Written by sexy slut wife

30 Nov 2011

I am a married lady, totally devoted to my husband, who has had over 250 cocks in her since we married. My husband and I (sounds Royal)have been swingers for over ten years and I am now in my late 50s but as I have a size 10 skirt and 36D tits but often have sex with 30 something men as they seem to like my long blonde hair and shaven pussy. My husband buys my outfits to meet other men and I always wear stockings and carry a small handbag full of condoms supplied by my husband when we attend parties and clubs. We are going to a party in South london on 10th December and I expect to be fucked by several men with my husband also fucking other men or just wanking and watching me having sex with well endowed younger men.

However I have asked my husband to book a flight to Amsterdam and a hotel for a Thursday to Sunday so we can go to one of our favourite clubs with a Dutch couple we have been fucking for about eight years. Like me she loves lots of young men and she recently phoned me to tell me about a special night the club have organised for married sluts. Apparently I have to go to the club dressed for sex i.e. wearing only the clothes i expect to be fucked in - they will send a taxi to uor hotel to pick us up and so apart from leaving th hotel in decent clothing, I have to undress in the taxi so entering the club exactly as I will be all night. I have persuaded my husband to buy me an outfit that is a lightweight top just covering my nipples and the bottom half being a very short seethrough skirt. I wiull take off my coat as soon as I get in the taxi and will sit in the front seat, as the club want me to, so that the taxi driver is allowed to play with me along the route (hope we don't crash). At the club I will enter wearing this outfit and sit at the bar where the drinks for all the willing married women are free. There will be about five or so married women I understand and about 40 chosen men so that each women has at least eight men to satisfy. The women cannot object to any man who wnats her and she cannot object to several men wanting her at the same time. I have had very many trhreesome with men and some foursomes with three men fucking me at the same time but this will be a new experience. I will have no say in who fucks me and my husband cannot fuck me, only the other married sliuts who attend. Our Dutch friends have done this before and said they vtrhought it woueld really appeal to us so we are going to see what it is going to be like.

My friend Marianne says we should go into a playroom with six men and get them all to fuck us while our husbands stay outside the room and watch - my lovely husband says this is fine so I will definately be doing this. Aferwards I will be going to the bar abd hopefully be picked up by some men for further fucking - my friend says the last time she cwent she was fucked solid for two hours and her husband ( who has fucked me a lot over the years)says she had at least 14 men.

I once went to a party in Paris where my husband said he saw at least ten men fuck me during the evening but my friend Marianne said she wants me to have at least twenty men up me before I leave the club and then she wants me to go the following evening to fuck more men. I am up for it and so is my lovely husband so before Xmas I will have at least thirty cocks up my cunt and many of those will spunk in my mouth or (my favuorite) on my tits. After the gangbang evening we have agreed that we will have the taxi take us to the hotel - I have already decided I will sit in the front seat naked and suck off the driver whislt my friend will have sex in the back seat with my husband and her husband and when we get to the hotel I shall sleep with her husband and my lovely husband will sleep with Marianne. Naturally we will fuck a lot during the night and morning, but that is normal between swinger friends, adn the following evening i have agreed with her that I will be going to the swinger club with her husband and she wil lbe going to another swinger club with my husband. The object of the second night is for me to fuck her husband and for him to share me with other single men or couples whislt my husband fucks Marriane with my complete blessing as his loving wife and he shares her with other men. On the sunday morning, after another night sleeping with each others spouse we will compare notes in a foursome in bed togther. My friend loves cocks in her but I intend to have a lot more up me than she gets so that my husband will be proud of his slut wife and when we get home I shall sit on top of him with his cock up me telling him how much I love him and how much I have loved the young cocks he has let me enjoy.

Well I am looking forward to 10th December and if you are in South London at a house party it maybe me you are fucking as I am going to the party intending to have at least 6 cocks up my pussy.