Written by hornyhelen_1_1

27 Jan 2011

I go to my local gym 3 or 4 times a week and was there yesterday. I thought it was going to be the usual routine, whilst watching all the goodlooking and otherwise guys working out. Did the treadmills and weights first, got up a real sweat and then went for a shower before havig a swim. After the swim I always go into the sauna and yestreday was no exception. I'ts always relatively quite when I go and there was no one else in the pool. I took of my swimmer and put a towel round me and lay down to soak up the heat. After about 5 mins a guy came in, said hy and sat down opposite me. I noticed him looking over and clicked that because I had one leg raised he could see my glistening pussy. I thought, he's seen it now, just leave it. We chatted for a while, just small talk and then he said he was going for a shower. When he came back in, he said to me that since I had taken off my swimmer it was only fair that he should do the same. He had a semi hard on that was lovely. He put the towel round his waist and sat down again, in such a way that I had a good view of his cock. I've never been in a situation like this before and was perhaps regretting not leaving my swimmer on. Conversation continued and became quite suggestive. I said that the heat was good for me because I suffered from sore back. At this he said that he would give me a massage and told me to role over onto my stomach, which I did without hesitation. Off came the towel and he started to massage my back. At some stage during the massage his towel fell off and his now rock hard cock was rubbing against my hand. I suffered it for a while and then took it in my hand and started to massage it. He told me to turn over, I obeyed immediately and his hands were massaging my neck and shoulders, moving down slowly onto my boobs. I was now up for it and grabbed his cock and started to wank it. He seperated my legs and got on top of me, thrusting his manhood into me. It brought tears to my eyes, even though I was a wet as anything. I came withing minutes and came again before he eventually let go of his load. I've never done anything like this before, as my friends will tell you, but would certainly be tempted to do it again, if the opportunity arose.