Written by Laura

29 Dec 2014

I had only ever experienced totally conventional sex, different positions was as exciting as it got. My favourite position was doggy because it seemed to make my husband, Mike's small cock seem a little bigger and I could easily rub my clitoris, the only way I was likely to climax. Sex was always within the four walls of the house, usually the bedroom. I'm not a prude but that's all that was on offer with my husband. I've watched porn videos on line, admittedly secretly, it's not something I'd tell my husband. I couldn't imagine myself ever doing some of the things I watched, though I found many of them a huge turn on. Mike is mad on sport, playing Golf, watching Football and Cricket at the local grounds, sometimes going to away matches. I was sure that sex could be so much better and when he was out, I would often masturbate, fantasising that I was being fucked by some hunk with a larger cock.

At first I just used my fingers. Nice as that was, I felt the need to insert objects into my hole and started using things that were at hand to masturbate. Hairbrush handles, carrots, bananas before graduating onto cucumbers, bottles, aerosols and the like, the usual things you have in the house. Once Mike almost caught me, but I was able to return the cucumber I'd been using to the kitchen and put it back in the fridge unwashed. I forgot about it until later, watching him slice it, popping pieces into his mouth, commenting that it tasted different. After that I'd often leave salad ingredients unwashed after I'd used them. I even prepared a salad for a barbecue party we held for his cricket club friends, smearing the cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, peppers with my sex juices and inserted bunches of trimmed spring onions into my pussy, giving them a good coating. It amused and excited me watching all his frankly boring friends, unwittingly tasting my cunt.

Much as I enjoyed using whatever came to hand, I wanted a vibrator but was embarrassed at going into a sex shop. One day I was out shopping in Cardiff and plucked up the courage to go into the Ann Summers shop. I rushed in, bought the first vibrator I saw and rushed out again. I loved using it and over the next few months built up a small collection of vibrators and dildos, no longer embarrassed going into the shop. Each one I purchased was larger than the previous ones. The first one was just a smooth, slim vibe about 6 inches long. They went up in size to the largest which I ordered online along with some lube. Realistic looking, about 9 inches long, close to 3 inches in diameter, modelled on a porn stars penis.

It was with some trepidation that I lowered my well lubricated pussy onto it the first time but my cunt took it with surprising ease. It immediately became my favourite. I'd use it in front of the mirror watching my reflection as the large, black plastic prick, slid in and out of my pussy as I rode it until I climaxed. I soon grew to think of it as my “Perfect Penis”. Perfectly harmless, why shouldn't a respectable, thirty year old woman have a bit of sexual relief in the privacy of her own home. That is exactly how things would have probably continued had it not been for Jenny.

We were introduced and seemed to hit it off straight away. Jenny's 4 or 5 years older than me and was a breath of fresh air compared to my other friends. She openly talked about sex, not just with her husband Tony, but with other guys who fucked her. They were into swapping, but more so threesomes and foursomes with Jenny often being the only female, but wasn't averse to playing with other females when the opportunity arose. I asked if she wasn't embarrassed having sex with others watching. She was quite blasé about it, replying “Oh no. It adds to the pleasure. We often fuck on Cam with dozens of people watching. You should try it”

I'm not so naïve that I didn't know these sort of things went on. I was shocked initially but as she told me more over a number of weeks I began asking her about it and to my surprise, feel jealous at her sexual liberation and lack of inhibitions. I opened up, telling her about my selection of vibrators, particularly “Perfect Penis” and how much I enjoyed masturbating with it. She laughed at the way I described what I enjoyed, saying I sounded like a medical text book and not to be such a prude, “Use Cunt or Pussy, not Vagina. Cock or Prick, when you're with me. I promise I won't be embarrassed” she teased. I tried them, feeling very naughty using the words, but I suppose it was a small step in my sexual liberation. I even told her about the pussy flavoured salad, which she thought was brilliant.

Jenny asked the obvious question, How did my large vibrator compare with my husbands cock? With some embarrassment, I confessed that Mike's cock was only about 4 ½ inches fully erect and the only way that I climaxed was to masturbate while we fucked. In every other respect he was ambitious and successful, two of the reasons I'd married him 2 years previously, but in the bedroom he was a frustrating disaster. She was very sympathetic, commented that she didn't have that problem with her husband, Tony and off handedly suggested that I was welcome to try him for size. By then I was regretting not having played the field a bit more before I married. I wasn't sure she was being serious, gave a little laugh, said it was a tempting offer, not daring to admit that I found the idea of Tony fucking me very attractive.

