Written by ian3992

22 May 2008

liz and i have been married for 25 years sex has never been great she has never been into anything other than missionary whereas i have been desperate to get into kinky shit for years. but two years ago we went on holiday to majorca and as usual i was teasing her by asking her if she fancied men we were passing on the street and she was playing along jokingly.we passed a night club one afternoon that was advertising male strippers that evening, i jokingly told her i\'d treat her to a night out to see the strippers and to my amazement she agreed to go as long as i go with her ...result!!

she showered and again i was elated to see that she has shaved her pussy she then started dressing

she put on a great push up bra and a really really low cut top (fuck i was feeling horny) and then she put on a really short white pleated skirt &5 inch black stilletoes that she had bought without me knowing.no knickers wow she looked really horny.

so off we went to the club only to find the strippers weren\'t on untill 1 am so we booked into the vip lounge at the club and had a few drinks, there were a few couples there that kept themselves to themselves but i did catch the guys eying my new slut, i was really getting excited.what happened next really shocked me , 4 guys came in they were scousers they were a little pissed as were we by then and they offered to buy us a drink ....what the hell liz said they look fit(fuck i was shocked)

the brought drinks sat with us flirted with liz then i went to the bar queing by now probably 10 mins

when i came back with the tray of drinks liz was sitting on one of the scousers lap with the rest of them around the table . they told me they were just having a laugh but i could see liz pleasuring herself on the guys knee,she pulled me over and whispered \"do you mind, do you want me to go for it or what,it is what you\'ve always wanted right\" i just said too right ,so i sat in the circle and watched.

shit....she unzipped the guy whose lap she had been sitting on tugged out his monster cock she didnt even go down on him she just impailed herself on it the rest of the guys made me join them to hide my slut from the rest of the customers... she was riding him.....while she was engrossed shagging this stranger one of the other scousers a black bloke took out his dark monster which was really long thick and she took it in her mouth ..i was feeling so many different emotions but lust was overriding them all she came several times then she took a load up her smooth cunt and a mouthful of black mans cum they both pulled out and she whispered kiss my mouth, i was so shocked i just did it .. i had another mans come on my face then she forced my head down to her cunt and made me lick her out before taking the other two scousers the same way this time the guys forced me to lick her cunt and face clean ..i had never felt so humiliated yet horny in my life

liz went to the toilet to straighten herself up the lads thanked me for the use of my wife the left the vip room and went into the main room ..liz came back and she was so horny she made me go to the ladies a n fuck her smooth but sloppy cunt this was only the first part of our evening at the cotton club part two was fucking amazing i will post it soon