Written by ColinJames24

8 Aug 2011

About 6 years ago I worked in a pub. It was a good place to meet girls and have a laugh. I was living with my Mum at the time and she used to go out regularly with her friend called Anne. For a woman in her 50’s Anne was stunning. Short blonde hair, fantastic arse and tits which had led to many a wank in my younger days.

One night both my mum and Anne stopped off in the pub where I was working for a drink before they headed off down town for the night. Anne was wearing a tight red jumper, black skirt and some very sexy knee length boots. I sat with them for a while for a chat whilst on my break, made a few flirty comments to Anne when my Mum wasn’t around before going back to work. At 2am we had finally got closed up and shut down and I headed home.

When I got home I realised my Mum had already got back, the bottles and ash trays in the living room suggested she was not alone. This was not unusual. Anne asleep on the couch, however, was unusual.

I tried to tidy up quickly and quietly not wanting to wake Anne but just as I was finishing she woke up. She was surprised to find herself on the couch and admitted she had probably drunk too much. She was worried about going home in the state she was in as her husband isn’t keen on drinking.

As I finished off tidying up, Anne sat down and had a cig and drink of water to sober up. We were chatting and as usual it turned flirty. She was telling me I couldn’t handle a mature woman while I laughed and told her not to be so desperate for me. As I was tidying up I felt her come stand behind me, and place her glass on the side. I turned around and faced her. Without thinking I put my hands on her waist and pulled her towards me. As we kissed I ran my hands down over her skirt, cupping her arse, it was as firm as I thought and her tits pushing against me had me hard instantly.

We pulled apart and without a word we began to undress, when we were naked she pulled me down on to the kitchen floor, me on top of her. I kissed and sucked her nipples feeling them harden.

“Fuck me” she begged. I wanted to but knew that I would only last seconds so instead I kissed down her body until I got to her hot pussy.

I spread her lips and began to lick up and down her hole, tasting her juices and running my tongue over her clit. After a few minutes of sucking and licking I felt her tense up. She pulled my head hard on to her pussy and came around my tongue, clamping her thighs either side of my head.

I stood up and rubbed my hard cock up and down her pussy before pushing deep inside of her. I began to fuck her slowly, concentrating on not coming but she told me to fuck her harder, to pound her pussy. I pulled out and told her to get on her hands and knees and slid back inside of her from behind. I fucked her hard, pushing my cock deep into her before pulling out and thrusting back in. I could hear her groaning as I fucked her, her big tits slapping together as she took my thrusts.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her back on to my cock as I erupted inside of her, shooting three big spurts in her pussy making her moan as I filled her.

I fucked her regularly after this and she taught me a lot. Every young guy needs a mature woman to teach them some tricks.