Written by Blueberry

18 Sep 2008

After living in London for three weeks i got sick...coming from the south of Europe must be normal...anyway...i was at home for two days and i do not regret-

I was in bed, it was 5.30 pm and somebody knocked the door. I did´t expect anybody because my husband was out of town and i do not have many friends yet...i run to open the door whith only a XXL T-shirt and naked...i opened the door and here he was one of our sexiest internship with flowers..

I thought i was a company present but no...he just wanted to see me...i went to my beed with the t-shirt on and i lay down...he sat by myself and touched my neck to check for fever...i was ok...but feeling his hand so close to my ears (one of my sensual points) made me feel a lit of bit horny...i din´t say anythink, just closed my eyes as he started to examine my body...he told me he had a diploma in firts aids...and he wanted to be my doctor...i agreed. He naked me and then he went naked too...he has a scultural body with a perfect ass and a big, hard and tasted dick ready to be swallowed...but because i was sick I let him do the whole job.

He explored my pussy with his fingers until he found my G-spot...he was rubing it so softly and so nicely that i came easily then he bent over and licked my pussy...his lips were wet and warm and while eating me he inserted his little finger into my ass...i begged him to penetrate me because i wanted to feel his cock into my pussy i was out of control, moaning and beging for his hard dick....he opened my legs more and more he was wild eating and sucking me and instead of a little finger into my ass he inserted two...the feeling was something else..then he turned me down, made me stay in a doggy position and from behind he fucked my ass...for being the first time wasn´t bad----he moved very slowly but firmly as he was playing with my clit...he came after a while but i wanted more. I stood up and when i was leaving the room, he followed me, held my back, pushed me againts the wall...i opened my legs and he slid his cock into it deep inside----he was pumping fast and hard, we were breahtless at that point and in 5 minutes we both came..i could feel his cum going down my legs...I wanted to clean his cock but he had to leave soon but he told me he has been re-assigned to my department