Written by sarahlewis

9 May 2014

Thanks for all for your comments. sorry I couldn't finish telling you the end of the story but had to get my head around what I had just done. As those of you who followed my story I was invited to my husbands boss's home for the weekend with him and his wife. I knew that I would end up in bed with Phil and possibly his wife Julie but had no idea they would invite friends Viktor who hardly spoke English and his girlfriend Sam. When I left the first part of the weekends events Phil had fucked me and almost insisted that I let Viktor shag me as well. I lay on my back on the floor in my red negligee, Viktor was completely naked, his fat and long cock was resting on my stomach when he reached down squeezed my breasts and then with both hands ripped open my negligee. Viktor is a muscular bald headed thug of a man who is used to getting his own way, he has tatoo's from his bald head to his arms and massive chest. He was soaking from sweat after having both his skinny flat chested girlfriend and Julie, Phil's wife and now he wanted me. In his broken English he put his face up to mine and said 'now I fuck you good'. I could have said no but I just lay there as he kissed me sucking my tong until it was deep in his mouth. His hand explored my pussy, his fingers and then most of his hand went inside me and then he started sucking my nipples that had become so hard they almost hurt. Then he rested on me and slid his cock down my stomach until he was nudging at my pussy. And with one move he slid into me. I know I always though of what I had done with Phil as being erotic but this was something else. He slipped in and out of me his long and wide shaft thrusting into me. I looked around the room and Phil, Julie and Sam where just watching us. Vickor picked my legs up until they where around his neck and to put it bluntly he just fucked me. I remember hearing his grunting and my half groan half screaming. The man just kept going, with everyone watching he picked me up (literally) lay on his back and impaled me on his shaft. I'm not ashamed to tell you that I rode that man like no other, he was so rough with me, grabbing the back of my head and bringing it down so he could ram his tongue in my mouth, grasping and squeezing my breasts. I ended up bent over the settee with Viktor grunting and I can only describe it as him slamming himself into me. Eventually I felt him cum and despite the fact that he had fucked twice already he filled me with his cum. My orgasm was so strong, when he let go of me and slipped himself out I just fell to the floor. Viktor picked me up, carried me back to where we had started and gave me to Sam. I was so exhausted I just lay there and let this pretty, skinny flat chested girl eat my pussy, drinking Viktor and Phil's cum sharing me with Julie. They both lapped up what had spread over me whilst sucking my breasts. And to finish took it in turns to grind their pussy's into mine. It was so fucking erotic but I couldn't move I just lay there touching myself until Sam screamed as she came and Julie just gave a massive groan and collapsed next to me. The rest of the evening was spent just sitting and talking until I realised I was so sticky I just had to shower. I have asked my husband to change his job becouse I have made a promise to myself that I will never fuck Phil or hos friend again. I have a big apatite for sex but need to just have one on one or more gentle fun with couples. But maybe that's in the near future. I have been e-mailing some couples and hope that will come to something but what I did last weekend was by over the top.