Written by Rachel

7 Mar 2016

We arrived back at Alfs house and he gave me a quick guided tour of the house. He said this is important to me please do as I say as this is a monthly thing & it's my turn to host. I know you enjoy sex so you will be well looked after.

He showed me the kitchen and said we need a bit food made for our break. First you need to put your new outfit on. So I stripped of & put on the knickers & maids outfit. Not quite right here said & grabbed my breasts & almost pulled them out of my top. He showed me what food to prepare & said when I call you then bring bring in 6 beers on a tray. I heard people start arriving & laughing and chatting asking Alf what he had lined up to which he replied wait & see

Eventually Alf called me in, I carried the tray in to a reception of very nice and a couple of whistles. I handed the beers out & returned to the kitchen. After the 4th time of being summoned Alf made be stand by him & lean over the table to hand out the drinks. As I leant over my skirt rode up giving Alf and his friend about view of my backside & my breasts fell out of my top exposing, them to all. A loud cheer went up and Alf grabbed my bum. I pulled my top back up and Alf said next time you i call you it don't want to feel your knickers. I went back to the kitchen and removed them waiting for my next call.

When summoned I went to Alf first and he lifted up my skirt & said that looks better. Now go get the food.

I returned with a tray in each hand & offered it around. My bum was getting groped & then Alf pulled my top down so my breasts were also getting groped. When they all had their food Alf said you might as well lose that outfit now while I explain the rules. I stepped out of my outfit to hear Alf say the first 10 games won wins a blow job & the next 10 what you want. I looked at the men who ranged from about 35 to 60. Most were about average build but one was over weight is would say around 20 stone. The first game lasted about 10 minutes then the oldest of them all got up took my hand and led me to the bedroom. He dropped his trousers and said go for it love we only have about 5 minutes. I dropped to my knees & started sucking him. He was quite impressive at about 8". He was about ready to cum when another one walked in saying my turn. I had most of them & some twice, only 3 of them came which had my chest covered in spunk. The 10th winner was the big man he just barged in saying get out of the way this slut is mine.

Although my jaw was aching a bit I had so far enjoyed the experience. The big man said hope you're ready for Alan cos here is am. His trousers were down here lifted his belly with one hand and the other he grabbed my hair & forced his cock in my mouth. He was pushing my head back & forth as he fucked my mouth. Luckily his cock was not that big so I could take it in my mouth quite comfortably. After a few minutes he started grunting &his cock started twitching so I knew he was going to cum. As he had my hair i could not pull away he pushed his cock right in my mouth and shot spurt after spurt down my throat making me gag. He pulled out and said not bad but he couldn't wait for round 2.

Now you're needed downstairs. I went to the bathroom washed my mouth out & cleaned the spunk off my chest. I went downstairs & Alf said time for the shorts. Feeling a bit exposed as I was naked I poured out the drinks as requested & got myself a large vodka. Part of what was to come in was looking forward to but not Alan, I actually felt a bit violated as to how he treat me.

Alf said right here are the rules. We play 10 games as before this time do what you want but no cumming inside & no anal.