All the circumstances leading up to what happened will take too long to explain. It wasn't the first time that she'd massaged me, but on previous occasions I had always laid on my front and kept my knickers on, bra just unfastened. I'd enjoyed her massaging me and had pretended not to notice when she massaged my thighs, her hand was “accidentally” brushing against my pussy, through my knickers. It happened every time and she became bolder. As usual she was talking about sex, telling me about having sex with a woman the previous weekend, all the while rubbing my pussy. I'm not sure why I didn't stop her when I realised my pussy was getting wet from the attention and by the time she pulled the gusset to one side and began fingering me I was too aroused to want her to stop. Though I tried to hide it I came, not that I fooled Jenny. I was disturbed by my bodies response even though I'd secretly enjoyed her touching me, in fact I was looking forward to the next time.

We met for coffee in the week and she'd asked if I'd enjoyed the massage. I said I had, and was looking forward to the next one, “So am I” she replied. That she had something planned that involved sex, went without saying. Let's carry on where we left off last time and see where it leads” was the only hint I had. Though nervous, the not knowing what was in store, actually added to the excitement and anticipation. I was determined to try and be sexually uninhibited and experience some of the sexual exploits she'd described to me.

The next few days passed slowly and several times I almost rang to back out. The day arrived and there I was laid naked on a bath towel on her bed. Having said that, it had taken a couple of large glasses of wine and some cajoling to persuade me to strip off completely. I have a decent body, dark complexion thanks to my half Italian heritage but I was self-conscious over the size of my tits. She made no secret of the fact that she wanted to see and touch them. There is no denying that 40FF tits are large and they look bigger because I'm only 5' 3” tall and the rest of me is quite trim, waist 26” and hips 36”. The only saving grace was that due to always wearing expensive fitted bras my boobs have remained almost as round and firm as when I was in my teens. I relaxed a little when Jenny insisted on being naked too. Approaching mid-thirties she has a gorgeous body, perky little tits, tipped by long pink nipples, her belly flat and toned, between her legs smoothly shaved, unlike the pubic forest I had at the time.

She sat astride my legs, “Tell me to stop if I do something you don't like” she said softly as she started massaging my back with warm oils which was very relaxing. She leant forward to do my shoulders, her breasts brushing my back, her nipples sliding against my oiled skin. It felt pleasant and calming, I didn't stop her when she began to use her naked body to massage me, rubbing herself against my back. She sat up again, straddling my bum, moving her hands out to my sides, stroking the swell of my breasts before sliding her hands down to my waist. She ran her knuckles down my spine to my bum crack, sliding one hand into the gap between my bum and her pussy. I felt her hand moving and suddenly realised that she was masturbating, rubbing her pussy against my bum. I contemplated asking her to stop, decided I didn't actually mind, by which time she'd stopped anyway.

Her hands moved to my lower back, she slowly slid off my bum, leaving a trail of pussy juices on my skin which she massaged on to my buttocks. I felt her caressing them, pouring more warmed oil onto my skin, feeling it trickle between my cheeks. She parted my bum cheeks, her fingers delving deeper, briefly touching my anus. I jumped but couldn't prevent a contented moan. She continued stroking my slippery skin, her fingers fleetingly touching my anus several times more. Soothingly and seductively she instructed me to part my legs to allow her to massage my thighs. I only hesitated a few seconds. Recalling the pleasure her fingers had given me previously, I moved my legs apart.

After briefly stroking my inner thighs, I felt her fingers brush my labia, then along my sex. “You're very wet. Do you want me to stop?” she breathed huskily. I'd been aroused by her touch, the state of my pussy not lying. Part of me wanted her to stop, but it just felt so nice. “Don't stop” I whispered. Almost involuntarily I moved my legs further apart as she slid two fingers in to my hole and began to finger me. Her other two fingers swiftly followed, her thumb pressed against my anus. “You've a lovely tight Cunt” she complemented as she finger fucked me, sliding four fingers in and out of my sex, moving her thumb firmly against my bum hole. I suppose it was the oil but suddenly her thumb slid into my arse. Without thinking I raised my bum, pushing slightly back, taking her thumb into my rectum, enjoying the sensation of having fingers and thumb in my holes.

