Written by 7inchuk

24 Nov 2008

During the summer a 28 year old man from Nigeria appeared. Staying in the town for a week on business. I kid you not this guy was as black as a winters night. On a couple of occasions I popped to my local and this guy was sitting there. Pub virtually empty I befriended him as he sat there every night on his own. Having a conversation with this man was very difficult his English was very poor. We began to understand each other a little easier and have a laugh and a joke. He was actually a really nice guy. His name was Bem about 6ft medium build.

cut a long story short I again went to the pub on the Thursday and again he sat there. I joined him and he explained to me that tonight was his last night and tomorrow he would be heading to London to catch a flight home. The conversation progressed and I asked him if he had had a nice time. He explained he had enjoyed his short stay, had enjoyed meeting me and said how he would have liked an English woman laughing. I laughed with him and we continued to drink until closing time. By this time as you can imagine we had had affair amount to drink. We continued to talk and to this day I don’t know why I did but I said “if you want an English girl I can help you out” “what” was the answer I got back. “I know of a very sexy English girl that you could have” I said.” But I have no time, I have to go tomorrow “. Said Bem, I replied with “We can go now”. “Now” said Bem “If you are sure let’s go” he continued. “Drink up then, “I’m off to the toilets I`ll see you in a minuet”

Standing there having a piss it suddenly dawned on me what I had done. I couldn’t let him down now what was I going to do, how am I going to play this. Pulling my mobile from my pocket I phoned my wife. Small talking away I told her I had a surprise for her, “oh.... what..... Tell me” she said.

“How would you like me to bring home someone for you” I asked her. After a silent pause “Who” she asked. “That’s the surprise” I said”. Let’s just say he’s dark and mysterious and I can bring him home now”. A further pause followed by “that sounds intriguing, how can I say no”. With that we finished our conversation and I rejoined Bem who was waiting by the door for me. “Come on then” I said as we left the pub and walked back to my home.” Where are we going” he asked.” To my house” I replied. “You have women at your house” Bem asked “just one” I said laughing.

As we arrived home I opened the door and beckoned Bem in. We walked through to the kitchen just as my wife was leaving the living room. Having recently showered she stood there in her skimpy little blue dressing gown that just about hid her modesty. I have to say she looked and smelt a million dollars. Her eyes widened at the sight of Bem and she looked at me with her jaw open. “Hi” I said “this is Bem”. “Oh, Hi Bem” she said swiftly moving past us “I`ll be down in a minuet” looking at me she passed us and headed up the stairs. Bem and I continued to the kitchen and he looked directly at me “Is that” he said as I nodded. “You mean” he continued “Yep” I interrupted him. “Wow she is beautiful” he stated. Then my wife called out “Have you got a minuet”. I showed Bem to the living room telling him to make himself comfortable and went up stairs to see my wife. As I entered the bedroom she sat on the edge of the bed looked directly at me with a huge sexy smile. I know that smile.

“Crikey were did you find him she said” all big eyed. “Have I screwed up” I said. “Screwed up, no way she said “he’s gorgeous”. “God he’s fit, He’s really black though. I mean really black”. “Well I did say he was dark and mysterious” I said. She chuckled and said “you’re not wrong”. My wife had had black guys before but no one as dark as this. Go and pour me a wine I`ll be down in a minuet. With that I left and collected a bottle of wine taking it into the living room. I poured some wine for us all and my wife entered the room grabbed the wine and sat directly opposite Bem. He never moved his eyes from her as we chatted and I introduced them to each other, explaining to my wife where Bem was from and how we had met etc. Bem constantly stared at my wife’s revealing flesh as she looked at me biting her lip how she does with that sexy little smile, all big eyed. I nodded at her and she understood. Lowering her glass to the floor she rearranged herself making it look completely innocent as she moved her feet up underneath her bottom riding up her dressing gown and moved her collar to reveal a small curve to her left breast. Her dressing gown had moved up to reveal the lower part of her bottom cheeks whilst her feet hid her modesty.

