20 Aug 2018

This happened many years ago , if I had a day off being on my own I would often put a porn vid on and enjoy a good wank , my neighbour was married , this particular day she phoned me up , and asked me if I would go around and help her move some furniture as she had just finished decorating and wanted to surprise her husband when he arrived home to see the room finished and everything put where it was , Lynn that was her name I never really thought of her in a sexual way before, wether it was because I had been watching a vid I don't know , , I rang the doorbell and she invited me in she had on a boiler suit it must have been her husbands and her hair was tied back with a scarf , she was a big girl about eighteen stone but she was very attractive, she led me into the lounge and we put her furniture back , she thanked me and said would you like a drink which I accepted , we sat down and was drinking a glass of wine when Lynn said that's made me hot , I would take off this boiler suit but I'm naked underneath it, and I surprised myself when I said don't mind me take it off if you want , she smiled and said do you know I've always fancied you I even told my husband and he laughed and said don't be silly, with that she stood up and removed her boiler suit , she had enormous tits with fucking great big erect nipples , I couldn't see her cunt as her stomach was covering it , she looked really horny , she said come on get your kit off , I laughed when she said that , then she said I want to see your cock ,I removed my clothes and when I took off my underwear my cock sprang to attention , she grabbed hold of it and said you have such a nice big cock , I never had complaints about the size , but it's not that big , she pushed me down on the settee and caressed my balls while sucking my cock , she was good, very good after a while she stood up leant against the settee opening her legs wide and said I want you to shag me I want your big cock up my cunt , she was so wet it slid in so easy and with each thrust you could hear her juices , I grabbed her big tits while fucking her , I said I'm about to cum she said I want to feel your cock jerk with each jet of spunk , we both sat for a while and she licked my cock clean and as I got dressed she said thankyou for everything , I said it was a pleasure especially the shagging session as I was leaving she said I'm going to let hubby fuck me when he comes home so his spunk can mix with yours ,I couldn't wait for her to want help next time ,