It was incredibly arousing and I could feel the first flutters of an orgasm quickly building. I was disappointed when she suddenly stopped and rolled me onto my back. My disappointment quickly turned to delight when she placed her hands on my thighs, spreading my legs wide and continued fingering me with one hand, the other hand sliding over my tummy to my tits. She gave them both a squeeze, “They're beautiful. If I had tits like this I'd want everyone to see them. You should be proud of them not keep them hidden” she assured me, then leant forward, taking the nipples in her mouth in turn sucking them erect. I'd never experienced anything like it. Another woman's soft smooth skin against mine, her lips tenderly teasing my nipples, her teeth gently tugging my nips.

My own hand was resting on my thigh, close to my pussy. I moved it closer wanting to increase my pleasure. I asked if I could touch myself. Through a mouthful of tit Jenny told me too, taking my hand and placing it on my clitoris. I began to frig myself, feeling Jenny's fingers touching mine as she slid them in and out of my dripping cunt. I felt her folding her thumb into her hand, pushing fingers and thumb inside me, bunching them, as she pushed her whole, small hand, into my cunt. I moaned with pleasure, frigged my clit harder, turned on by her twisting and rotating her wrist, pumping her arm, fisting me. She's quite petite, her fist, wrist and lower arm probably a little smaller than my favourite dildo, but it felt wonderful.

She fisted me at a slow steady pace, not to hard, not to gentle. I could feel her fist inside me, moving under my arm, through my tummy wall, as my fingers danced on my clitty. Her mouth moved from my nipples, she kissed my neck, nibbled my ear. She kissed me on the mouth, her hard nipples, pressing into my side. I felt her tongue against my mouth, parted my lips letting her french kiss me. She kissed me passionately, I responded, our tongues entwined until she lifted her mouth from mine, looking down into my eyes. “I want to fuck you” she said softly. I knew what she meant, she'd told me what she did with other women. I could hardly speak, but sighed “Mmmm. Yes” moving my hand from my clit, putting my arm around her neck and pulling her mouth back to mine, kissing her hard before she sat up.

She stopped fisting me, slowly pulling her hand from my cunt. She raised her fingers to her mouth, licked some of my juices off, then held out her hand for me to lick. I licked my cunt juices from her fingers, tasting myself, while she took my hand, pressed my fingers back against my clitoris and I resumed stroking it. It seemed the most natural thing to be masturbating with her watching. She moved off the bed. My eyes almost closed I watched her open a drawer and take out a harness, step into to it and fasten it around her waist and between her legs. She reached back into the drawer and took out two dildos, one about 7 inches long, the other slightly larger in size than my favourite vibrator, about 10 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. “This one I think” she said returning the smaller one to the drawer, smiling at me as she inserted the stimulator on the base into her cunt then attached the chosen dildo to the harness.

I was still slowly masturbating as she trickled lube on it, rubbing it in, mimicking a guy wanking. She approached the bed, the lurid pink silicon cock, bouncing as she walked. She knelt on the bed took my hand and placed it on the dildo, letting me feel its girth and texture. She bent, kissed me, slipping a couple of fingers into my pussy, then told be to turn over onto all fours. I eagerly did as I was told, willingly moving my legs apart without having to be told. Jenny moved behind me, used her fingers to part my pubes and hold my sex open. She moved closer, nudging the tip of the dildo against my cunt. One hand on my bum, the other gripping the strap on, she pushed the end into me, stretching my hole open and slowly eased it, inch by inch into my cunt.

She didn't stop until I'd taken the whole length. She began to move back and fore, fucking me slowly. I'd never felt so deeply penetrated or my cunt so stretched. She began to fuck me faster, the dildo now lubricated with my sex juices, sliding smoothly in and out of my increasingly aroused pussy. I could hear her giving little gasps and sighs, audible above my moans of pleasure, the opposite end of the dildo inside her, pleasuring her too. It was almost a race to see who would cum first. I had a slight advantage, was already aroused and could reach between my legs to caress my clitoris.

I'd hardly touched my engorged little clit bud before I felt the first flutters of an imminent orgasm. I took a sharp intake of breath when I felt her pressing a finger against my bum hole then push it up my arse. She began wiggling her finger in my bum, further stimulating my already practically overloaded sexual excitement. I began muttering “Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck. That's so Goooooood” Then screamed “YES! YES! YES! THAT'S SO FUCKING GOOD. FUCK ME, FUCK ME JENNY!” as the flutters became more frequent and powerful. The flutters intensified, my body hot and flushed, as an incredible orgasm spread out from my cunt, coursing through my body in several waves. Jenny continued to fuck me, thrusting the dildo into my cunt, waiting until my climax began to subside before stopping. Keeping it deep inside me she rocked on the end inside her pussy and climaxed shortly after me.