Bems eyes widened to the point they almost burst and he looked at her with a big smile. My wife looked at me smiling and couldn’t help but let out a giggle. “I think your going to have to make the first move” I said smiling at her. “OK” she said as she stood up and moved over to Bem. Holding her hand out to him she said “follow me” looking into his eyes biting her lip and he stood up as she led him out of the living room and up the stairs. “Come on you” she said to me and I followed them up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Putting the main light on as we entered the room the room illuminated and I wandered to my chair and sat down. My wife stood in front of me with Bem directly behind her and looking straight at me she smiled again biting her lip. I stood up in front of her and undid her belt and removed her dressing gown from her shoulders I let it slip from her body to the floor in a heap. Bems eyes were fixed on her naked back and her perfect tight bottom. He was smiling from ear to ear as I looked at him and swung my wife around to reveal her front to him. My wife looked at him still biting her lip and his eyes burned into her. “What do you think Bem” I said. Without lifting his eyes from my naked wife he replied saying something in his native language with a big smile. I sat down in my chair and said “Bem she’s all yours”.

My wife giggled and climbed on to the bed watched by Bem as she did so. She rolled over and lay on her back. His eyes moved over her body as she turned her head to me and put a finger in her mouth smiling away. She raised her knees up putting the flats of her feet on the bed and opened her legs enabling Bem to see all of her tight, silky, smooth, bold open pussy in all its glory. Still looking at me with fingertip in mouth smiling she moved her other hand over her chest, over her nipples down her belly to her bold pubic bone. He followed her hand with his eyes watching as my wife began to rub between her legs opening her pussy lips as she did so. Bem suddenly burst into life and my wife turned to him as she moved her other hand to her tiny breasts having both hands feeling her. She began to whimper as she watched Bem discard his shirt revealing his dark hairy muscular chest “Oh wow” she said looking at his muscular body. This guy had muscles I can only dream of. Big thick chest, six pack and big shoulder muscles.

My wife glanced at me and mouthed the words “oh my god” as he continued to strip out of his cloths. She turned to him again as he kicked off his shoes and socks undone his trousers and let them fall to the floor. He pulled down his briefs and climbed on the bed. My wife instantly stopped what she was doing and jumped up.” Jesus Christ” she said. “No way” with a nervous chuckle looking directly at his cock. Bem just laughed as he held his monster with his hand. I kid you not this was the biggest cock my wife and I have ever seen to this day. He lay there floppy and this monster was as big as Richard or Jim when they had a hard on. This guy wasn’t even hard. He must have been 8 inches soft and as thick as a cucumber.

“What am I supposed to do with that my wife said?” “It’s huge” she continued. I didn’t know where to look or what to do. Bem just laughed and said “oh come on” as he grabbed her hand and placed it on his cock. She looked at his eyes and said “no promises” “we`ll have to see” and laughed as she looked over to me. She relaxed and began to go with the flow as she sat cross legged on the bed and put both hands on his cock neither of them fitting round his floppy shaft. She moved to kneel on the bed and he grabbed her leg lifting it over his face so her bottom and pussy were directly above his face. She placed the end of his cock in her mouth only getting the helmet in. Supported herself with one hand on the bed and her other holding his cock. As she did so Bem began to lick her pussy and bottom pushing his tongue round her pussy licking up to her bottom hole and tonguing it. My wife wriggled and began to moan as he kept licking her hole out. She had to remove his cock from her mouth such was the panting she was doing. His cock beginning to harden and grow ever more my wife was saying “look at the size of this thing”. We were both flabbergasted at the size of his cock.

He continued to eat her bottom and her pussy as my wife continued to wriggle with pleasure. Getting Bem fully erect my wife turned to me and said “look at the size of that”. He was easily 12 to 13 inches long if not more; fortunately for my wife he hadn’t got any thicker but was still as thick as a cucumber and amazingly as hard as rock. The 12+ Inches length didn’t bother my wife, after all how ever long it is you can only get in what she can take having been able to just manage 9 inches of Richard and Jim Bem was only slightly thicker than them. So my wife relaxed and lost her fear of his monster. My wife couldn’t get much of his cock in her mouth other than his helmet and she struggled with that, it just wouldn’t stretch open that far all she could do was tongue the same situation as Richard and Jim. At one time she licked his shaft to the base and rested her cheek on his belly as she rubbed his cock with her tiny hand. It stood towering above her head, she looked so small against it her tiny hands and body. I sat watching my wife suck and rub this black member with his massive black hands on her pert little bottom, face buried between her legs. My wife shuddered letting out a massive moan as she started to wriggle over his face, Cumming on his tongue. “You so small” Bem said as he lifted her leg back over his face. Moving my wife he laid her flat on her back as he lay next to her. My wife turned to look at me with her eyes all big and wide and a sexy little smile on her face. Not taking her eyes from me at all Bem began to kiss her neck as he placed his huge black hand on her breasts. Completely hiding them from view as he did so. Completely covering each one in turn before sliding his hand down to her bold little pussy. I watched as my wife began to pant as she opened her legs lifting her knees off the bed. Bem began to lick at my wife’s nipples and my wife began to pant heavier as she stretched out. Still looking at me she suddenly gave out an almighty “AAAHH” and I looked down to see his hand moving over her pussy. He was obviously finger fucking my wife with a couple of his large long fingers. I couldn’t see her pussy at all just this big black hand covering her pubic bone going down between her open legs. Bem raised his head and watched his fingers entering her as he lifted one of her legs to get a better view. My wife closed her eyes and began to move her head from side to side as his hand moved even faster between her legs constantly saying out loud “oh... oh.... oh god... oh.... oh”. My wife turned looking at me her face all taught and screwed up as she let out another massive groan Cumming over Bems fingers. Sitting in that chair I was as horny as hell watching this Black savage take my wife.

