Written by gizabit

14 Oct 2011

this is a true story. i had just split up with my wife of 27yrs i was so down and so sad i thort of taking my life. then one friday night i went out to a pub in the next village to were i lived, i had never been in before ordered a pint and sat at the bar talking to a few ppl when one of my m8s wife and her sister came in i felt my hart beating faster as i had allways had the hots for her, they were very smart.she came over to me and said she wanted me to look at a job for her thank you god i thort, the night came when i went to look at the job she was in her dressing gown and i kept looking at her legs and she kept opening them for me to see smiling at me turning me on,shes all so got lush big firm tits and she let the top of her gown open for me to look at god she lookt so sexy,my m8 had no idea that she was teazing me but i new i was going to make a move on her as soon as i could, well the next friday came i went to the same pub hoping she would be there i sat for an hour then in they came i got them a drink in had a bit chat she askt me if i had a price for the job i said yes but wanted to look at the fire again saying she mite have to have a new one, ok she said then out of the blue i said how you getting home taxi she said you want to share were going back to your village pub david is there my m8 her hubby, then off she went to the loo but her sister didnt go with her she started telling me that her sister had been telling her that her hubby wasnt showing any love to her and liked me,she came back from the loo she had a smart dress on as she worked in a clothes shop she was allways smart n sexy, i turned to her and said do u fancy running away with me save your money dont get the plumping done dont tempt me she said god im in here i said in my mind, taxi came i went to get in the front and her sister said she wants you to get in the back so i did she moved over close to me lifted my hand and put between her legs she had no knickers on i was in heaven she pushed my fingers up her she was so wet she pushed her pussy on to my hand i lent over and started finger fucking her i could smell love hole, it was over in a flash as we pulled in to the pub car park, but i knew it was just the start i had to have her body, more to come if you want???