Written by gemma

10 Aug 2017

As we made our way back to where we had left Emma I told Sian that my knickers were soaked in spunk and she told me that hers were as well. I asked how she felt have sex on her hen night and she told me that she had told Russ that she would not be faithful and he had been upset but although he did nothing on his stag do she knows he has been with at least 5 other women while they have been engaged. as we arrived at the bar where we had left Emma she was just coming back in and at the bar. She looked at me and said " well it looks as though Rob is not the only man to get into your knickers then Gemma " I just blushed and said that we had been with both of the men and she looked in shock at Sian who just smiled . Then she shocked us as she said" Well that's 3 of us already been unfaithful " we all just left and had a couple more drinks before heading to BCM to meet up with the rest of the girls . We danced till 5 in the morning before staggering home as I got undressed my knickers were becoming solid with the amount of dried spunk in them so I threw them into my case and lay naked on the bed as it was now getting light as Emma came out of the bathroom naked I saw that her boobs and belly were covered in bites. well all the girls will certainly know that you have not kept your vow of no sex. " So by the time we go home we will all have had sex we always do.

I looked at my phone and I had 12 missed texts from Rob wanting details of my exploits I just deleted them all and settled down to sleep I woke at 12 and there was a note saying down at the pool from Emma I had a quick shower put a skimpy bikini on and headed for the pool All the girls were in the pool topless playing with a ball with a group of blokes I got in the water and joined in and with in 5 mins I had a bloke behind me squeezing my tits and my nipples were stood out I swam away from him and we carried on I saw that all the girls were groped at one time or another then Jess got out and said she was going to the toilet but as I turned round I saw her with one of the blokes disappear into the hotel building Over the next 15 mins Emma Claire and Mandy also disappeared inside and 3 more blokes disappeared . So I Jumped on a air bed and floated around looking up I could see Jess leaning over the balcony on the fourth floor and a bloke was behind her and from her reactions he was having sex with her from behind as she bent over before letting out a scream as she had an orgasm and we all looked up and laughed .

Suddenly a bloke jumped in soaking me and I fell of the air bed into the water as I surfaced he pulled to him and gave me a big kiss and his tongue was soon flicking against mine and I responded then I felt his hand rubbing over the front of my bikini bottoms and he was soon fingering me we were stood at the side of the so nobody could really tell what he was doing he took my hand and helped me out of the water and we went to the lift and he was on the 14 the floor and as soon as the door closed his tongue was down my throat and he had 3 fingers inside me and rubbing my clit with his palm as soon as we were in his room I was on my knees taking his decent sized prick into my mouth I started to gag as he pushed it a lot further than I have had one before I could feel him increase the pace at which he was fucking my mouth and he was going in further and I thought I was going to choke before it came easier and I felt and tasted his cum shoot into my throat as I had swallowed every drop he eased out and carried me to the bed my bikini bottoms were soon on the floor and he was naked and his head was between my legs as he started to flick his tongue against my clit and had a finger against my bum as I started to get very wet he moved his finger so that it was soon covered in my juices before returning it to my bum and I felt it slowly try to enter my bum hole which was completely new to me as I started to orgasm he gave a big push and the pain made me scream as he had his finger fully inserted and I was soon enjoying the sensation. he took his fingers out of my vagina and I felt his rock hard cock against my tummy and was still enjoying the finger up my arse he slowly removed it and I mounted his cock and it slowly entered my vagina and he slowly rocked back and forth and I started to ride his cock as I moved slowly up and down before he again inserted a finger up my bum and I soon started to have a second orgasm He pulled me to him and he started ti kiss me and then I felt a finger in my bum again and was really starting to build up to an orgasm when the finger was taken out of my bum and I suddenly realised that somebody was pushing their cock against my bum hole and it eventually went in and I realised that I was being fucked up the arse and vagina at the same time as My orgasm hit its peak I screamed out in pleasure shouting for more and then felt hot spunk shooting deep inside my cunt then as that subsided I could feel hot spunk shooting up my bum. As I came down from the orgasm they both extracted themselves from me and we all lay on the bed and then The second bloke poured us all a vodka and we sat there and introduced to each other and Brian and Frank told me they were both 45 and had arrived the previous day with their wives who had gone to Palma for the day I was shocked as they were both older than my dad who was 43. I went to the bathroom cleaned up as best I could and put my bikini bottoms back on and left to return to my room as My bikini bottom were slowly feeling wet with spunk dripping out of me. I had a shower and noticed that I had 2 large love bites on the right side of my my neck

As I was sat on the bed contemplating what I had done on the holiday my phone pinged and it was a message from Rob asking if I could turn on my I pad so we could talk on skype. I fired it up and was soon looking at Rob when Emma walked in from the shower and was stood chatting in the nude and all her bites were visible when she realised that Rob was looking at her on Skype. when he said " What has my little sister been upto then getting my wife to stray. She ran back into the bathroom and put a robe on before coming out again . She Said to Rob " You wanted your innocent little wife to be more adventurous well to my knowledge she has had normal sex with 4 men given oral to 4 men and had anal sex with at least one and tonight is the foam party so she will definitely be groped fingered and probably get another fucking. I hope she took another supply of the pill as she left a part used pack in the bedroom.

" Shit I never give it a thought have to go now love to try to find a chemist still open for morning after pill see you Rob Love you " and I turned off Emma said " You fool you don't want an unwanted pregnancy do you ?"

" Don't worry I only had 2 tablets left so started another month without a break for my period so thought I would get him worried so by the time my next period comes in three and half weeks he will be convinced I am pregnant"

We got our best thong style bikinis and put them under our clothing so that we could stay out and go to the Foam party at BCM later. We all met up and went out for a meal Alice and Miranda were not going to the Party as they had a hot date and did not expect to be back till the morning. We worked out that only Becky had stayed faithful so far but we knew that she would stray tonight."

We arrived at the club and had several vodka red bulls before the Foam party started and once in the foam it wasn't long before our tops came off and eve ry time we moved we would be groped I had kissed about 5 men in the first twenty mins and every one of them had fingered me then I realised that my bikini bottoms were being pulled down and several bloke were dancing around holding a pair of bikini bottoms above their heads I had to give him a good snog to get them back as he fingered me to an orgasm and we arranged to meet outside in 5 mins I put my clothes on and went outside and was soon in a very unromantic embrace as he led me to the far end of the beach and up to some rocks his hand was up my skirt and my bottoms were off again and I tried to jump up and get them when he grabbed me around the waist and without much warning his shorts were down and this massive cock was rubbing against my clit and then slit before it parted my lips and entered me he was much bigger than I was used to but I was really wet and with bit of adjusting he went in right up to his balls and started to get a rhythm going so that he almost came out before thrusting right in after about ten mins I felt his body stiffen and he filled me with so much spunk that it was dripping down my thighs while he was still inside me. . He pulled out and as he walked away he threw my bikini bottoms to me as I was leaving the beach I bumped into Becky coming from the wasteland where I was fucked last night. She had a big smile on her face and just nodded we went back into the club and was soon with the rest of the girls as the foam was drained away then 10 girls had to go to the DJ to collect their bikini bottoms

By the end of the night we had met a group of blokes from Belgium and went back to our hotel I was in our room with two Belgium blokes and Emma and over the next five hours had sex with both of them was spit roasted twice as they swapped positions and by the time Becky had done the same we were both well used and had swollen cunts but then we were encouraged to put on a show for them as Emma and myself sexually pleased each other another first for me but one I found very enjoyable drinking the juices of another woman.

our final day and our arrival home to follow