Bem continued to finger fuck my wife for a good further 10 minuets bringing her to her third orgasm of the night, never once did he remove his eyed from her pussy as he rammed it with his fingers whilst feeling her tiny little breasts and erect nipples with his other hand. Bem withdrew his fingers and climbed between my wife’s legs arranging himself to enter her. Hold on she said as she moved to the bedside cabinet. She looked at me smiling and said “I don’t care where he’s going he’s not going there without this” and we both giggled as she pulled the lube from her drawer. As bem knelt between my wife’s legs my wife squirted some Ky in her hands and rubbed his cock. Covering it in ky. His big heavy balls resting on her pubic bone his cock reached just below her tiny breasts such was his length. Having squirted the ky and applied it to his cock 3 times completely covering it from tip to root my wife was satisfied with the amount she had applied. That’s better she said as she passed me the ½ used tube smiling at me. Shifting my wife around the bed so her open legs were directly in front of me and her head over the other side he again climbed on the bed between my wife’s legs. She opened her legs to allow him access. My wife’s tiny size 6-8 body disappeared from my view all I could see was these two white legs either side of this big black mans thighs. A mass of giggles came over my wife as I heard “I can’t believe the size of this”. He moved a hand to his cock and guided it to my wife’s tiny pussy. I didn’t see him enter her but his buttocks clenched and my wife literally shouted out “OHHHH.... FFFUUUCCCKKK...... AHHHRRRR” as I watched his muscular arse push towards her pussy. With so much lube and such a solid cock he pushed in stretching her tight pussy hole open. Holding it there he lifted her legs pushing her knees to her chest. Her legs now disappeared from my view all I could see was this huge black man with these two white feet either side of his chest in the air. I sunk in my chair and as I did so I saw my wife’s tiny bent up white bottom from beneath him legs wide open granting him full access to her pussy. I could see his massive thick veined cock stuffed into her, at least 8 inches of it buried inside her, my wife’s pussy stretched open. As I looked at him slowly pull his cock out as far as his helmet from her Bem said “you are so tiny, how you say so tight” I didn’t think it was ever going to stop coming out. My wife didn’t respond as he slowly pushed his cock back in her burying again about 8 inches in her. He carried on in and out slowly and each and every time he pushed in my wife shouted out “AAAHHHHRRR”. After less than a minuet with Bem slowly entering and withdrawing from her my wife let out a massive groan as she orgasmed the quickest I had ever seen her cum. allowing it to subside my wife began to relax and pant heavily as Bem sped up. Pumping in and out of her faster and faster I watched in aw at this massive cock tearing into my wife. She was panting and moaning as she exploded into another orgasm that seemed to last an age. Bem never slowed down once as she came, pumping and pumping her. Once the orgasm had died down my wife continued to pant very loudly and Bem slowed to a stop and withdrew. Moving from my wife I looked at her face. We made eye contact as she smiled puffing and panting, giggling between breaths she said “I can’t believe this, this is crazy”. Bem knelt and turned my wife to lie on her side stretching one of her legs out between his own legs and raising the other up so her leg was over his shoulder. Putting one of his hands on the bed to support himself, the other he held his cock. Moving to allow his cock to meet my wife’s pussy he again began to push it in. I watched in disbelief as my wife’s pussy stretched open as he pushed watching it slowly disappear inside her. She screamed out again as he pushed in to bury 9 or so inches in her before getting in to the rhythm of fucking my wife again. My wife abandoned herself to him as he began to push in harder and faster. My wife again reached an amazing vocal orgasm as she screamed out his name. Bem began to puff and pant as he started ramming her with all his might my wife began to shout louder and louder as he rammed into her with all his force. I could see Bem was pushing as much as he could in her reaching as far as her body would allow. As he pushed in, my wife would move up the bed as he reached her limit with every push of his hard monster. Bem had pushed her a good foot along the bed from where they had started and she was still moving under his force as he kept moving his knees along the bed. My wife was screaming her head off. Panicking I burst out “stop Bem that’s enough” “no, no, don’t stop, don’t stop” my wife replied instantly panting between words. I sat back in the chair and continued to watch knowing my wife was enjoying her experience. I looked at his cock entering her and could see he was shoving all but about 2 inches into her, as he reached the last 4 inches his cock was bending to force a further 2 inches into her so my wife was being fucked with a good 10 to 11 inches of cock. As you can imagine she was screaming her head off with pleasure and pain, the pleasure obvious to me out weighing the pain. This guy like some of her other conquests was reaching parts of my wife I would never be able to, my wife said he reached parts no one had ever done before. Feeling her tight pussy stretch over his cock. My wife absolutely exploded with an orgasm the likes of which I have never seen. Later she would declare to me this was her best orgasm to date. After what seemed an eternity her orgasm passed as Bem continued to bone her with all his might. He suddenly began to tense inside her and she reached up to push him off. My wife is very particular over who she allows to cum inside her but absolutely loves it when men cum. She chooses to allow them to cum inside her, on her or even near her, knowing its because of her they have cum excites her greatly, she genuinely loves it. Withdrawing his cock he crawled over my wife to her face. As he reached her face he pushed his cock to her mouth holding her head with both hands. She had no choice such was his force and the solidness of his cock but to open her mouth to allow him to enter. He pushed his cock into her mouth as far as it would go almost gagging her in the process. My wife’s mouth stretched to its fullest over his cock, he pushed in and out of her mouth and again began to tense up. Suddenly letting out a massive groan he began to shoot his load into her mouth. Holding her head in place my wife allowed him to come in her mouth having no choice but to swallow all he had delivered her, feeling his warm hot spunk slide down her throat. As he withdrew my wife proceeded with both hands to pump at his cock licking at his helmet as he continued to groan. Falling to the bed my wife looked at him with a huge smile. She said “that was amazing.” Turning to me “absolutely bloody amazing”. Bem said in reply “you are so cute, so beautiful, so small”. They both lay there for a while in each others arms before Bem left the bed and went to the bathroom. My wife rolled over and lit a cigarette as she explained her amazing orgasms and I informed her of the awesome sight I had just witnessed before my eyes. Finishing her cigarette she left and went to the en suit and turned on the shower.

