Written by Sarah

8 Apr 2015

If you read the first part of my story, on the 20th March, you will recall that I'd gone from the swimming pool with Tom to his flat. While he fucked me we were joined by his flatmate Ty who fucked my spunk soaked pussy immediately after Tom. Tom had showered, dressed and gone to work, leaving me with Ty, performing sex acts on webcam, waiting for some of his friends to arrive to join in and fuck me.

I was naked on Ty's bed, fucking myself with a large candle, when the first two of the guys he'd invited around to fuck me arrived. It wasn't yet 10am and I'd been fucked by Tom and Ty and was looking forward to several more guys having me before the day was out. Like Ty they were both black, young and handsome. He introduced them as they undressed, Dale and Kai. He told them that I wanted my white pussy fucked by black cock and that I'd like to take cock in my arse. That wasn't strictly true but I didn't contradict him. Nor did I object when he said I would let them arse fuck me. Aroused at the thought of having anal sex with them I just smiled and nodded. I remembered that Rob could see and hear everything but didn't have a microphone to join in. I hoped that he was as turned on as me at the prospect of seeing me having anal sex.

By then Dale and Kai were both naked and wanking their cocks. They were about average length. I can't deny that I was a little disappointed. In my fantasies, black guys always had massive cocks. However they were both already rampant and I wasn't going to let them go to waste. Ty made some comment about the candle then told me, “Get off it and show them your cunt” I obeyed, pulled it from my pussy, following his instruction to push my fingers in each side of my pussy and held my gaping hole open. “Who do you want to fuck you first?” Ty asked. I looked from one to the other, trying to decide, wondering which Rob would choose to fuck me first. Both of them looked equally desirable. Ty took the decision out of my hands by picking up my phone, calling him and asking him to choose who should fuck me first.

Over the phone speaker I heard Rob saying “It's difficult to choose between them” That was uncharacteristically indecisive for him, but he hadn't finished. After a moment he continued. “I think they should both fuck her. Why not DP her? I'm certain she'd love to have a cock in her cunt and a cock in her arse. Wouldn't you Sarah?” Ty said he liked his thinking. Though a little surprised that Rob had suggested it, I said I'd love to give it a go. Ty was still chatting to Rob, telling him that he intended to break me in, fuck my virgin arse first, then Dale and Kai could DP me. Rob replied that he was looking forward to watching, which was when Ty suggested that he'd enjoy it even more if he drove over and watched in person. I'd rarely heard Rob sound so excited as he was given the address and said he'd be there in 15 minutes. They promised to wait and I volunteered to keep them entertained until he arrived.

I decided to take on the wine bottle. My cunt was well lubricated, but I applied some to the bottle, spreading it over the neck and about half the widest part. Squatting over it, I lowered myself until I felt the cool glass touching my hole. I asked Dale to hold the bottle steady, and Kai to support me before lowering myself further. Kai knelt behind, arms around me, holding my tits, his hard cock pressing into my back. The neck entered me, then the bottle widened. I began to ride it like a cock, taking a little more, assisted by Dale pushing it into my cunt. It proved to be more of a challenge than I'd expected but finally, after about 5 minutes, my cunt had stretched sufficiently for me to take the neck and 3 or 4 inches of the main body of the bottle inside me.

One either side they laid me on the bed. Pushing my legs back, Dale started to bottle fuck me while Kai teased my anus with his fingers. I watched the bottle sliding in and out of my pussy, my engorged clitoris popping out from under its hood each time he pushed the bottle inside me. I realised their cocks were in reach and took one in each hand. Impressed at how hard they both were I began to wank them slowly. Kai pushed a finger in my bum, then pulled it out almost immediately when Ty said to use a Butt Plug. Holding them up where I could see them, he selected the largest, about 2 inches in diameter at its widest. He picked up the lubricant, inserted the nozzle in my anus, squirted some into my rectum. He spread some lube around my tight puckered hole, before dribbling more onto the butt plug.

