Written by Samantha

20 Jan 2014

Hi I'm Samantha, I'm a dark haired, married 35 year old girl, with a nice sexy size 12/14 figure and a nice pair of 36 b/c boobs.

I posted a story on here on December 28 the telling everyone about my sex with the guy who owns the garage where me and my husband bought our new car from. My husband Alan was so horny after I shagged Craig and I tease him about it all the time and it always makes him come in record time when I tell him how Craig rammed his hard cock into me in his office and then he filled me with his sperm!

Well, my next adventure started when I went to a well known sports shop that sells sports clothing etc 'Direct' to the public. I went in to buy some gym gear and some running trainers and I was assisted by a girl called Rebecca. Rebecca was in her early twenties and had a great figure and she looked really sexy with her short choppy hairstyle. After she had helped me buy my new gear, it finally clicked to me that Rebecca was possibly gay or bi. She was making lots of lingering eye contact and she touched my arm occasionally and the touch turned to a stroke every now and then! When I was done and I paid I saw Rebecca on my way out and I thanked her for her help and she gave me a big smile and said anytime in a rather flirty manner and then said 'come back if you need to change anything and ask for Rebecca'!!

Anyway off I went home after buying my clothes and trainers and I told Alan about it when we were in bed that night. He simply said to me 'Sam you have to try and fuck her'. I said well I have to take a top back that's a little tight, so I'll ask for her when I go in. We'll that night it was Alan's turn to tease as he fucked me. He was telling me that he reckoned Rebecca would love to kiss me, touch me, stroke me and lick me and I came while he teased me.

We'll I went back into the shop and asked for Rebecca and she came over with her big smile and her sexy boobs jiggling as she walked. She helped me change my top and I also bought some more stuff and I started flirting with her and she responded by stroking my arm again and when I tried a top on over my own top she ran her hand down my back. It was obvious that she was up for it and so when I walked out of the store I stared into her eyes and smiled as I handed her a small piece of paper with my phone number on and the words 'text me' written under my number.

It took about 3 minutes for my phone to beep after I left the shop, the texts went like this,

Hi it's Rebecca

Hi Rebecca it's Samantha how are you x

Hi, I'm good thanks....you? x

Yes good I'm glad you txt me! x

Well why wouldn't I txt a sexy girl after she slipped me her number! Why did you give it to me? x

Because I fancy you like mad and I think you fancy me ?? x

Wow do you really....yes I really fancy you too! x

Mmmm cool, can I be honest.....I'd really like to go to bed with you! x

Oh wow Samantha I'd love to, can we talk ??

Yes x

So she rang me, we chatted and giggled and arranged to meet that night at a pub that is about 5 miles away. I went home and told Alan and he was so horny and wanted to fuck me but despite me being soaking wet and horny as f*ck I said I wanted to save myself for Rebecca so I wanked and sucked him off as we chatted about what might happen later. I had a shower, did my hair and wore a short denim skirt, heels and a slinky top and headed off to the pub giving Alan a kiss.

I met Rebecca and she looked stunning in jeans and boots and she gave me a kiss on my cheek but then straight away she kissed me softly on the lips....it was electric! Well we had a couple of glasses of wine and chatted and Rebecca started to touch my hand and stroke my thigh and I told her I was desperate for her and at that point she asked me to go to her apartment and I said that I'd love to.

I followed her home and she invited me in, her apartment was lovely and almost immediately Rebecca came up behind me, put her arms around me and squeezed my boobs and pulled my hair to one side and began kissing my neck....I melted into her arms. She slid her hands up my top and unclipped my bra, squeezed my bare breasts and gently pinched my nipples before she lifted off my top and removing my bra. I turned around and touched her breasts, they were a similar size to mine but a little firmer but she had no bra on underneath.

I lifted her top and closed my lips around her nipple and sucked it, she sighed deeply and then I felt her hand slide under my skirt and she touched my pussy and I begged her to take me to bed. We went into the bedroom and Rebecca stripped and then took my skirt and knickers off and pulled me into bed.

We kissed and touched and I slipped my finger along her pussy lips and she was soaking just like me. I then pushed my finger into her shaved pussy and she did the same to me. What followed was two hours of amazing sex, we kissed, touched, licked and fucked each other, we used Rebecca's vibrator on each other and she made me come 3 times and I made her come twice. We then kissed and cuddled till nearly midnight until I had to go. I got dressed and kissed Rebecca and told her that I'd love to do it again sometime and she said she'd love to.

I got home and told Alan everything, and he threw me down on the couch, tore my knickers off and fucked me until he spunked up me while I told him everything! We went to bed and fucked again before we drifted off to sleep.

I speak to Rebecca every day and we're going out on Friday night again and I can't wait!!

Hope you like the story.

Samantha xx