We remained locked together for a minute or two before she pulled the dildo from my cunt and I collapsed onto the bed and rolled onto my back. I propped myself up, spread my legs, looking in the wardrobe mirror, admiring my gaping pussy, through the matted pubes. Jenny smiled at me as she removed the strap on, chatting away, telling me that I was a horny slut when I unashamedly began to masturbate in front of her. She left me to it, cleaning the dildo before putting it away. She patiently sat watching me wank until I climaxed again, before suggesting that we go outside and use the hot tube to recover. I pouted, asked if we couldn't just stay in bed and try some other things. She told me not to be a greedy tart, we had all evening for that.

I followed her downstairs, Jenny topped up our drinks before we stepped out into the garden naked. Admittedly the garden was secluded and the hot tube in a screened off area, but I felt quite brave being outdoors in the nude and the warm sun on my naked body was undeniably pleasant. We slipped into the tub and sat chatting about this and that, mostly sex and what we'd just done. I told her I'd enjoyed it, that the strap on dildo had almost felt like a real cock fucking me, wistfully telling her I wished that Mike was a bit better endowed and how lucky she was to have Tony and the other guys fucking her.

I was telling the truth and not consciously hinting that was what I wanted but that is certainly how it came across and how Jenny interpreted it. She took my hand and placed it on her tit, inviting me to touch and explore her body. I was in no hurry to get home, relaxing in the the tub was very pleasant and soothing and Mike was sure to be in late. I gave her boob a squeeze, felt the nipple stiffen, one thing led to another and I began to suck her nipples, my hand moved lower, touching her delightfully smooth mound. I let it rest there, fingertips close to her slit, wondering if I should touch her. She parted her legs encouraging me to finger her pussy whilst sucking her nipples. After a bit of an erratic, fumbled start, Jenny covered my hand with hers, made me slow down, guiding me in the art of bringing another woman to orgasm.

After a few minutes she moved her hand away, rested her head against the side of the tub and closed her eyes. I felt really proud of myself successfully bringing her to climax with my fingers, whilst sucking and nibbling her nipples. She came with a satisfied sigh, clamping her thighs together, trapping my hand whilst she thrust herself against my probing fingers. After a minute she parted her legs and opened her eyes. I realised she wasn't looking at me, but over my shoulder. I turned to look, not really surprised to see Tony standing there, naked, stroking an impressive erection. His cock was easily almost twice the length of my husbands, considerably thicker.

I've no idea how long he had been watch us, but was turned on knowing he'd seen us. I immediately wanted him, determined that I wouldn't be leaving until he'd fucked me. He walked over and sat on the decking with his feet in the tub. I was still kneeling, my breasts exposed. Jenny slipped behind me, reached around, cupped and lifted my tits “I told you she'd have amazing tits” she commented to him giving them a squeeze. My attention was elsewhere, my head about level with his cock. It wasn't as large as my vibrator or the strap-on she'd fucked me with earlier, but had to be a good 8 inches or maybe a little more. Easily the largest cock I'd ever seen, not that I'd seen many. I looked at it longingly, desperately wanting to touch it. Jenny moved back to the edge of the tub, watching my reaction, reached out, wrapped her fingers around his shaft and began to wank him. She gripped it more firmly, clear pre cum, oozed from the tip. Leaning forward she stuck her tongue out, licked it off before taking just the knob in her mouth. She sucked it for several seconds, showing off by taking most of it in her mouth, before raising her head, licking her lips, turning towards me inviting me to take over.

I wasn't very practised at sucking cocks, only having sucked Mikes prick occasionally and to be honest reluctantly. Now I was keen to attempt giving a blow job to a guy who wasn't even my husband and whose cock was much bigger. I took hold of his prick, copied Jenny, licking the liquid seeping from the tip, tasting the mildly salty flavour before opening my mouth wider and taking his cock between my lips. Rather inexpertly I began sucking him off, taking more into my mouth when Jenny instructed me too. I managed only about 3 or 4 inches, my lips tight around his thick girth, before I felt the tip touch the back of my throat and the gagging reflex. He was very considerate, didn't try to force his cock further into my mouth than I was comfortable with and after about 10 minutes sucking I was starting to get the hang of it. I was beginning to wonder what to do if he ejaculated, swallow, spit it out, or stop sucking at the last moment and allow him to cum in my face.

