Written by Mr G

24 Apr 2019

I am 56, recently separated and nearly divorced. It will be finalised very soon. Our relationship fell apart after nearly 30 years. I had a business opportunity which I grabbed and worked long hours and was away a lot. My wife has an affair with her boss and then left me for him.

Since then I have moved full time to the city where my business is located. My wife did not want our house as she is well placed with her lover, so we split the sale proceeds. I have now purchased a top floor apartment with a good view of the river. The business is going extremely well and I have more free time. My wife and I have 2 grown children and they have left home and have their own busy lives. I have been out with a few women but nothing too lasting.

Four months ago, I got a phone call from the daughter of some friends that my wife and I have socialised with for years. We have been quite close. When my wife told me about her lover and that she was leaving, they supported me and helped out where they could. They were surprised at my wife’s actions as I was. They have a daughter who at the time of the call was nearly 19. She was actually 18 with a birthday in 11 days time.

Her name Kelly. I have known her all her life and even nursed her as a baby. She is a beautiful girl with an absolutely stunning body. She is quite a small frame with ample boobs and the most alluring face. I have ogled her since she was a teenager. It was something that I could not help. She turned heads but because she was our friends’ daughter I tried never to show how I enjoyed looking at her and it was just a dream in my mind.

Anyway, when Kelly rang me, she told me that she had moved to the city and was going to university. She told me she did not live far from me and wanted to catch up and maybe have a meal. She shared a flat with 3 others but didn’t really know anyone yet. I was ok with that as I eat out a lot and suggested we meet at a restaurant and I would treat her to a meal. I joked that poor college students need all the help they can get. I had been one once.

The restaurant I picked was quite expensive but the food and service is fantastic. I arranged to meet in the bar attached. I got there first and when she walked in my mouth hit the floor. She was dressed in a very short skirt, wearing tights and tall heels. Her top had a plunging neck line that showed her beautiful and full boobs to their max.

We had one drink and then moved to our table. The meal was good as expected. We talked a lot. In my mind it was like a father and daughter having a meal together. She told me that she was studying Psychology and would specialise to be a Sports Psychologist. She is very fit and has always played lots of sport. I encouraged her and told her how glad I was about what she was doing. She thanked me and told me that she had always enjoyed my company when we met with her parents. I admit I just thought it was young girl talk.

When the meal finished I got a taxi and dropped her home. She asked if she could visit my new apartment. I had told her about it and the view. She told me she would visit the next evening. I thought nothing of it and that’s what she did.

When she arrived she was once again dressed beautifully. She wore skin tight leather pants, a halter top and heels. I offered coffee but she asked if we could have a drink. I showed her the apartment and the balcony view. When I showed her the master bedroom she turned and kissed me full on the lips. I was a bit shocked but she tasted good and I never stopped her. I never responded but I did lick my lips when she broke the kiss. She then said, “Please don’t turn me away but I have loved and wanted you for years. Please make love to me.”

I was totally shocked then. I started to say something and she kissed me again and this time pushed her tongue into my mouth and rubbed my teeth. When my mouth opened her tongue met mine and they licked one another. I started to come to my senses and broke off. I told her that I was more than older to be her father and that her parents where my friends. I also told her I was flatted but I didn’t think it was right. She begged more and told me she knew that I had always had the hots for her mother. She said her mother had told her and that she had wanted me. This was true. We never did anything out of respect of our partner’s but her mother and I did talk about it a number of times. It had been hard to walk away. She too is a beautiful woman.

Kelly continued to ask me to make love to her. Then she slipped her top over her head and stood facing me wearing the very low cut black bra. She took my hand and placed it on one breast. Her body was warm and I could feel her hard nipple under to bra material. I asked her “what will people think?” She said “they don’t need to know and they aren’t here”. Then she said, “Please, I want you”.

It was all too much. I put my arms around her and released her bra. As it fell I bent and licked her nipples, each in turn. They were hard. Her hands dropped to her back where she pushed down her pants zipper. She pushed down her leather pants. She kicked off her heels. All she was wearing was a g string with the tiny thin straps high on her hips. She looked at me and said, “Will you take them off?”

