Written by Mikeybuilder

23 Aug 2009

My wife (Kate)is an only child and my Mother in law (Jean) divorced. My wife always wants me to help out around Jeans house with the usual repairs and decoration etc.

Now Jean is 60 but a good looking woman and probably would pass for around 50 - the main attraction is she is slim, bottle blond and has a fantastic pair of tits.

I've never really fancied her as she is my mother in law but I've always thought if my wife ends up looking like her then I wouldn't be unhappy in 25 years or so.

Now when I was doing a job on the roof i needed to go to the local B&Q to pick up some bits, Jean can with me as she insisted to pay. We picked up few bits ans as she got back in the car she caught me looking at her exposed blouse, althought didn't say anything.

I had to come back a few days later to finish the job and my wife decided to stay at home. I arrived at Jean's house but there was no answer so I let myself in and went into the kitchen to get some water and put the kettle on. I could hear movement upstairs and when I went to the hallway I could hear the shower on. I dont know why but I just had to creep upsairs. I reached the landing and could see the bathroom door was open slightly. I crept up slowly and could just make out a sillouette of a naked big titted monther in law behind the shower screen. I only had a quick look and started to get a semi erection so returned downstairs to do the work.

A few second later I heard her call me - asking was it me running the tap. I shouted back but didn't get a reply so went back upstairs. On the landing I shouted hi it's only me and she said i'm in the guest room. I entered to an amazing sight!

My MIL was naked and shaven, lying on the bed with a rabbit on her clit, lying on her back with her legs ben and knees apart - well I was gobsmacked. She looked at me, straight in the eye and said did I like waht I saw in the car the other day and the shower a few moments ago? I tried to apologise but she just said come her and hold this, pointing to the rabbit. Very nervously I sat on the edge of the bed and held it on her clit. She closed her eyes and moaned to the loudest orgasm I've ever heard. Looking at my MIL moaning gave me the hardest cock I've had for a long time and before I knew it she was sat up rubbing me and pulling down my tracksuit bottoms. As soon as they her over my cock she grabbed my boxers, yanked them down and just started sucking. I must admit my mind was in a spin and I lasted a couple of mins before I shot very hard in her mouth.

Once i'd got my breath back she said I have work to do so go and get on with it. She went out about 1/2 an

hour later and said to me whilst up the ladder that she wouldn't be back until much later so lock up and she will see me tommorrow.

Well all i was doing was re-pointing part of the chimney so I took my time.

My Mrs thanked me so much for helping her mum when I got home and I had to explain that It was not finished and I had to go back tomorrow. SMy mrs went to bed early and I showered and followed her soon after- needeing a good rest and hoping for a repeat performance in the morning.

I'll let you know how the day went tomorrow