I shouted to my wife in the en suit and Bem in the bathroom that I was going down stairs and I would see them down there. After about ½ an hour my wife came down the stairs followed by Bem. My wife was wearing one of her tight small silky night shorts and top which left her naked legs and waist. Whilst Bem was wearing my dressing gown stretching it to fit his frame. Looking at him wearing it I burst out laughing and my wife laughed looking at saying “I know there wasn’t anything to fit him”. Bem sat on the sofa and grabbed the beer I had left there for him. My wife sat snuggled up to him as she does with guys who she has just shared her body with if the situation calls for it. After about 10 minuets of sex talk over what had just happened my wife and I were surprised to hear Bem come out with “please we do again”. My wife gasped as she sat up looked at me and then at Bem. Looking at me again I shrugged my shoulders and she turned back to him. “I don’t know Bem, I don’t know if I can” she saw the disappointment in his eyes. “Look your a lovely bloke but....tell you what its half one now lets just sit here for half an hour and we`ll see OK, but I`m not promising”. With that the smile returned back to his face and my wife reached up and kissed him. Not content to let it go he said “OK but you take off cloths please; I go back tomorrow I not return. Please, I want to see you”. My wife looked in his eyes for a good 15 seconds without responding and turned to me as if to look for a reaction. I did and said nothing. Turning back to him she sighed and said “ok where’s the harm” with a smile.