Dale held the bottle in my cunt steady, using his other hand to prise my bum open. Kai pressed the plug against my bum hole. I could feel the cool lube oozing from my arse as the pointed tip entered. He pushed harder, more slid in, he pulled it out a bit then pushed it in further, this time rotating it, almost as if he was screwing it into my bum. I held my breath, pushed back against it. He overcame the resistance of my tight sphincter, my anus loosened and he slid the plug up my arse until the flat base was snug against my bum. That was the sight which greeted my husband when he arrived a few minutes later and was let in by Ty.

Rob had sounded excited on the phone, he was positively buzzing when he saw me with the wine bottle in my cunt, the plug in my arse and Kai, kneeling next to me with his cock in my mouth. Introductions were made. I briefly interrupted sucking Kai's cock, smiled at Rob, briefly, breathlessly telling him what a Slut I'd been. Turned on that he was there and going to witness me being fucked, I took Kai's cock between my lips again and began sucking it slowly into my mouth. Rob watched for a moment then bent over, examining the bottle, stroked my engorged clit then squeezed a finger into my cunt next to bottle. He moved his hand to the butt plug, twisted it and gave it tug, commenting how tight my arse hole was before sitting on a chair, out of view of the cam.

Rob seemed to hit it off with Ty. They chatted, watching while the Dean lewdly bottle fucked me and I sucked Kai's cock taking care not to make him cum. I was aroused by behaving like a slut with my husband watching. I caught the odd word, mostly “Cunt, Arse, Fuck and Slut” They were obviously discussing me, what they planned became clearer when I heard Rob speaking more loudly “Let me get this right. You're going to fuck her arse first. Then Dale and Kai are going to DP her” he asked Ty. He was told that was the plan unless he had a better idea. He said he hadn't and could hardly wait to witness me being fucked, adding almost as an afterthought “It's OK with you isn't it Sarah” Any doubts I might have had were forgotten, “Do what you like” I replied brazenly.

Ty moved to the bed and slowly withdrew the bottle from my pussy, but left the plug in my arse. I'm sure you can all imagine the state of my cunt, gaping open like a big wet pink cave, as he set the bottle to one side. Ty told me to turn over and kneel with my legs apart. Kai held the cam between my thighs, videoing my cunt. Rob was out of the chair watching, “Why don't you see if she can take a fist before you fuck her?” he suggested to them, placing a hand on my thigh, moving my legs further apart. He was obviously getting into it, clearly enjoying seeing me perform debauched sex acts and allowing them to corrupt me and abuse my cunt. “Go on then. Who's got the biggest fist” I replied a bit rashly, looking at Dale whose hand looked the largest. “I think we should all fist you. Start with the smallest” he said. He turned to Rob, “She's your Slut. You do her first, then Ty and Kai. I'll do her last” he decided, holding his fist in front of my face showing me what my cunt was going to take when the others had taken their turn fisting me

Rob looked a bit reticent “Go on you dirty fucker. Abuse my Cunt. I know you want too.” I said throatily, hardly recognising my own voice. “Fist me hard. Now!” I spat urgently, thinking about one of my fantasies, the only thing missing was I wasn't tied up. Rob didn't hesitate once he was sure I wanted it.. He rolled his sleeve up, poured lube on to his hand, pushed his fingers into my pussy, then folded his thumb into the palm and slid his hand into my cunt. He closed his hand and pushed his arm further into me until he had his hand and wrist inside me, my cunt stretching around his lower arm. He fisted me vigorously for several minutes before pulling his fist out and giving the others an opportunity to roughly fist my cunt. My fingers dancing on my clitoris was enough to bring me to climax while they discussed how flexible my cunt was, debating whether I'd be able to take two cocks in my fuck hole. Much as I was enjoying it, it reminded me they were supposed to be fucking me and I wanted cock. I told them to stop talking and get on and fuck me.

