Written by Andrea

5 May 2017

my only sexual experience with a man was when I was 20 he was late 40's and my boss I'd never thought of him that way he had a girlfriend who I got on with, one night while she was away after the bar had closed we went back to his drinking I'd had enough and got in his bed he was going to stay on sofa, I'd put his tshirt on and had my knickers on just as I was nodding off he came in I ignored him, he started to put his hand under my shirt groping my breasts I was a little shocked but I enjoy my boobs being touched so I let him, I was enjoying it that much I rolled to face him stroking his face I guided his mouth to my chest as he licked and sucked them his breathing got heavier I ran my fingers through his hair and told him how much I was enjoying it, he then moved down my stomach and kissing my thighs I wanted him to taste me as he pulled my knickers self consciousness kicked in I'd not shaved for a few days so I stopped him he begged e but I just couldn't I pulled him back up and told him "maybe next time"

He spooned me as I tried to nod off, he pulled the back of my knickers down I responded by pulling them down to my knees and I felt his dick rubbing up and down my clit I was very turned on, he kept teasing me with it putting the tip in and out and down my clit again I couldn't take anymore I pushed my bum right into him and let out a noise I'd never heard before so I knew he was inside me but I don't know how deep he touched my boons as we slowly moved back and forward, my stupid head let me down again I began to feel guilty as we were in the bed he shares with his long term girl friend who I like ? I asked him if he had a condom on he said no so I put a stop to it again, as he pulled out my vagina went warm as the juice dropped down my bum it didn't last long and non of us came, we never kissed throughout it all he finished himself off and I did the same while he sucked on my breast again, I think about this encounter all the time I wish I'd have gone the whole way.

had another experience which also turns me on when I think about it, I e never told anyone before as I think most people would find it disgusting, around the same time as the last one I worked in a spar in the day also, it was taken over by an Asian man and his brother he wasn't much older than me he was very clean cut and religious he wore the traditional Pakistani clothing and hardly spoke any English he was very clean had the whitest teeth and didn't smoke or drink he was married he had a little moustache he wasn't ugly but I wasn't attracted to him whatsoever, he was very stern and never smiled his brother was the opposite, anyway it started with him "accidentally" brushing past my breast as time went on he got braver and just touched it (over my top) then came a little squeeze it got more often the more he realised i didnt try and stop him, it only lasted a few seconds as the people were always in and out, eventually he progressed to going under my top over my bra i admit i enjoyed the groping i know i shouldnt but you like what you like! still had no desire for him at all, one day in the stock room he got braver and put his hand inside my bra he always did it from behind only ever with his right hand, he never said a word and neither did i i just carried on what i was doing while he touched me, after a while i decided id stop wearing a bra to work to make it easier, i had a polo tshirt on at work so no one would notice, the 1st time he did while i was braless there was no reaction from him he just fondled them a little bit longer, whenever it was a religious festival like Ramadan he never touched me at all i just to count the days til it was over i know it sounds strange as i didnt get much from it but it turned me on, when his brother wasnt there id have to do the phone call ordering as he couldnt speak english id go in the back office to do this thats when the next step came, he'd come with me when the cashier was covered he'd sit on the big chair and i was to sit on his knee on the phone ordering while he played with my boobs one occasion i took one arm out of my shirt i wanted him to look at them he did with no expression i wanted him to suck them he never did he'd just make a point in his tongue and softly lick my nipple until it went hard we'd then switch knees and hed do the other one this routine went on for months, i never felt his dick i dont even know if i made him hard! it was only my tits he was interested in! another memorable day was winter he'd been unloading the van he was cold i was in fhe back he came in hand under my top he was freezing my nipple hardened immediately i knew he liked this as for the 1st time he used his other hand to harden the other one he was playing with my nipples when suddenly his hand moved down my stomach and his finger slid along the rim of my knickers i put my arm up to find his head and stroked his Hair to let him know I was ok with it, he pushed his hand in my knickers he stayed at the top stroking my shaved hair, I wanted him to go lower and play around in my knickers I wanted him to feel how wet he made me, I was ready to open my legs for him and he stopped I don't know if he got scared or worried I'd freak out but I wouldn't have stopped him going further, I had to finish myself off in the toilet