Written by Jimmy Won

7 Oct 2010

A few years ago I was working and living in Central London. My flat mate invited me down to his village in Kent for the weekend to stay with his family. The reason for the invitation was the opportunity to attend the John Courage brewery families day on the Saturday. This involved lots of beer and lots of silly games, all good natured and good fun. We went down on the Friday night and I met Derek's parents. Dad worked for Courage and seemed to live only for beer. Mum was alright and very Mumsy, about 45, nicely dressed and well spoken. Nothing special and not of any interest to a 19 year old guest.

On the Saturday we went to the Families Day on coach and me, Derek and few of his old mates got on the beer. We all thought we were big drinkers in those days but by the time I had had 5 or 6 pints I was pissed as a parrot and wandered off to sleep it off on the field somewhere. A couple of hours later I woke and spent the rest of the afternoon just watching the events of the day. By the time we left at the end of the day I was sober but most of the others were in various states of drunkenness. Derek was sparko and totally out of it. His dad was also pissed and putting the world to rights with some other men at the front of the coach. I sat near the back and despite the bus being only half full, Dereks Mum, Wendy, came and sat next to me. She was half pissed as well and very friendly. Chatting away and rubbing my leg. It dawned me that (a) she was not bad looking and (b) she was up for it. So I leant forward and kissed her. She responded very enthusiastically but suddenly pulled away and said "We have to be careful. My Jack is just over there". I thought my chance had gone when she smiled and unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock. I was trying to get at her tits but she insisted we be careful. She started wanking me and keep going "sshh". I tried to make out nothing untoward was happening but a couple of minutes later I shot my load over her hand, dress and my jeans. She laughed and cleaned up with a tissue. A few minutes later we arrived at our destination and we had to wake up my mate and we all dragged ourselves off home.

All over I thought. Wrong!

Derek went straight to bed, the old man went straight to bed. Both pissed and out of the way. I sat in an armchair in the front room and Wendy went round closing curtains, locking doors and finally checking that her old man was asleep. He was. Wendy came and sat on the arm of my chair and began chatting. My mind was racing because she made no reference to what happened on the coach. After asking me about my job and flat in London, she stood up and lifted the hem of her dress. French knickers. I was still a little unsure but began to stroke her leg, getting higher and higher each time. As I pushed my hand up the leg of her knickers she collapsed on top of me and suddenly her legs were spread and I was playing with a very wet pussy. In a moment she went from cool and calm to frantic for my cock. I slowed her down and got her tits out, they were beautiful. The slightest touch on her nipples and she was moaning. I was worried about the noise. She moved off me and knelt on the floor. I slipped off the armchair and fucked her from behind. What a feeling pushing into the wetness. I didn't last long, maybe a dozen strokes, before I shot my load into that velvety cunt. It was the greatest feeling I had ever felt.

Wendy picked up her knickers - I don't remember when they came off - and was gone. I went off to my bed. I woke up next morning thinking "Did that actually happen?" but the look on Wendy's face was confirmation that it had. I saw a lot of Wendy over the next 3 years and we ended up having a lot of outdoor sex, just to avoid her husband. Great days. Wendy, where are you now..?