My dilemma was solved by Jenny. She had been fingering me for a couple of minutes, and began whispering in my ear, about how big and hard his cock was, seductively suggesting that it would feel wonderful in my pussy, finally suggesting “Why don't you let Tony fuck you. Wouldn't you just love to take that big fat cock in your Cunt?” Still with a mouth full of cock I nodded, raising my eyes to see Tony smiling down at me, obviously as pleased as I was by her suggestion. I stopped sucking him, albeit reluctantly, but the prospect of him fucking me was even more attractive. Jenny helped me out of the tub, handed me a towel to dry while Tony picked up another and began drying my legs. I moved my legs apart when started drying my thighs, aware of his warm breath on my pussy and wet skin. He finished drying my legs, patted my pussy dry then sat back looking at me as I finished drying my tits.

I dropped the towel on a chair, standing in front of them naked. Neither spoke for several seconds, both looking at my hairy cunt, then Jenny ran her fingers through my pubes. She glanced at Tony, an unspoken message. “How should I put this” she said. “I think you need a bit of maintenance down here. We're going to shave you before Tony fucks you. You don't mind do you?” she asked giving my pubes a tug. I'd been thinking how sexy her smooth pussy looked and told them to go ahead. Holding Tony's still erect cock, lazily wanking him, Jenny invited me to stay the night so we could have more sexy fun without explicitly explaining what they had in mind. I was feeling mellow, not to mention horny and had no intention of leaving before I had been fucked by Tony. Suspecting they had every intention of leading me further into their debauched lifestyle I accepted after only a moments hesitation, intrigued to discover how uninhibited I dared to be.

I phoned Mike to tell him I was staying over. He didn't pick up so I left him a message. Whilst Jenny and Tony collected the things needed to shave my pussy. I sat by the tub, drinking my wine, running my fingers through my pubes for the final time, thinking about how I would explain my smooth pussy to Mike, untroubled by the fact that I was planning to lie and deceive him. Jenny came to fetch me a few minutes later. She offered to top up my glass. I declined wanting to remember everything that happened. We stopped in the kitchen and she explained what they were planning if I was willing. It sounded very naughty, very horny and though she gave me ample opportunity to say No, I insisted I wanted to do it.

Walking up the stairs I could hear Tony talking and realised that he was already online, talking to people who were going to watch me being shaved and possibly more. It wasn't to late to back out if I wanted too, but although I obviously felt nervous I also felt a surge of excitement. As we reached the door a thought occurred to me and I asked how many were watching. “I'm not sure, maybe twenty at first. Just imagine them wanking and wishing they could fuck you. I promise you'll enjoy being watched” she told me, opening the door and following me into the room.

Tony turned, and picking up a camera pointed at us both. On the Monitor behind him I could see what he was streaming. He zoomed in on my tits until they filled the screen, my nipples poking out hard. I heard him describing my tits as magnificent. The picture zoomed back out then down, zooming in on my hairy pussy, everything virtually hidden by my pubes. He told them that I'd agreed to be shaved for their entertainment and soon my cunt would be revealed to them in all it's shaven glory. By the bed I could see a bowl for hot water, shaving foam, a pack of razors, a couple of pairs of scissors and a bottle of lotion. Jenny was quite surprised at my coolness when I walked over to the bed, lay on the towel and nonchalantly spread my legs wide. On the screen there was a close up view of my hairy cunt. Inside, my heart was thumping in my chest. Trying to appear more confident and uninhibited than I felt, I reached between my legs, parted my pubic bush and exposed my sex through the curls.

Jenny sat on the bed, moved my hands away, picked up the scissors and began snipping away my pubes while Tony moved around videoing. I sat up watching, occasionally watching the monitor for a clearer view of my cunt as the hair was cut short. She changed to a smaller pair of scissors, trimming my pubes closer to the skin, stretching my labia while she snipped either side of my fuck hole. Satisfied, she went to fill the bowl, leaving me with my legs spread. I didn't think I could just lie there and do nothing so began to explore my pussy with my fingers, rubbing my clitoris, which was now visible, before slipping my fingers into my cunt, contentedly fingering myself until Jenny returned and slapped a hot wet flannel on my pussy to soften the remaining hair.

