Written by sexdriver

9 Feb 2012

I run a driving school business and it s lovely perks. I'm currently shagging 5 ladies of all ages from 19 to 45. I am single, 32, 5ft 9, well built and enjoying multiple shagging multiple pussies. The best time is in the summer, when the skirts become shorter, t shirts are when exposing their lovely tits and nipples. Most are bored wives of well paid husbands were are craving for some fun.

The best shag is a 45 year wive of a merchant banker. She has been my client and my shag for 8 months. It all started when, she started to wear really short skirts in the summer. She is blonde, 5ft 6, very firm legs and a lovely pair of 34d breasts. During our conversations she kept of complaining of boredom and lack of sex as her husband is always working late and too tired.

We were practicing reverse parking and while turning around, her legs were even more exposed upto her inner thighs. I was helping her to turn the wheel quickly and felt her lovely long hands onto mine. We eventually manged to park in between two cars. Been happy she hugged me, which led to a nice snog. My hands instantly were stroking her smooth legs. She parted them further apart to expose her wet thong, which led my finger in her pussy. She was breathing heavy and snogging me deep. Her hand started to wank my hard cock.

She asked me not to stop fingering and her pussy became even more wet. I heard he moan with pleasure leading to a soft scream while her juices ran on my finger.

We snogged for a bit and i directed her to a quiet industrial. We both wanted to fuck and climbed in the back. She rolled my jeans down, sat on my hard cock and began to ride me. I was squeezing her nipples and snogging while she rode me like a dirty slut. It was not long till i felt my precum and asked to go quicker leading to a nice climax. She continued till she came again. This time with a very loud scream .

She confessed , she had not been fucked for weeks. It was nearly time and we snogged for a while till i moved on to the next appointment. Now we have 2 lessons per week, and fuck and least 4/5 times.

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