Written by gary

14 Aug 2017

pat phoned me with the propostion of working for her,basically shagging her friends for 50 pounds a time,i said could I see her to talk it through,she said pop over,she took me straight up stairs and had her red lips sliding up and down my throbbing cock,licking and sucking my balls I have never been so hard,she then sits on my cock and is bouncing up and down on it with the energy of a 20 year old her massive tits swinging all over the place,every so often she slows down and her cunt seems to tighten on my cock ,then expertly jumps off and lets me come in her mouth,after small talk about my new job I'm fucking her from behind and she is loving it I'm covered in sweat and thrusting into her with all my energy I can muster,the noises she makes are sometimes loud and then like she is struggling for breath,after what seems ages I shoot my load and she comes in bucket loads.15 minutes later she said would I like to fuck her friend for 50 pounds,she said she is 50 years old and likes roleplay,i said what is roleplay ? ,she said that I would have to act out that ive never had sex with a women and it should be easy just like last night and laughed, she had arranged for me to meet her the next night ,and that she loves to dress in sexy outfits stockings and pvc etc,and told me to act as innocent as possible when we meet as she wanted to teach me the virgin the art of sex with a mature women,well fucking pat again, will tell you Friday how I get on with pats friend