Written by Sheila

21 Oct 2015

The doorbell rang. I answered I and my husband's best mate stood there. I invited him in and, as we stood facing each other in the foyer, he asked, "Is he in?" I thought it a bit odd since I knew that he knew, but I replied, "No, he's not. He's been working away for the past six weeks now."

"Oh, is he? Sorry, I forget. That's a long time."

"Yeah. How are you doing with him gone for so long?"

"I'm up for sainthood with the frustration."

"I bet you are. Six weeks is a long time to be without."

"Yeah, it has been a long time - the longest ever. I'm at the end of my rope."

"Yeah, he mentioned that in his last email - said you were getting really randy."

"He shouldn't be advertising that."

"Well, you know, we're best mates and all that."

"It was very naughty of him, but he's right, I do need it."

"Well, maybe I can help him out here, and you, of course, to release some of that frustration."

I coyly said, "That did cross my mind lately. Of course, it would be very naughty of me not to wait for him to return, but I'm so horny, …… maybe we should."

I then just stood there silently smiling at him. He leaned in and kissed me, and our tongues were soon entwined as we urgently explored each other's mouth. I wound one arm around his neck and placed the other in his groin, feeling his cock rising within his trousers. I was rapidly rising and felt bigger than I expected. After a minute or so of deep, wet kisses, I said to him, "Maybe we should take this upstairs where we can be comfortable."

He ignored my suggestion and rapidly unbuttoned the upper buttons at the front of my dress, reached in and pulled the cups of my bra down, and sucked my nipples. As he was doing that, he slipped one hand up between my thighs under my dress and, when he reached the juncture of my thighs, pushed the gusset of my panties aside and slipped two fingers into my already wet pussy. With him sucking my nipples and fingering my pussy, my arousal was progressing rapidly. I again suggested we move upstairs.

This time, he reluctantly stopped his attentions to the intimate parts of my body and I led him up to the spare room. He undressed while I got rid of my dress, bra and panties, then positioned myself at the head of the bed with my upper body leaning back into a pillow against the headboard with my knees raised and legs widely separated. I smiled wickedly at him as I tweaked my nipples with the fingers of one hand and caressed my slit with the other.

He groaned when he saw the way I was playing with myself. As he stood there watching me, I saw the respectable length and girth of his cock. He was at least as equally endowed as my husband, maybe a bit more, and I thought he should be able to fuck my brains out if he had any decent technique at all.

He then knelt below my feet, grasped my ankles with both hands and pulled me down toward him so my upper body was lying flat on the bed. He pushed my knees back up, parted my legs widely to give him access to my groin, then lowered his mouth to my slit. He inserted a couple of fingers inside my pussy as he lowered his face and started licking my clit. He soon had a wonderful rhythm established with his fingers and tongue and I rapidly rose toward a climax.

When I got close, I started moaning, "Oh, yeah! Do it like that!", in time with his fingers and tongue. I was soon right at the edge and groaned, "I'm almost there. Make me come!" He sucked my clit hard and I went over the edge into a climax, crying out, "I'm coming! Oh, my God! I'm coming!" He continued licking and fingering me as my orgasm flowed over me. My hips bounced around on the bed, making it difficult for his tongue to maintain contact with my now overly sensitive clit, so he stopped licking, but kept fingering me. When he felt the pulsing of my pussy around his fingers end, he sat back on his haunches and watched as I slowly came down from the first male induced orgasm I had for the past six weeks slowly subside.

When I finally recovered and could look at his face, he smiled as he said, "Wow, you really were in need!" I nodded in agreement, then replied, "Yeah, and I still need to be fucked by a cock. What are you waiting for?" As he lowered his body between my legs and mounted me, he smiled and answered, "Just looking for a formal invitation." He slowly slid his big cock up my pussy, slightly stretching it laterally with his girth. I could feel all the contours of his cock as it slid its way in. He paused at the top to let me get used to his size and for him to enjoy the feel of a new pussy wrapped around it. I let him know he could proceed by flexing my pussy muscles around his cock and nipping it.

He commenced fucking me with strong steady strokes as he lay his upper body down on mine, placed his hands under my head, and kissed the side of my neck. I wrapped my arms around his upper back, placed my lower legs behind his thighs, and rolled my hips upward in time with his thrusting. We fucked like that for quite some time, with me reveling in the wonderful sensations of a cock stroking the inside of my pussy, something I had not felt for a long six weeks.

After almost ten minutes of steady fucking, my body had slowly climbed the slope almost unnoticed by me until he started pounding me with strong, deep thrusts. This rapidly moved me to the edge and, when he went into the rapid short stroked, I came with cries of passion and screamed out my climax with, "Oh, God! I'm coming! I'm Coming! Don't stop!!" He continued pounding into me, which prolonged my orgasm, until he came with loud grunts and deep, lingering thrusts, splashing his cum against my cervix.

We slowly came down together. He then rolled off and we lay side by side facing each other, our arms and legs entwined as we lay there in post-coital bliss. After hugging and kissing for a while, I finally said, "Thank you. I needed that!' He quickly replied, "My very definite pleasure. Call on me anytime!" A few minutes later, I felt the beginnings of arousal and let him know I would enjoy another bout if he so desired.

Over the next hour or so, he had me twice more missionary, giving me climaxes both times without him coming. Then he took me rather roughly from the rear, fucking me hard and deep until he came, shouting out his climax. We lay afterward with our bodies entwined, hugging and kissing. He reluctantly rose and got dressed, saying he needed to go. We kissed goodbye at the front door, with me covered only by a thin robe. He asked if he could 'visit' again and I smugly smiled and nodded 'yes'.

Hubby was due to return four weeks later, during which time his mate serviced me quite nicely once or twice each week as his job commitments allowed. When hubby finally returned, we fucked all night that first night and into the next day. I'm sure part of his extraordinary passion was due to knowledge that his best mate had almost certainly serviced me during his absence. He never asked and I never told him, but our sex life resumed at a noticeably higher level than before his prolonged absence.

Did his best mate and I ever continue our 'affair'? That's for another time.