My wife lifted her silky top up over her shoulders, up over her head and dropped it to the floor. She looked at him as he looked at her naked tiny breasts. Removing his gaze from her breasts he looked back to her eyes and my wife returned the gaze for about 30 seconds, she sighed again and giggled saying “alright” as if she had read his mind. She pulled her skimpy night shorts down her thighs, down her legs, and dropped them on top of her shirt. Still looking at his eyes she said “there ok” and smiled at him. He gave her a massive smile back and said “yes ok”. Together they stretched out on the sofa Bem with his back to the back of the sofa lying on his side facing the room, my wife lying next to him with her naked bottom touching his belly and her head resting on his arm. As if this was perfectly normal we all continued to chat and laugh for a good half hour with them just lying in this position. Bem every now and again placing his big hand on her shoulder and running it down her side over her naked hip to her legs and then up again.

A silent period fell on us where nobody said anything and I started to take notice of the television. Turning to Bem and my wife still both silent I saw my wife’s bottom moving and Bems hand was reaching down obscured from my view towards her bottom. I sat watching for a few minuets further before my wife moved to lay flat on her front as Bem slid one leg under her waist raising her slightly. Her bottom now fully visible Bem moved his hand to it and started to continue where he had left off. Sliding a couple of fingers up and down her crack, toying with her hole. The silence suddenly broke as my wife let out a faint little whimper before raising her head and looking at me breathing heavily. Looking at me with big eyes she said “babes is it ok” I looked into her eyes and said “of course it is if its what you want sweetheart”. She gave me a smile and said “can you go and get the cream baby”. I got up from my chair and left the room. Returning to the room they lay there in the same position I had left them, Bem still playing with one or both of my wife’s holes whilst she panted ever faster. “There you go honey as I passed her the ky”. Lifting her head up and stretching out she took the ky from me and I again sat in my chair watching. She turned to face Bem who removed his hand as she did. She looked into his eyes and handed him the ky. Not letting go as he took hold of it she said softly to him. “Use lots and go easy.... please”. As she smiled at him “ok” he laughed and she gave him the ky. She leaned towards him and planted her lips to his and he began to stroke her tiny breasts. He pulled away and sat up as my wife rolled over to lie on her back. Undoing the strap to his dressing gown he removed it and threw it to the floor revealing his already huge rock solid cock. Squirting the lube all over his cock he began to rub it up and down his shaft as he looked at my wife and said “ok” with a smile. “Ok” my wife replied he lifted himself up and began to climb on to my wife. My wife slid down the sofa lifting one of her legs over the back of the sofa and dangling the other over the side. Bem moved to Kneel between my wife’s legs with his huge cock lying on her pubic bone over her belly. Supporting himself with one hand on the back of the sofa and the other next to her head he arched his back pulling his frame away from her to allow his cock to slide down between her legs. My wife reached down with both hands took hold of his cock and guided his big helmet to her tight little pussy hole. Feeling the warmth of her lips Bem pushed towards her and slowly stretched her open burying ½ his cock inside her. My wife looked into his eyes gripping her teeth and let out a loud scream “AAAHHHGGG” as he pushed in. As before he slowly began to slide in and out of her and she removed her hands placed them on his shoulders and abandoned herself to him. Bem soon sped up and began ramming in and out of my wife for the second time tonight as my wife became uncontrollable with the pleasure, she started to rock her head from side to side shouting “oh yes.....oh yes.....oh yes” over and over. Bem started to get more forceful now pushing in as hard as he could trying to cram every last inch into her and her body pushed up against the arm of the sofa every time he rammed into her. Again her body took what it could coping with him ramming her as he managed to push all but about 4 inches inside her. My wife exploded into a huge orgasm with a scream as she reached down to grab his thighs trying to hold him in her as he continued to pound her throughout her orgasm. Once it had subsided Bem slowed down and withdrew. Leaving my wife in the same position he shifted his knees and took hold of his cock holding it between her legs. He began to rub his helmet up and down her open legs paying close attention to her bottom hole. Having rubbed her hole he placed his helmet there and my wife new what was coming next. “No not like this” She said and wriggled free. Rolling off the sofa she walked to me on all fours until she reached me where she put her hands on my knees looked at me and spoke quietly to me “ I think he wants my bottom, I’m scared, is so long”. “then say no” I replied. “I want you to hold me, I want to try”.” Is that ok” she said. I looked into her eyes and smiled. She returned the smile and wrapped her arms around my shoulders burying her head into my neck. Arching her back so her breasts lay on my chest and her bottom hung over the edge of the seat she opened her legs and waited for Bem to arrive. Whispering into my ear she asked me to turn the television down and put the desk light on. My wife likes the men that take her to see her. I obliged as Bem came behind her and knelt down. Opening her legs more he began to rub his cock between her legs around her tight pussy. As he did my wife turned her mouth to my ear and she began to pant saying “I love you baby, oh.... I love you so much”. Bem squirted more ky on to his hand and I saw it disappear between my wife’s legs. My wife let out a whimper and suddenly said in my ear “my bottom....oh god I’m right, he’s going to do my bottom......Oh god...” are you sure your ok with this I replied. “I don’t know........ I’m not sure.....I`ll try” she replied. Bem began to push his helmet to my wife’s bottom and slowly she began to open to his solid cock pushing against her hole. She began to get louder and louder saying “OH GOD......OH GOD.....I LOVE YOU.......OH GOD I LOVE YOU”. Having pushed his helmet inside my wife he placed both of his large hands on her bottom and spread her cheeks. He started to push in more forcefully and as he did my wife grabbed the back of my neck as tight as she could screaming her loudest scream of the night “AAAAHHHHGGG”, he kept pushing and pushing going in deeper and deeper until finally he reached his goal and my wife gave out a groan as he hit home inside her. “Oh god” she said softly in my ear “he’s so big”.

