17 Jan 2016

I,v always wanted my wife to try mmf sex but she always said she would never do it .we were at a show and she appeared very horny . I said my mate would love a fuck as his wife was ill and he'd not had sex for 5 years I knew my wife had a crush on him .she said poor man .that night in our motor home I took couple of photos of her and said I would text them to him ,which I did .god she was horny that night when I fucked her. the next day he text me and said was I having him on I put my wife on the phone which put her on the spot . he asked her if he could, she said as it was him yes . god I nearly came in my pants .we then arranged for him to come down to our place. my wife cooked a meal had a bath and put her bath robe on .

when my mate arrived I let him in my wife gave him a hug and smile. I got us all a drink while my wife prepared the meal. my mate said could he take of her robe which he did to reveal my wife in sexy hold ups little knickers and bra god she looked good . I said to my mate to come the spare bedroom where we both stripped off and went back to the dinning room .nothing happened much while we ate apart from the odd feel of my wife. we then took my wife by the hand and took her to the bedroom both kissed her and laid her on the bed. I laid by her side playing with her breasts and whilst my mate licked her pussy god she tensed up and had her first orgasum . I then licked her pussy while he played with her tits till she came .my mate quick as a shot after I gave him the ok put his hard cock into her. as it went in I heard her moan with pleasure it wasn't long before she started to scream out fuck me then she went all rigid and cum as he shot his load into her. this was to much as he pulled out I slid into a nice wet sloppy pussy but only lasted seconds to I shot my load into her . I left the bedroom to get more drinks and when I came back he had her on her back on the edge of the bed legs up on his arms fucking he for all he was worth, I quickly got on the bed and sucked on her little tits till she came again we both fucked he another 3 times that night when we had both got rather limp a produced a rabbit vibrator my mates eye looked at me and he smiled saying his wife would never try one. I started to play with my wifes clitty while he watch . I said to him here you have a go , he gently teased her clitty then slid the vibrator into her pussy whilst a again played with her tits. when he had it right in and teasing her clitty she stated to tense up I started to squease her nipples as hard as I could squease she the tensed up and appeared to go into some sort of orgasum trance, which she was in for about 1 to 2 minites this surprized me and my mate as we have never seen this before

since then we have 4 more meets wow what fun . I asked her if we could have a couple to join us she said no . I'd love to but don't want to spoil what we got,