I eased the g string down and at the same time bent my face down close to her pussy. She was absolutely hairless. Her pussy was so neat, just a slit but the lips were glossy with moisture. As I looked up she started to tug my clothes off. Soon I was naked as well. My cock was rock hard and sticking straight out. I am a good size. It’s fair to say bigger than average both in length and girth.

I took her to the bed and lay her back and went between her legs and licked her pussy. She spread her legs wide and writhed as my tongue explored her slit and her clit. It was a hard and enlarged and she purred as my tongue swirled around it. Then she shuddered and bucked as an orgasm hit her. I let her settle and then licked her some more. She came three times before I lifted my head.

I knew I had condoms in the draw beside the bed and moved to get them. When she saw what I was doing she said. “I don’t think we need them. I know you have had the snip and I have never ever had sex with anyone without a condom. I know you are careful. Let’s just do it natural. It’s what I have dreamed of.” I never argued.

I climbed between her legs and put my cock between her pussy lips. I started to enter her. It is an understatement to say that she was tight. I took it slow, I didn’t want to hurt her. I let her adjust to my cock and it went further and further in her. She was wet, very wet from my oral but her pussy gripped like a vice. Once in I started to slowly fuck her gently. It wasn’t long before she came again. Then, again and again. I did well with her vice like grip on my cock to last. I hadn’t cum for about 4 days and that had only been a wank. I exploded deep inside her and kept fucking her until the sensation was so great I had to stop. I think she may have cum again.

I collapsed beside her. She immediately hugged, kissed and cuddled me close. Then her hand explored my wilting, greasy cock. She then slid down and looked at it. She told me that she hadn’t been with many boys but those she had been with had all been uncircumcised. She looked at my cock then licked the purple head of my uncircumcised member. She didn’t mind the taste of my cum and her juice and soon my cock was coming back to life. I let her play with it for a while then asked if she wanted it in her again. I was worried she might be sore. Her answer was, “yes please and I want it a lot more”.

That’s the way it has been. It’s been 4 months. She still has kept her flat but hasn’t stayed there. She lives here with me. I fuck her as much as I am able. She wants me. She even has me fuck her when she has her period, just not on the heavy days. Those days she sucks and wanks me. She has also had me tit fuck her. She wants to do all that.

I have put her on my business payroll and she gets enough to cover her expenses. So, she has no need to do her part time job. She lives here for free and we enjoy each other. We get some stares when we eat out which is often. We no longer act like father and daughter. If someone looks at us, she will lean and kiss me with a real tongue twister. She is not ashamed that people know this old guy is fucking this beautiful girl. She says to me that she is staying and we are a couple. I can’t argue.

I have been very worried about her parents and how they will react. I can only imagine how I would if someone my age and a friend was fucking my daughter. Anyway 3 weeks ago, Kelly visited her parents and came back and said that she has told her mother. She said her mother and she talked and was ok with it. She insisted that she made her mother aware that our getting together was her doing and not mine. That made me feel weak when she said it but really I am so glad it happened that way. Her mother told Kelly not to tell her father as he would never understand. As I said he mother and I had over the years discussed our feelings toward each other but never carried through with them. I also got a text for her mother telling me not to hurt Kelly. I replied that indeed I had deep feelings for Kelly and would do anything for her.

I am also worried how my grown children will react. They are both older than Kelly and in their mid twenties. I couldn’t care less what my ex-wife thinks as she has her lover. Sex with Kelly is ten times better even when I first had my wife. Kelly, even though her pussy had adjusted to my cock size, she remains so firm and tight. Even when she is sopping wet and if we have a second fuck, she feels awesome. Kelly’s appetite for sex is amazing.

I said earlier that Kelly is hairless around her pussy. This makes oral fantastic. So, I took myself off to a hair removal place and had myself waxed. It was very painful the first time but now I go every three weeks and it gets easier. Kelly loves to suck my balls while she wanks my cock and that feels so good.

Kelly wants as much sex as I can give her. I have a doctor friend who has arranged some testosterone treatment which I take regularly and that certainly helps me get hard multiple times a day and every day.

Life is incredible. Kelly is such a beautiful person. Her body is amazing. I have licked every square inch of it. I have reamed her butt hole while I fingered her slit and had her squirt all over my face. She was screaming, her body shaking and then begging me to fuck her. I hope this never ends.