Considering the depraved treatment it had been subjected too my fuck hole closed remarkably quickly and the cam moved from between my legs, to one side and was replace by Ty kneeling behind me. On the screen I could see my wet pussy, the tip of Ty's hard cock close to entering me. He must have been watching too, twisting me towards the cam, giving a far more explicit perspective. Satisfied, he drove his thick black cock into my cunt. He began fucking me, closely watched by my husband who was urging him to fuck me harder, but hold back and cum in my arse. It was a revelation to me that my husband was such a dirty sod, but his enthusiasm pleased and excited me.

Ty was determined to make me cum before he arse fucked me. He rammed me deep and hard, speeding up when he felt me shudder, arch my back and scream I was cumming. He turned his attention to the butt plug, rotating it in my arse as he started pulling it out. I was gasping and moaning, begging him to cum inside me when he withdrew his cock from my cunt, simultaneously pulling the plug from my bum. Before my anus had a chance to snap closed he was sliding his slippery prick into my arse. The bulbous knob entered me, he pushed harder, I groaned as I felt my anus being stretched wider, the pain bearable, thanks to the liberal lubing. I felt his cock sliding deeper into my rectum, the pain subsiding to mild discomfort as he fully penetrated my arse, his heavy balls resting against my cunt.

He pulled out slightly, demonstrating to the cam and Rob, who was peering over Dales shoulder, that his cock was well and truly in my virgin arse. I braced myself as he began arse fucking me. I lowered my head to the pillow allowing me to reach between my legs to stimulate my clitoris and finger my pussy. His balls slapped my fingers with each thrust. I adjusted my position, twisting, allowing me to push my fingers further inside my pussy. I could feel his cock moving in my arse and began to finger fuck myself in time with his thrusts. I glanced over at Rob. He was engrossed, a lustful gleam in his eye as he watched me wantonly taking cock in my arse.

Behaving in such an uninhibited, blatantly debauched way was incredibly arousing. Kai got on the bed in front of me, lifted my head and pushed his cock towards my mouth. The sensations radiating from my cunt and arse were too distracting for me to suck his cock. Instead I licked and kissed it, rubbed it against my face, until the flutters of an approaching orgasm became overwhelming. I threw my head back, panting, demanding between gasps, that Ty ejaculate in my bum. He obliged, pistoning his cock in and out faster, until I felt it pulsing inside me as he pumped his spunk in my arse.

I went rigid, a delicious orgasmic warmth, centred on my pussy, spreading through my body as I had a powerful orgasm. Panting, I was almost oblivious to what was going on. In only a matter of seconds, I felt Kai sliding beneath me, Ty withdrawing his cock from my arse lifting me up, turning me over, supporting me above Kai's cock. I realised what was expected when Ty lowered me and I felt Kai guiding his cock into my gaping arse hole. Slippery with lube and spunk, his hard cock easily slid in to my bum, deliciously filling my arse for a second time.

He gave my arse three or four thrusts, some of Ty's spunk bubbling out, then stopped. Ty spread my legs, exposing my cock filled bum and vacant fuck hole, before moving to one side and taking the cam from Dale. I leant back on top of Kai, offering my cunt to Dale. “Go on. Get your cock in my Slut's cunt. Both fuck her” I heard Rob urging. Dale crouched between my legs, holding his throbbing black shaft, aiming it at my welcoming pussy.

Kai had his arms around me, hands on my tits, fingers teasing my nipples. I looked between my legs, as Dale's cock touched my fuck hole. I groaned with pleasure his he slid his thick black cock into my wet pink cunt. What an amazing feeling, having both holes stretched and filled by two hard cocks. I put my arms behind my knees, holding my legs wide apart as they both began to fuck me, with Rob urging them on.

