Written by Jack

3 Aug 2016

‘so how come you didn’t shag her?’ ‘I don’t know, she wouldn’t let me. Married woman thinking I guess’. ‘would you have done if she’d let you?’ ‘Yes, probably’ (no point in lying). ‘So what happened in the end?’ ‘she gave me a blow job’. ‘did she swallow?’ ‘yes’ ‘was it as good as when I suck you off?’ ‘no’. ‘why not?’ ‘because you have great technique, because you’re more beautiful and because I love the way you swallow my cum’ ‘I love your cum’ she said.

This was the surreal conversation I was having with Aimee, my neighbour’s daughter, virtually half my age and a bit of a stunner. I was still thinking that I was dreaming, but here we were in the back of my landrover (raining outside), naked but semi covered in blankets, my flaccid cock in Aimee’s fingers as she played with it, my cum somewhere in her digestive system. This was our second outing to an offroad centre. The first time she sucked me off as we lay on a picnic blanket on a hillside. This time in the back of the car. Again she wouldn’t let me fuck her, but I did get to finger her lovely pussy and brought her to an orgasm with my thumb on her clit. She wouldn’t let me lick her pussy though. Slowly slowly catchee monkey I thought. I’m a patient man.

You might recall that she’d previously witnessed me naked with an old friend on my sitting room floor while my wife was away. We’d never really spoken about it properly but here was an opportunity to do so. ‘what exactly did you see that evening?’ I asked. ‘I saw you two naked. I couldn’t see a huge amount but I could see you standing up in front of her. What’s her name?’ ‘jilly’ ‘standing in front of Jilly with your cock in her mouth. didn’t really see much after that’ ‘there wasn’t much else to see, she left pretty quickly. ‘will she be back?’ ‘doubt it, just one of those one off evenings. What were you thinking while you were watching?’ ‘lucky girl’ ‘really?’ ‘yeh, I was horny as fuck. Don’t know why. I hadn’t seen my boyfriend for a while’ ‘did you do anything while you were watching?’ there was a pause. ‘yeh, I made myself cum. As I said, I was horny as hell’ by now my cock was coming back to life. ‘you’re doing a good job there’ ‘you have a lovely cock’ she said. ‘nice shape’ I took the plunge – ‘would you like me to fuck you?’ I asked. She backed off a bit. That’s blown it, I thought. ‘yes, I’d like that. But not just yet. I still have Javier’ (her boyfriend). ‘Come on, time to get me home’. I apologised for coming on too strong. She smiled. ‘that’s ok. Thanks for asking. Very courteous of you.’

We drove home in near silence. I must admit, this felt like the end of this fantastic adventure. As we approached home she said ‘Javier is coming over on Wednesday. I’m not sure how I feel about it’ ‘you’ll be great once you see each other’ I reassured her. ‘thanks’ she said and put her hand on my thigh as we pulled into the street. As she got out of the car I said ‘I’d be happy to take you to the airport if you wish’ ‘really?’ ‘really’. ‘ok, that would be great’ she said. I immediately regretted having said it.

Nevertheless I agreed to take her to the airport that Wednesday lunchtime. She looked stunning. Hair tied up, an unfeasibly short skirt, bare legs, close fitting top and shades. Her makeup was perfect. On the way she looked at her phone. ‘flight is late’ she said. ‘Lets go to a pub I know.’ I let her guide me. After about 20 minutes we ended up at a country park. It was deserted. ‘where’s the pub?’ I asked naively. ‘let’s get in the back’ she climbed over and I followed, already hard. She unbuckled my belt and pulled down my jeans. My cock was soon in her mouth. I was ready to enjoy another expert blow job. But she had other ideas. She pulled me on top of her. My cock was nudging her pussy through her knickers. I was already leaking pre-cum and her knickers were already pretty wet. I pulled them to one side and pushed a couple of fingers in. ‘use your cock’ she demanded. ‘you want me to fuck you?’ ‘yes’. ‘yes please?’ ‘yes please! Fuck me!’ so I did. When I’d emptied my balls into her lovely pussy I withdrew. She asked for her handbag which was in the front. She got out a wad of tissues, pushed them into her knickers to soak up the spunk, kissed me and climbed back into the front.

So that’s how my neighbour’s daughter met her Spanish boyfriend at the airport, with me as taxi service but with my cum deep inside her. She told me later that’s the horniest thing she’s ever done in her life. I agreed, even with my years of experience I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a shag more than that!