Written by Charles

31 Jan 2014

Hello one and all,my name is Charles,I'm 75 years young and a widower.Sadly my wife passed on some years back and although I have a good and supportive family I still get lonely,what I have missed most of all is female company and I find myself often in the evenings looking at pictures of naked young women online and longing to feel their soft breasts,lovely bottoms,and oh so sweet looking trimmed little vulvas.

I was always brought up to believe that it is a most shameful business for a man to visit a prostitute,but in recent times and at my age I have begun to question the wisdom of that,I'm not talking about the nasty,exploitative kind of thing one hears so much about,but rather the professional services of a woman who does what she does of her own free will as a financial means to an end.

And at my age lets face it,it is about the only hope I have of being close to a sexy young lady.

Financially I have always been prudent,I've made good investments,own my property and have money in the bank...Well they do say you can't take it with you when you go..Do they not?

Enter Gabriella,a big breasted,beautiful brunette of 24 years old who I met after I'd plucked up the courage to call an upmarket visiting escort service last autumn. Gabby hails from Hungary,is highly intelligent and well educated,she is also highly fluent in English which I find very impressive.

Anyhow after an initial slightly awkward first visit Gabby has become a regular visitor to my home,and oh what a joy those visits are,usually we meet twice a month.

Gabby has a wonderful body,and her big breasts drive me wild,oh how I adore getting my hands on them.

I don't know how much money I have spent on lingerie for Gabriella,but I spend a lot of time in the ladies wear departments buying very sexy and very classy knickers and bras,those lovely big ones of hers are an F cup she tells me.I love having her parade around the room in her skimpies...And taking them off!

One of my favourite games that Gabby and I play is when she pretends to be my 'naughty niece'.

This usually entails Gabby going over my lap like a naughty girl should, and me spanking her full,shapely bottom...It is a thing of wonder to see her lovely wriggling bottom encased in a pair of expensive white, or pink ,or black knickers....Better still to take them down and give her bare bum a good old fashioned walloping.

I have lately bought a small,leather paddle to assist in the game,but I have to say poor Gabby was not delighted to see it.

Still that being as it may she stills bends over and touches her toes as instructed in a very agreeably compliant fashion.

I usually only give the little lady 6 or so stingers though..And she knows she'll be well rewarded for taking them.

Of course we do other things too,in fact there is little Gabby will not do now that a good rapport has been established.

Call me a dirty old man if you like but I recently made Gabby an offer she couldn't refuse..A substantial sum for her tight virginal arsehole.

What a lovely snug fit it was,and the sight of my fat old chopper stuffed all the way up her stretched bumhole had me spunking in no time.

I'm certainly glad I have ridden myself of my old fuddy duddy prejudice about "men that pay for sex"..For some it can change their lives for the better,bringing the joy of contact to those who would otherwise face empty days and lonely nights.