Written by big_alf_1

1 Dec 2010

I've known from an early age that i love to wear sexy undies but that was as far as it went. As a teenager i used to put on some stockings, suspenders and panties in my room and have a wank whilst reading porn mags etc.

When i was 21 yrs old i was living with a girl but things were not going too well. When she was at work i used to wear her sexy undies and again just wank. One day she came home early, i was in the bedroom in her sexy undies and just had time to put my joggers and t-shirt on over the top with my trainers on my feet. As usual she was in a mood and we had yet another row. I ended up telling her i was going out and left in the car. I didnt know where to go and just drove around for a while and ended up pulling into a local picnic area a few miles from home.

After i'd calmed down i realised i was still wearing her undies which were, black stockings and suspender belt and a lacy teddy. I had never worn undies out of the house and it made me horny to be in that situation. I pushed my joggers down to my ankles and was rubbing my stiff cock through the teddy when a car pulled in and parked beside me.

I was taken by surprise and didnt have time to pull my joggers back up so just sat there acting normal. The guy in the car kept looking over at me, he must have been in his 40s. He smiled a couple of time but i just looked away as i'd never had any gay or bi feelings and didnt know what was what.

He got out of his car and walked as if he was going to the toilets but changed direction and ended up right beside my side of the car looking down at me sitting there with all on display. I didnt know what to do, he had already seen me so there was no point trying to cover up.

He tapped on the window and motioned for me to open it, i was paniking now but wound the window down. He said " You look really sexy in those undies".

"Thanks". I said.

"Why dont you come into the woods with me so i can have a better look at you?". he said.

I was scared but excited at the same time and being nieve i didnt know what was going to happen but heard myself saying, "Yes, ok".

He walked off towards the woods, i pulled up my joggers, got out of the car and followed him. He disappeared through the bushes and as i followed i found him in a small clearing just inside the woods out of view.

He told me to strip down to my undies. I was still very scared but did as he said. As i stood in front of him now in just my stockings, suspenders and teddy he came up close to me and started touching me. He pinched my nipples making them stiff, then ran his hands down my body, over my hard cock, down my stockinged legs then back up to my lace covered cock.

He undone his trousers and got his big hard cock out, it wasnt very thick but was about 8 inches long. He told me to get on my knees. Without a word i dropped to my knees, he stood right in front of me holding his cock to my mouth and told me to suck it. I'd never done anything like this before and although i was still scared i was also very horny so i opened my mouth and he just pushed his cock in. He wasnt gentle, he held my head and started thrusting his long hard cock in and out of my mouth, going deeper and deeper with each thrust. I started to gag but this just seemed to turn him on even more. I could feel his cock sliding in and out of my throat, there was spit running out the sides of my mouth and my eyes were watering. I tried to pull away but he cripped my head and just kept fucking my mouth.

I was now very scared as i didnt know what was going to happen to me. At last he released his crip on me and pushed me away. I fell to the side and he pulled me up onto my hands and knees. He handed me a small bottle ( i now know it was poppers) and told me to have a good long sniff as it would make me feel good. I took the bottle and did as he said, having a long sniff. He was right too, i had a warm tingling feeling right through my body. It was like entering a different world where nothing mattered and every thing felt good.

He was then behind me, pulling the poppers on the crotch of my teddy, then spreading my arse cheeks and started to rim my tight virgin arsehole. Now this i liked and was getting horny again, not so scared now cos of the effect of the poppers.

As he rimmed my arse he reached for my throbbing cock and wanked me as his tongue poked up my arsehole, making my hole wet with his saliva. I felt something else at my arse and he pushed a finger into my tight wet hole. I tensed up, fear setting in again. He told me to keep sniffing from the bottle so i did and found myself relaxing again as the warm tingling feeling returned. He was spitting on my arse and then pushed another finger up me and finger fucked my arsehole. Each time the poppers started to wear off i took another big sniff. He managed to get 3 fingers up my virgin arse as i was so relaxed, he was really ramming them in and out of me and now and then reaching for my cock and giving it a tug. I was feeling so sexed up that i was getting close to coming and told him so. He told me to take another big sniff, as i was doing so he pulled his fingers from my arse and started to rub his hard cock up and down my arse crack, spitting on it to lube it up and then pushed it against my tight wet hole. I kept sniffing the poppers as his cock slid into my arse, he pushed in and out a few times untill i felt his balls resting against mine and his pubes tickling my bum. I took 1 more big sniff of poppers then he grabbed my hips and started to fuck me hard and fast, stopping now and then as he was now close to coming.

He fucked me for what must of been 10-15 minutes, then he slowed right down, reached for my cock and as he slid in and out of me hard but slow he wanked my cock hard and fast till i shot my hot creamy spunk all over his hand and the floor. He then let go of my cock, grabbed my hips again and really pounded my arsehole for all he was worth, then with a grunt and a hard thrust deep inside me he shot his load right up my now fucked arsehole.

He pulled out, done his trousers up, took his bottle of poppers and just walked away leaving me there on my hands and knees, stocking and suspenders on, teddy pushed up my back and spunk dripping out of my no longer virgin arsehole, running down my thighs soaking my stocking tops! I was in shock as i couldny believe what had just happened to me. I cleaned myself up and went back to the car and went home. i thought long and hard about what i had done, part of me was disgusted but part of me was really turned on.

It was 3 days later i started to get the urge to return there and see if i could get more of the same. Again i wore stockings, suspenders and a pair of the girlfriends lacy panties. I ended up on a hill in the woods with a guy, i sucked his cock and then bent over and he fucked my arse, this time with a condom. As he was fucking me we could see a path through the woods down below us at the bottom of the hill. He was fucking me nice and slow when i noticed a woman walking her dog on the pathway. I hoped she wouldnt see us but she looked up and saw me bent over in my sexy undies, panties round my knees and this guy fucking me up the arse. She looked straight in my eyes and smiled!

But thats another story. If you liked this one and want to hear what happened next let me know. Also anyone that wants some fun check out my ad, profile and pics and mail me. I want to meet bi couples, females and bi males. I prefer older (40 to 60) but will cinsider younger couples and females.

Thanks for reading my story, hope you enjoyed it as much as i did. Big Alf x