They got into a sort of rhythm, taking turns to thrust their cocks into me, then both together. I could feel their cocks almost touching each other through the membrane between my cunt and my arse, which excited and aroused me more. It seemed to be having a positive effect on Rob, standing behind Dale he was rubbing his prick through his trousers. From my position, half reclined with a cock in both holes he appeared to have an erection. I briefly wondered if the doctor had been right about his needing an interest or hobby after taking early retirement. He seemed to have found an interest. Watching me being fucked!!!

I didn't have the inclination to ponder on his erectile problems at that moment. Dale and Kai, between them were hitting the spot. I could feel another orgasm getting close, moved a hand between my legs and began to caress my swollen clitoris. My caresses became more urgent as the first orgasmic flutters teased my cunt. I began frigging my clit vigorously. I heard Kai mutter he was close to cumming. Rob urged him to cum in my arse. Dale's throbbing shaft was brushing against my fingers as he drove his prick hard into my fuck hole, penetrating deep in my cunt. Without warning, I felt his cock pulse, heard him groan, twitching his cock inside me as he ejaculated. My fingers moving frenziedly on my clitty. I climaxed so intensely, for the first time ever, I squirted two or three times as I felt Kai depositing his spunk up my arse.

We've watched our copy of the video dozens of times since. Rob always comments on the look of pleasure and pure lust on my face when they're both cumming inside me and I climax. I never cease to be turned on watching their cocks sliding in and out of my holes. One of the horniest moments for me is when they pull out, my cunt and arse both gaping, spunk cream running out of my pussy and bubbling from my bum as my arse closes.

As I said in the first part, another three guys turned up to fuck me during the afternoon. Although only a novice slut at the time, I'm a quick learner. I managed to give one head while the other two fucked my arse and my pussy. One of them, a guy called Des, had the biggest cock I'd ever seen, almost 11 inches long and as thick as my wrist. He more than anything convinced me of the joys of being the Slut, or perhaps more accurately, a Black Bulls whore. I was easily persuaded to attempt taking two cocks in my cunt. Even though one of them was Des's monster, my cunt accommodated them both without to much difficulty. Though they couldn't fully penetrate me the feeling of having two cocks moving inside my pussy was amazing. The sensation of two throbbing cocks, pulsing inside my fuck hole, when they ejaculated, both pumping their spunk into me almost simultaneously was so wild I climaxed powerfully. I was rather proud of myself by the time they'd all finished having me.

Would I have behaved so shamelessly, abandoned my morals and inhibitions so easily if Rob hadn't been present to encourage my lewd and debauched conduct? Possibly not. It was probably inevitable though, it just happened sooner. Once I'd got the taste for black cock I was willing to do what ever it took to get more. I can't thank Rob enough. He adores watching me being fucked and it seems to have helped with his problem. Often he manages an erection after seeing me having sex. Recently, to my delight, he was hard and confident enough to fuck me in the arse, while I was wrist and ankle cuffed, bent over a metal scaffolding frame. What was more remarkable was that he did it whilst being watched by the four guys who'd just fucked me. He reckoned that sliding his cock into my spunk drenched cunt was the horniest thing he'd ever done and had helped keep his cock hard. A good result for both of us.

As for Tom? I still see him most mornings. I let him fuck me occasionally as a thank you for introducing me to Ty and his friends which led to my becoming a Black Cock Slut with my husbands enthusiastic support.

I'm sorry it's taken a while to send this part of my story. I'd intended to submit it a day or two after the first part, but for some reason no stories were uploaded then suddenly about five days worth appeared. I decided there wasn't much point in rushing. Before I knew it Easter was upon me and we'd arranged a long weekend meet for this Cock Slut. I'm happy to say I was repeatedly fucked. I'm not sure if it qualifies as a gangbang, but I took on eight of them one evening. In little over an hour they'd emptied their balls into my mouth, arse or cunt. Keeping all the guys satisfied took priority over writing the story.

If I write again I want to tell you about Des who's a bit older and more experienced than the others. More importantly, as I've mentioned, he has the biggest, blackest cock that any woman could wish for. I'm his slut and whore, available for sex with him or anyone else he chooses.