Bem immediately started very calmly sliding in and out of my wife and she started to pant as he did moaning each time he pushed back in. He began to speed up pumping my wife’s bottom and she in turn began to relax and abandon herself to him now moaning “oh yes..... Oh yes”. Bem began to speak in his native language that we couldn’t understand as he sped up faster and faster. Soon he was ramming my wife for all his worth ramming as much in her bottom as he had her pussy all but 4 inches. She moaned out loud as he thrust into her. My wife slipped her head to my lap as she could no longer hold the position. My hard cock rubbing her face through my tracksuit bottoms. She noticed and looked at me and smiled before sinking her head again to rest on my lap. Bem raised himself to his feet keeping his knees bent and his cock in my wife. He spread open his legs and pushed my wife’s together leaving my wife’s little bottom between his thighs. My wife wrapped her arms around my waist as Bem put his hands on her shoulders and rammed his cock in as far as he could I felt the force pushing my wife on my lap as he didn’t let up ramming my wife in and out as hard as he could as much as he could. My wife was moaning and groaning like hell until finally after about 10 minuets she could take no more. Pushing her arms behind her she pushed Bem away saying “no more..... Please no more”. Bem withdrew and said “I sorry “. “No.... no it’s ok” she said “I just cant take anymore”. She turned over and fell to the floor resting for a minuet she looked at Bem still there with a massive great hard on. My wife told him to go and wash it, and he left. Smiling at me all sexy eyed she said “you like to watch don’t you” “What ever gave you that idea” I said her eyes focused on my cock and we both laughed. Bem returned cock still rigid, happy he had washed my wife told him to sit on the sofa. With her knees on the floor she climbed between his legs and started to lick his helmet with her tongue. Bem grabbed hold of his cock and with both hands began to move up and down his shaft. He started wanking faster and faster whist my wife reached a hand down to hold his balls whilst placing the other on his manly thigh. Bem reached with one hand for my wife’s head and pulled it towards his cock without warning he suddenly let out a moan as he came over her face. Spunking up all over her face and her hair I have to say his load was pretty impressive considering he had only come an hour or so earlier. My wife moved both her hands to his cock and continued to slide up and down his shaft. Having finished him off my wife looked up at him and giggled saying “look at me, you messy pup” They both laughed. My wife reached down to her night shorts and wiped her face.