After a minute or so she removed it, sprayed foam onto my mound, smoothed it over my pussy and between my legs. She picked up a razor, wet it then started to shave me, drawing the razor over my skin removing my pubes a strip at a time. Tony knelt on the bed videoing, his cock within reach, I couldn't resist taking hold of it, feeling it stiffen in my hand as I stroked it. Tony's hard cock in my hand was certainly a distraction and I was quite surprised when Jenny said she'd finished, wiping the remaining foam from my pussy. She poured the soothing lotion onto my smooth pussy and left Tony, standing at the end of the bed, between my legs. videoing me rubbing it onto my skin while she tidied the shaving stuff away.

Tony started quietly giving me instructions “Show everyone your Cunt. Play with your tits” I spread my legs as wide as I could, wantonly displaying my pussy to the camera, cupping my tits, lifting them and squeezing them together. “Pinch your nipples. Get them hard” I followed his orders, pinching and pulling my nipples until he gave the next instruction. “Hold your cunt open” I moved both hands between my legs, slipped a couple of fingers into either side of my hole, pulling myself open. He wanted more, I moved my fingers and gripped my labia, “That's good. Stretch those pussy lips” I complied, stretching my labia, holding my cunt wide open. On the monitor my wet, pink hole filled the screen “Look at that cunt guys. Just begging for cock” Jenny commented to those watching. He zoomed back out, Jeny told me to tell everyone what I wanted. “Cock. I want Tony fuck me” I sighed, sliding my fingers into my pussy, looking at Tony's fully erect cock, anticipating taking it in my cunt imminently. “Good girl. Play with yourself” Tony encouraged. I obediently began to move my fingers in and out of my cunt, performing what most would consider to be an intimate and private sex act, live on camera.

I was so engrossed watching myself masturbating on the monitor, getting increasingly aroused, watched by a group of strangers, I hadn't been paying any attention to what Jenny was doing. I caught sight of her fastening different harness on and selecting a smaller, slimmer dildo, she smiled and nodded her approval of what I was doing. Using one hand to finger myself I moved the other to my clit, gently frigging myself towards the climax that was getting close. I had every intention of going all the way and masturbating until I came, until I saw Jenny moving closer.

Tony swung the camera towards her as she approached him, carrying the dildo. I thought she was intending to fuck me with it. To my relief she took the camera off him and took over, videoing as Tony climbed on the bed and went down on me. He licked and sucked me, probing my cunt with his tongue, teasing my swollen clitoris. He performed cunnilingus on me bringing me back to the point, close to orgasm before moving into the “69” position, offering his rock hard cock to my mouth. I gobbled his cock as best I could between gasps, moans and sighs as his tongue expertly brought me to orgasm.

He didn't wait for my climax to subside but quickly flipped me over, got behind me, lifted me by my hips, pushed my legs apart. Jenny had quickly moved to get a good view and on the monitor I could see Tony holding his cock, guiding it between my legs. His large knob end slipped between my pussy lips, opening my hole, then in one fluid movement he drove his rampant cock deep into my cunt, fully penetrating me. His hard thrust practically forced the air from my lungs, I sighed and moaned at the same time, watching in awe and wonderment that I'd taken his thick cock in my pussy so easily. He began fucking me, sliding his throbbing manhood in and out of my receptive cunt. For the first time ever I felt that a guy was fucking me properly, appreciating the sheer joy of having my cunt, stretched and filled by a real hot, raging hard cock.

He fucked me without restraint, unleashing sensations I'd rarely, if ever experienced previously. Jenny climbed on the bed, sat in front of me legs open, pussy gaping from between the two straps between her legs. I lowered my head and gave her cunnilingus, poking my tongue in her cunt and licking her clit, stopping only to gasp for breath as my inevitable orgasm approached. The footage was very shaky as I licked Jenny out, particularly when she came. She wriggled off the bed almost immediately, just in time to video my noisily climaxing, Tony pumping his spunk into my cunt, then pulling out, followed by his cum dribbling from my pussy. I clamped my hand over my hole looking for tissues. They had other ideas.

