Written by Shared

21 Nov 2010

A couple of months ago, Mark, my husband David's business partner came to stay with us. He had left his wife and had nowhere else to go so, to my annoyance at the time, David said he could stop with us until he found somewhere else to live.

He had been with us about a week and he and David were watching the TV one evening and I went for a shower. I came down with my bathrobe on and sat watching TV for a while and the said I was off to bed. David came up a few minutes later and said he and Mark had decided to turn in as well.

David & I had been in bed a few minutes when he said he thought Mark might be lonely and suggested I might like to pop along to his room and keep him company. I was taken aback at first. I had only slept with David since we got married. Then when he said it again, I thought why not?

I put my robe on and went down the landing and knocked on Mark's door. He shouted to come in so I did. I just stood by the bed and said David thought he might be lonely and opened my robe revealing all I had got. He turned back the duvet and I got in.

He had a huge erection, far bigger than David's and I put my hand down and started rubbing it. He caressed my tits and then put a nipple in his mouth and sucked hard. It wasn't long before he had a finger in my pussy. It felt lovely.

After a few minutes, I was close to orgasm and just wanted his lovely cock inside. I climbed on top and started to rock. My tits were swaying and Mark grabbed them and started squeezing them hard. It was fabulous.

After we had both come, I went back to David and he asked me what had happened. I told him the details and he fucked me harder than he ever has before.

The next night, I slept with Mark again, stopping the night in his room. Now, I spend some nights with Mark and some with David. I have never slept with them both together but often enjoy them both the same night.

Mark is still stopping with us and somehow seems reluctant to find somwewhere else. I wonder why?