Written by UsedWife

3 Jul 2016

I have done something really stupid.

I thought my husband wanted me to have sex with another man. So I made it happen. I did not tell him what I was going to do though. I thought I’d surprise him with the details after. Now I’m not so sure he really meant it.

He had been saying he wanted to watch me doing it with someone better built than he was, someone taller, more muscular. And to get him in the mood for sex he was always asking me about my old boyfriends. Not that there had been many before I met him ten years ago. He wanted all the details and I told him everything I could remember. He really liked it when I told of the times I’d been felt-up in the back of cars, or in dark doorways when I younger.

He showed me this site and I learned how loads of men get off on the thought of their wives and girlfriends going with other men. To be honest I really liked the idea of being shagged by a nice hunky bloke.

I know I’m still a good looking woman, even at thirty-two. I’m petite and still have my figure. When I go out with the girls from work to clubs for hen do’s and stuff, men always try to chat me up. I have danced with them sometimes. I never let them kiss me, though. For a start I could not let the girls I work with seem me fooling around with blokes. I’m a staff nurse and have my professional image to consider. Secondly. I was a loyal wife. I still am. What I did I did for Adam.

So when Adam told me his fantasy, I thought next time I am out I will take it further if anyone takes an interest in me.

And they did. Last week when I was out for a colleagues leaving do at a club in town. But it was not someone at the club I ended up with, it was with the cabbie who drove me home.

There were three of us who shared the cab, I was the last to be dropped off. I’d seen him looking at me through his mirror. He was a nice bloke. Younger than me. About twenty-three I’d say. Spoke nicely too. Said he’d been made redundant by the bank where he used to work and was doing the taxi work to pay the rent until he could find a proper job.

Even though I did what I did willingly, if not for the alcohol I would never have done what I did. But I did do what I did. I suddenly decided this bloke was as good as I was ever going to get any time soon. And he would be so perfect to tell Adam about. He looked like he worked out.

As I considered my options, I imagined how hard Adam would get when I told him all about it the next day.

I asked the driver his name. He said it was Karl. Then I started saying what a great night I’d had and how dancing always got me feeling sexy and what a shame it was cause my husband would be asleep when I got in, and I really was feeling very horny. I had to say stuff like this a couple of times, how wound up I was, how I needed unwinding.

He soon got the message, asked if I minded if we pulled up somewhere quiet so we could “talk” abut the predicament I was in. I said I’d love to talk about my predicament.

He chose a parking spot down the back of the Park. I knew the area well. It was only minutes from where I once lived with mum and dad. No one ever dove their at night.

I’d taken off my panties and stuffed them in my bag before he even had chance to get out his door and come round to me. Strait away we were kissing. How had I allowed myself to forget how good a strange man can taste. I took his hand and placed it on my knee and we wasted no time in going further He felt rubbed me until I was really wet and then fingered me while I took off my top and bras.

I did not have to ask about condoms. He took care of that. He fucked me for abut five minutes, his trouser round his ankles, his mouth clamped over mine all the while we shagged. I loved his tongue, how it and his cock made me feel.

And then it was over and he was back in the driver’s seat, our journey continuing. I got out of the cab and paid him. Before he drove off I leaned in to him though the open window and gave him a last kiss. I did not care who saw me, the neighbours or anyone. Not even Adam. After all, this was all for him.

It was two day before I had the courage to begin telling him about it. We were in bed and I fancied a fuck. I’d been thinking about the one with a Karl all day and was really horny.

‘How would you feel if I really had been with someone while we were

married?’ I asked him.

At first he warmed to it. I went on, still not sure if he would be able to stomach the reality of what I’d done. I made like it was all a big what-if. What if I let the cab driver who ran me home had fucked me in the back of his cab. Would he have liked that I asked him.

Straight away I could see the alarm bells going off in his brain. I knew if I told him the truth there would be hell to pay.

So I had to allay his fears, make out I was just indulging his fantasy, just sex talk. I think I managed to persuade him it was just a fantasy I was making up to please him. I think I have, that is.

But I have caught him watching me with an odd look in his eyes, and I have got a feeling he is going to bring it up again.

Now I hate myself and feel cheap and used. By Adam and the cabbie.

What a fool I have been.