Written by chris

2 Feb 2007

This happened last summer when, because of the heat, my normally reserved wife Vicky, whose 46 and a size 12 with a 38 inch bust wore less and less clothes. One Sunday we decided to go out to a country pub for a meal and then on to a park that we knew. When we were getting ready I jokingly said to her that as I was just going to wear shorts and a T-shirt she should be daring and put on hardly any clothes. I got the car out from the garage and Vicky jumped in wearing a T-shirt with no bra (I could see her nipples sticking out) and a loose fitting skirt which went down to her knees. I drove to the pub which was near Bethersden in Kent not far from where we live. We sat in the garden of the pub, I orded our meals and took the drinks out sat down and Vic said that it was just as well that she had hardly anything on as it was so hot. With that she fanned her legs by lifting up her skirt and flapping it to reveal to me that she didn't have any knickers on! Well the shock, my wife is usually so reserved and stade she wouldn't go topless on a topless beach. She sat opposite me with her skirt up to her mid thighs the whole meal swinging her legs open and closed slowly so that I kept getting a glimpes of her blond haired cunt.

I drove to the park at Charing fingering her cunt on the way, she was very wet, and as I helped her, by opening the car door, I was rewarded with a long look at her very wet and open vagina as she slowly stepped from the car. We walked round the small park and stopped to sit under a tree where she sat with her knees up so that I had a good look at her naked moist cunt.

We sat there a while but we wanted to go home to fuck and just as we were about to leave a guy walked across the park with his dog, as he walked towards us I whispered to Vicky 'make his day and give him a flash'. She looked at me in shock but I said to her you dont know him and you'll never see him again so what have you to lose and besides you might enjoy it, I know he will. The guy who was about 50, was getting closer his dog had run past us and he was no more than 6 feet from us when Vicky stood up, but as she done so she leaned back on her hands opened her legs and pushed her self up, in doing so she exposed her blond haired wet cunt to him.

The look on his face was magic he smiled at me as I walked past and he watched us as we quickly moved away, but the thought that he knew what I did that she wasn't wearing any knickers and that he had had a good look at my wife's cunt was a real turn on for us both. We couldn't wait to get home and I stopped in a clearing in some woods and we fucked. I hope this summer will be as hot. See you in the park.