Written by Caroline

1 Oct 2019

I was a well educated girl from a good background. My mother used to say, over and over, a lady keeps her knees together and her knickers on. No surprise then that I was still a virgin when I went off to university. Even then I did not go wild like some of my friends, I found a suitable boyfriend and only after a decent period of courting did I let him end my virginity. But once I had discovered the pleasures of sex, my imagination was drawn to men that my mother would absolutely not approve of. Namely, black guys, especially sportsmen. Every now and again I would let myself be chatted up by someone who fitted the bill, and have sex. I did not mind if it was somewhere private or somewhere public, behind a tree , in a car, or at his place. I was turned on by the badness . If I wanted nice, clean, loving sex , I had a nice white boyfriend for that. When I wanted to be a slut, for my own pleasure, I wanted dirty sex with a black hunk whose name was of no importance.

After getting my degree I decided to go abroad for a year, without my boyfriend who, I had decided, was not going to play any part in my future. I was lucky enough to be offered a twelve month contract with a company in the south of France. Accommodation arranged, a decent salary , everything perfect.

I quickly realised that the French do not have the same attitude towards sex as do the Brits. They are not concerned if their politicians have love affairs and illegitimate children. Sex is part of life, not something to be ashamed of. I also discovered that on the internet there are dating sites for people looking for casual sex, and the monthly fee is very low. I was only going to be there for one year, so a long term relationship was not suitable. But this could be an ideal opportunity for me to indulge my desire for black sportsmen. So I created a profile, describing myself as asize 14 , large busted white girl looking for very fit, sporty black guys.

At work, I became very good friends with Pierre, a really nice white guy, my age, good looking, but gay. He was polite and funny, easy to talk to , unshockable. We exchanged secrets , he loved to hear about my bedroom activity .

One day, on the web site, I received a message that had me in a fluster. It said " we are three black guys, members of the same football team. To celebrate my birthday we want to find a gorgeous white girl for us all the share. We want to have her all at once, front, rear and oral, and we all want to take a turn in each. We do not do alcohol or drugs, but we will provide her with champagne if she wants. And pay her taxi. If you are interested, please reply. '" The photos of the three guys were there , nice face pics. They were hunks. I replied ' I need time to think about it ' .

I told Pierre about the message, and how horny it had made me feel. He asked if I was going to do it, so I explained that I was unsure as I had never had anal sex. let alone double penetration. Him being gay I naturally assumed he knew all about anal sex , so asked what it was like. The conversation got so naughty I asked if he would initiate me , and he did. he was very gentle, got me well lubed, then opened me up with one finger , before gradually, slowly, using his cock. It was uncomfortable at first, but as O relaxed I got very aroused. He said I should rub my clit while he fucked my arse, and pretty soon I was thoroughly enjoying myself. In fact I was so turned on I made him fuck me again, and in my pussy. You might say I converted him to bi-sexual .

With my newly acquired knowledge of anal sex I sent my reply to the invitation. I said I would be their party girl, but with conditions. I wanted each of them to lick me to orgasm before we got down to the fucking, and that after they had completed the 3 by 3 , they had to give me whatever I asked for.

In person they were better than in the photo. We were all well up for what was going to happen. Their hands were all over me, undressing me, while I was eagerly getting their cocks out . The mere sight of a hard black cock gets me ozzing. They laid me on the bed, two of them kissing me and sucking my nipples while the other went down and licked my pussy. I came quickly and strongly. The second guy went down , different tongue different licks. He had me cumming again before I knew what was happening. Then the third guy want down. He lifted my legs and started rimming my arse while playing my clit with his thumb. It was wonderful , got me wanting to feel a cock in my arse . Then he moved his tongue onto my clit and brought me to a shuddering orgasm.

I told them to fuck me . I sat on the first, the second stood beside me so I could suck his cock, and the third one put lube in my arse then pushed himself in. It was pain and pleasure mixed , dirty slutty sex that had me so aroused I was cumming over and over. The guys must have been as turned on as me, as they all started pumping spunk in me. I do not usually let a guy cum in my mouth, but this time I lapped it up.

It was time for a break , a welcome glass of champagne for me , some kissing and chatting. I started to play with their cocks and soon there were three nice erctions ready for me. New condoms were fitted, then we resumed our activities. By now my arse was so open and used to being fucked, there was no discomfort as a cock pushed in. The guys lasted longer this time, but I was in multiple orgasm mode by now. I wanted as much as they could give me. The first to cum was the cock in my arse, and I deliberately squeezed on it as I felt it pumping. I sped up on the one in my mouth and was rewarded by a spurt of warm cum. Those two guys moved away, leaving me free to concentrate on the guy underneath me. It was me fucking him to orgasm.

Another break, more champagne, more playing. I was on a sexual high, eager to be fucked again. Pretty soon they were ready and my three handsome black cocks were using me again. I was too ecxhausted to do anything but let them fuck me . Then my randiness took over and gave me energy I did not know I had. I was orallattacking the cock in my mouth, like a mad woman. He shot his load down my throat and I went back for more. I tried to squeeze both cocks at once and imagined I was draw the cum out of them It worked , I could feel them both pumping inside me.

That was it, done. The 3 x 3 they had wanted had been given. Now it was my turn. More champagne. One at a time I made them lick my pussy , and then fuck me missionary position.

I had had my fill, and more. The party was over. I went home, had a shower and slept soundly. The next day I removed my profile from the website and became a nice lady with a dark secret. Only Pierre knew about the other me. At the end of my contract I went back to England, settled down , married, became a mother. My husband , who happens to be the very same Pierre, is all I need , at least for now !