleep like a man! Sure I've got too much testosterone!)

Afterwards I couldn't stop thinking about cumming on his face and although I felt disturbed I'd got off on the thought of his cheating, it had been so good I didn't reject his advances when he came on to me again that night after the kids were in bed. Again I thought of him touching and fingering her cunt as he did the same to me and this time I followed the usual routine and dragged him back up as he licked me and said I need to get on your cock. Well as I rode his cock and ground my clit into him I wondered if she'd got to ride his big cock and loved it like I was, and as I neared orgasm I found myself gasping out, 'you can fuck her as much as you want I don't mind'. 'Who?' he asked as if he didn't know. 'Becky' I said, 'I've seen your messages, they show on the iPad, and you can fuck her I don't mind, have you fucked her already?'


'Tell me what you've done'.

I came hard on my husband's cock as he told me how he'd fingered his colleague Becky in a car on their night shift and how she'd been writhing around moaning on his fingers and how wet she'd been, how much he'd wanted to fuck her but they had to get back to work.

It's now about 2 weeks since I found out about my cheating husband and I have wanted non stop fucking from him, 3 times a day when we can, he had some catching up to do but is starting to get worn out and he still has to satisfy Becky who is in a sexless relationship and is gagging for his cock. He brought her round to our house last week while the kids and I were away at my mum's for half term, and they kissed and touched each other on our sofa until he picked her up and put her on our marital bed where he licked her ginger pussy which he says tastes just like mine. She did my little routine and climbed on him when she wanted to cum and rubbed her clit really hard on the outside of his cock until she brought herself off while they kissed. They didn't fuck as she's not on the pill and said she couldn't risk it, and my husband didn't want to rely on condoms since our third baby is a result of one breaking. I can hardly believe he brought her round and didn't manage to get his cock inside her and he didn't even cum with her. She sounds very similar to me as once she'd cum he said she wasn't too interested. He was desperate to fuck me when I got home.

I keep frigging myself thinking of them together and just want to taste her pussy from my husbands cock and smell her when I kiss him. They are working another night shift this Sunday and they have a work event together on Monday evening. I've said he should get a hotel on

Monday. I've ordered a new vibrator as I won't be able to sleep thinking of them fucking all night. I just hope he can still fuck me when he gets home.

She thinks he's in a sexless marriage with no affection, which was true but not any more. I don't think we are getting divorced now but am a bit worried as to where this all is leading. Why am I so turned on by my cheating husband? I will update after they meet on Sunday and Monday but hopefully they will finally fuck (I suggested he use a condom but pull out to cum, and I need him to dip his cock in so I can taste her off his cock). In the meantime any thoughts as to why the hell this turns me on so much would be appreciated. Should I let it continue?