Written by Graham M

16 Feb 2019

That afternoon Linda would teach me far more about a womans body than I had ever discovered while studying Human Biology in School. Her hand stroked my stomach and then moved lower until she was holding my erect cock, she said that she found it quite sweet that I had admitted that I would usually think of her.when I was wanking but I was taken aback when she asked me to show her how I wanked. At first I was so shocked that tried to refused, saying that I would be too ashamed doing such a private act with an audience but then she said that if I did I could then watch her while she masturbated.

I moved her hand off my cock and replaced it with my own, my other hand was cupping my scrotum as I slowly started to wank, a large drop of pre cum appeared out of the hole at the head and I spread the sticky liquid over the head with my thumb, I warned her that I was so turned on I would probably cum in a few seconds. Linda was lying with her head by my hip, a few inches away from my cock . She told me to stop wanking because she did'nt want me to cum yet. I was relieved as I knew that it would only take me a few more strokes before I spurted.

Linda said that she would keep her side of the bargain, she spread her legs and drew her knees up and said that I should sit at the bottom of the bed. She asked me not to touch her, just watch and learn. She started by curling her fingertips through her black pubic hair then she used two fingers to open up her pussy lips then moved up and put her fingers either side of her clit hood and gently pressed them together so that the little red clit slid out into view. She kept on stroking her fingers around her clit without actually touching at, she explained that it was so sensitive. I could see that all of her slit was getting wetter, she then slid her fingers between the lips and quickly pushed them right into her cunt. She clamped her legs together and removed her hand saying that she would cum soon if she carried on frigging herself.

"Wow, That was close but I think that we are now both ready to fuck and its time for the main event" . said Linda looking down at me. "Now come up and lie on top of me but try and support some of your weight on your arms, you should still be able to suck my tits". I slid up her body and felt the end of my cock rubbing against the inside of her thighs and then against the pubic hair. Linda moved her hips slightly and the next second without even using my hand to guide it I felt my cock slipping easily into her warm slippery cunt.

"Oh fuck, I knew that your cock was going to feel good in me, now fuck me" cried Linda , I started to move back and fro inside her, I lowered my head onto her chest, found one of her nipples and sucked it into my mouth. Suddenly I knew that I was going to cum and there was nothing I could do to stop my spunk shooting into her. I told Linda that I was sorry that I had cum so quickly but she told me it was OK and to keep my cock inside her, I felt her hand slid between our bodies

and realised that she was using her fingers on herself like she had demonstrated earlier. Even though I had cum I was pleased that my cock was still erect and I could feel her fingers against it as she was touching herself.

Linda's breathing started to quicken and then with one long sigh she pressed her pussy hard against my cock and I felt a warm liquid spreading over my balls. Linda had her eyes closed with a feint smile on her lips, again I tried again to say sorry but she pulled my head down to hers and kissed me and told me that for my first time, I had done well and I would only improve.

Linda suggested that we should take another shower because we were both sweaty and sticky. As we walked to the bathroom I saw that she was cupping her hand between her legs, as we stepped into the shower she showed me the impressive handful of my semen that had leaked out of her before the warm water washed it away. . Ten minutes later we were back in her bedroom again and she was impressed how quickly my cock became hard again.

This time she got me to lie on my back and she sat on my cock, this time I lasted far longer and she came without having to resort using her hand.

Later in the evening she asked if I wanted to stay the night with her but I told her that my mum usually called me late at night when they were away to check that everything was OK so I should be there when she called otherwise she would worry. I said that if mum called at a reasonable time I could always come around after I had spoken to her. That is exactly what happened and I arrived back at Linda's well before midnight. It was probably close to three in the morning when we eventually both fell asleep, Not only did we fuck again but Linda also introduced me to the delights of oral sex, Of course I had seen it done on porno movies many times but actually watching my cock disappearing into her mouth was something else. Linda also enjoyed teaching me how to go down on her and I felt very proud when I caused her to climax onto my tongue. The next morning she rewarded me by sucking my cock and swallowing my cum to wake me up before sending me home. Since then, every time my parents are away I spend most of my time and the night at Linda's house and her bed, my friends keep asking why I often keep missing our usual nights at the pub, but Linda is my secret!