Written by Lucky

1 Jul 2009

It was a saturday night and Anne and I were getting ready to go out for a meal with one of my mates, Ash, and his wife Jan. Now, Anne knows that I have always liked Jan and during our sex sessions I have whispered that I would like to fuck Janis,which always resulted in the same reply "You can, if you want".

I was always aware that this could just be a heat of the moment thing and that if it came down to the wire would Anne be up for it? I was about to find out.

We are no spring chickens, both just entered our 50's but we are young at heart and still act like teenagers. Well we got ready, with Anne wearing some new figure hugging jeans. I made the the comment that they must be expensive as I couldn't see the VPL, her reply was "You won't, I haven't got any on". In fact, on closer inspection, Anne was commando from top to bottom. I had an instant swelling in my trousers which I managed to hide with a bit of re-shuffling.

off we went to meet Ash & Jan, along the way all I could think about was the lack of clothing on Anne. We parked near to the restaurant and during the short walk, Anne turned to me and from nowhere said "If you want to fuck Jan you can, I might even join you". You can imagine how I felt being given the green light to go and fuck someone without any repercussions.

We met Ash and Jan who were already in the restaurant. I sat next to Jan with Anne opposite me. They had picked a secluded table in the corner that was lit only by a light hanging over the centre, kind of trendy, which meant that below the table it was in complete darkness.

It was during the meal that things started to happen, first of all Anne started playing footsie, rubbing my leg with her bare feet, then from nowhere, Jan put her hand on my thigh and slowly started to stroke it, moving closer to my now ever expanding bulge, I thought I was going to burst my zip.

Ash was oblivious to what was going on, he was too busy eating, drinking and eying the local talent on the other tables.

We finished our meal but for reasons of embarrassment I persuaded all to have a few more drinks. There was no way I was going to get up with a bulge the size of Mount Etna ready to explode.

We went outside and started to walk to one of the pubs nearby, we just got to the door when Ash told us he didn't feel well and would like to go home, we flagged down a taxi and said our goodbyes, I could tell from the way that Jan said goodbye that she didn't really want to go home. Ash got in the taxi, but as Jan started to climb in, Ash said that he didn't want to spoil the night so why didn't she stay. At first Jan declined the offer but Ash insisted and said that she couldn't be in better hands.

Well off Ash went, this now left me with two luscious women. We visited a few bars and had a merry old time with lots of flirting. As I had been drinking, I suggested that I find a hotel to stay in and I could then order a taxi for Jan from reception.

I booked into the Welbeck and went up to the room to freshen up whilst Anne & Janis had a few more drinks from the bar. I was just about to leave for the bar, when there was a knock on the door, it was Anne & Janis, "Jan wanted to see the room" and with that they both fell in with a girly giggle.

Anne looked at me from the bed and said "Go on then, now's your chance" and with a reply worthy of an oscar, I replied with "What do you mean?" as I edged over to Jan who was also sat on the bed.

As I got closer I could feel the excitement in me growing, I gently put my arms around her and we both fell backwards onto the bed, with a little fumbling I had Jans bra undone and released her gorgeous breasts. I couldn't hold myself and quickly began sucking on them, slowly moving down her body kissing and licking all the way until i eventually reached heaven.

Jan was wearing a shortish skirt with the skimpiest of thongs and it wasn't long before they miraculously vanished together with the rest of her clothing. I carried on kissing and licking until she reached a climax, she must have enjoyed it as she nearly crushed my head between her thighs.

At this point I looked up for Anne, she too was now naked and was playing with her silver bullet that she takes with her everytime we go out "Just in case". Watching Anne nearly made me shoot my load but I mangaged to hold back.

Janis by now had re-composed herself and had hold of my cock which was ready to burst, "My turn" she said and with that she slowly started to suck and chew on my member. Boy was I enjoying it, watching the wife play with herself whilst having another woman suck my cock, sheer bliss.

Anne looked and me and said "Go on then, fuck her, I know you want to, I'll watch". I didn't need asking twice.

I moved Jan onto her belly and as I did that she raised herself, I didn't wait, I went straight in, she was by this time really wet, so there was no opposition to my cock. I pumped away and felt her tits for what seemed like ages until I was ready to cum. I shot my load deep into her and stayed there whilst it oozed out.

As I lay there I thought have I done right, what will be the consequences? All three of us lay there. It wasn't really a threesome as Anne hadn't joined us in the sex. It must have been about an hour when I awoke to a sensation of pleasure, it was Anne sucking on my cock, she climbed on me and bounced up and down my now erect shaft whilst Jan was asleep. "I couldn't let it go without shagging my husband" Anne whispered.

The following morning we all showered ready to go home. I could resist though having a quick wank in the shower thinking about what had happened during the night.

We dropped Janis off at home, Ash was still in bed unaware of what we had done. As we said our goodbyes Janis gave my cock a little squeeze and said "We'll have to do that again and soon, perhaps Anne will fuck Ash next time", thats another story though as it is not something that Anne had thought about.