I suppose it shows my lack of imagination and experience, but I thought that they'd finished. Instead they told me to roll on my back for another 69 session with Tony so he could clean the spunk from my pussy. I lay back watching on the monitor, feeling his tongue worming it's way into my still tingling cunt. All I could see was his bum in the air, the back of his head buried between my legs and Jenny to one side, attaching the dildo to the harness, then lubricating the surface. She came over, put a couple of pillows under the back of my head, lifted Tony's flaccid cock for me to take in my mouth. I started to suck him. She promised that between us he'd soon be erect again. Even then I didn't click why she was wearing the strap on or what she was going to do with it.

I could still just see the monitor and it wasn't until she picked up the camera again, climbed on the bed behind Tony, focused on his bum and the dildo came into view that it dawned on me that she was going to arse fuck him. Laid underneath, cock in my mouth, Jenny's gaping pussy about 12” above my eyes I watched as she aimed the lubricated dildo at Tony's arse hole. I guessed she was entering him when he stopped lapping my pussy and tensed. A glance at the monitor confirmed it and I watched as she slowly shoved the dildo up his arse.

He exhaled slowly, his warm breath blowing on my pussy as she began fucking his arse. I felt his cock twitch, sucked it a bit harder, taking more of his still soft, but perceptibly firmer prick in my mouth. Jenny continued fucking him in a slow steady rhythm, holding his balls, gently massaging them. I could just see the monitor, watched the dildo penetrating his anus, withdrawing, then pushed back up his arse. Looked up at Jenny's cunt, her own arousal obvious, her sex juice sodden cunt opening and closing, winking at me as she rode his arse. A trickle of her cunt honey ran from her hole, elongating and swinging until it snapped and dripped on my forehead, running down the side of my nose towards my eye. I let go of Tony's cock, wiped it away with the back of my hand, before taking hold of it again.

She'd been fucking him for only a few minutes but he was definitely becoming hard again. Another trickle of juice ran from her hole, this time I turned my head slightly and it splashed in my hair. I don't imagine there can have been any spunk remaining in my cunt but Tony was working its magic on me. I felt his cock getting harder, close to full erect, my lips tight around his pulsing shaft and began moving my head up and down sucking him greedily.

Close to fifteen minutes had probably passed. I'd briefly stopped sucking him when I came. I resumed gobbling him, his cock rampant in my mouth. I felt his cock twitch, sensed he was close to cumming. Jenny must have sensed it too. Began fucking his arse faster, telling me to let him cum in my mouth. I wanted to taste him and enthusiastically sucked him harder. Another few seconds passed, I felt his cock twitch then pulsing. I clamped by lips round his shaft as he came, tasting his spunk on my tongue when he ejaculated into my mouth. I had little choice but to swallow, gulping it down before he spurted a second smaller amount. This time I held it in my mouth, savouring the taste, before swallowing when he pulled out.

Jenny withdrew the dildo from Tony's arse and stood up, he rolled off me took the camera off Jenny, videoing me as I lay hot and sweaty on the bed, before sitting up with a very satisfied grin on my face. Jenny and I went for a much needed shower together, leaving Tony chatting to some of the people who had watched all or part of me being shaved, fucked, cocksucking and all the other things.

By the time we returned, Tony had signed out and while he showered Jenny generously offered to let me spend the night with him. It was still only mid evening and she called up several of the numerous guys who regularly fuck her, found three who were available and invited them over to keep her satisfied, with the offer that I could share them if I was ready to go further. As it happens I only had the hots for Tony and he fucked me three more times that night and again in the morning. The morning fuck was especially horny because Jenny invited herself and the three guys in to watch me being fucked.

Over the next two or three weeks I visited their house at every opportunity, had sex with Jenny sometimes, more often Tony fucked me. I couldn't get enough of him and guess he probably fucked me a couple of dozen times before I discovered there were limits to her generosity. I was in bed with him, he'd just fucked me. Jenny wandered in, sat on the bed and told me she didn't have a problem with Tony fucking me but felt it was time I spread my legs and made my cunt available to more guys. I said I like having sex with Tony but she told me he wouldn't fuck me again until she'd watched me being fucked by ten different men. She gave me a month to complete the task, with the incentive that she'd allow Tony to fuck me as often as I wanted if I succeeded. She offered to help me and said she was confident that if I did succeed I probably wouldn't be so interested in Tony afterwards. Little did I know that she was determined to rid me of my remaining inhibitions and had much of my sexual re-education planned. This has probably gone on far to long so that's a story for another day if you're interested.