Written by Susan

23 Nov 2008

I have a fantasy about introducing my lover to my husband. Explaining to him that he must cook a meal whilst we go out for the evening dancing. During the evening i would call my husband just to let him hear us kissing and i would be moaning down the phone as my lover takes full advantage of me. Once back home (very late), we would leave the meal that my husband had taken great care to prepare. My lover would then order my husband to go to the bedroom and sit on a chair in the corner of the bedroom and wait for us in the dark.

We would kiss loudly downstairs knowing that he could hear us. I would be making such a production of it. Once in the bedroom, we would put the lights on and strip each other off. My lover would be saying things like, "you are my piece of cunt now, suck my cock and lick my arse." I, of course would obey him thanking him for letting me do it. After sucking my large bosoms really hard he would be on me like an animal. I would lick his face and tell him i love him as he shot his big load into my eager cunny. Once he had finished, my lover would instruct the cuckold to lick my fanny clean, which he must do whilst i am on all fours with my big fat arse up in the air. My lover would then leave after watching and once he had gone i would tell my husband to sit back in the chair and rub his cock while i tell him what a superb lover i have. He would be told how much better the lover is and that i want him more than anything. I would order him to "spurt now" when i want to watch him cumming. He would be told that if his cum spurts did not reach me on the bed from where he is sitting, he would not be allowed any sex for 1 month. As my husband started to cum, i would laugh at him humiliating him as much as possible. Of course, his cum would reach me and hit my face and bosoms.