With that she stood up looked at me and said ”Its to late for him to go now, its his last night let him stay the night” “Come on lets go and get cleaned up and hit the sheets” . She grabbed Bems and my hand and led us up the stairs to the bathroom. My wife showered again whilst Bem and I washed. We waited in the bathroom whilst my wife dried before showing. Bem his room for the night kissing him on the cheek she said “see you in the morning” turned and headed for our room where I was already in bed.” That was one wild night” she said and laughed looking at me. I looked at her and laughed replying “you’re telling me”. Pulling the sheets back my wife climbed into bed, my wife and I looked at each other she smiled holding hands and drifted off to sleep. I woke about an hour later to hear my wife sobbing her heart out. I switched the bedside light on and asked what on earth was wrong; you must think I’m a right tart she said. You saw how I was with him she sobbed you saw what I was. How I am with the other men. I held her and said what I saw was my beautiful wife enjoying herself. What’s brought all this on I continued. My wife explained how much she loved me, how I was everything to her. How she just couldn’t help herself, she loved men, she was addicted to sex. My wife just loved to be used and abused by other men. We had a really deep meaning full conversation that night opening our hearts to each other. I explained to my wife that I would never think badly of her I just wanted her to be happy and enjoy life. My only concerns were that she enjoyed sex with these hung men and she loves anal sex so much that there may come a time when I just wouldn’t be any use to her or she would develop feelings for one of them. My wife said there is no way that will ever happen. She continued with its just sex its not about your size I wouldn’t change you for the world. You and I make love, these guys use and abuse me, I do love there big bits but its different I don’t want you to use and abuse me but I do want other men to. There’s no guarantee every guy I sleep with would be well endowed I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for it but if there’s a guy that we know to be strong and forceful with a big you no what all the better. I can’t explain it she continued I love to be invaded, forced and well just left to feel used and abused. I wouldn’t want that from you, you’re my baby, my man the one that cares for me. I love them taking me hard and roughly. Almost raped but not if you no what I mean. I replied with look if that’s what you want I can do rough. No I don’t want that from you please try to understand she continued Its bonking me hard, hurting me, having a well endowed guy, a big bloke, being taken anally and then being held after it all by you the one I love the one who treats me with respect Its not how I want you to be. I want you baby just as you are. Do you get what I`m saying. I have to be honest I did understand what she was saying having witnessed some of her adventures and seeing how they couldn’t help themselves such was there excitement but be forceful with her, even the guys that weren’t hung like donkeys that I had witnessed taking my wife. Seeing how she adored me afterwards. I also thought to myself just how much closer and how much more she cared about me and my well being, making sure through all of her guys that I was happy and that she excited me. It was sex she was addicted to men, she repeated I love to be used, I love making men cum, I love them looking at my naked body, that’s why I like it with the light on, I love them to watch as they enter me. She went on to say I was her husband and the only man in her life. The only one she has or ever would have feelings for and that her conquests were nothing more than sex objects for her to feed her desires and lust. She continued with her worries saying that she thought I would surely leave her or think she was a tart sobbing her heart out saying how she just couldn’t help herself, she had to have sex with other men. I answered her concerns looking at her face seeing how genuine she was. Look its simple I said. I love you and I always will. I don’t care what you do or who you have sex with just as long as at the end of the day it’s me and you. Its just sex all I ask is you take care. I don’t think your a tart, you don’t get paid for it, you do it because you want to and I let you because I love you, I trust you and I want you to be happy. I don’t care what people think of you or us, I really couldn’t care less. Sure you’ll get a reputation in certain circles it’s bound to happen. No matter what some guys talk and wives find out but we do our best to keep it to a minimum and say sod them. Breaking the seriousness I said with a giggle I suppose I’m going to be checking guys out for you now and letting you knows who’s big. With that we both giggled as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. She looked at me with watery eyes and said how could you ever think I could love anyone else than you. I love you so much. With that we settled back down and I told her to stop being so silly she put her head on the pillow and I turned the light off. I was shattered having to get up for work in the morning. Suddenly the main bedroom light came on and stood there in the doorway completely naked was Bem. We looked at him and then at each other my wife looked at me and said “god sake he’s worse than I am”. We both burst out laughing thinking our minds back to the conversation we had just had whilst Bem stood there with a stupid smile on his face. My wife moved to the middle of the bed pulled the sheet back and beckoned Bem to the bed. As he approached she looked at him and said “you can come in but to sleep ok”. He smiled at her and climbed into the bed. I reached to turn the light off and settled into bed putting the side light back on. My wife lay on her side naked in the middle of us both, facing me. Holding my hand she giggled as Bems hand came over her waist and laid on her naked hip. I turned out the light and we drifted off to sleep. I woke to the alarm completely knackered and showered for work. I returned to the bedroom to see my wife asleep cuddled up to Bem. I lent over and kissed her saying I would see her later as she opened her eyes. She looked at me and pulled me to her and kissed me again, whispering she said “thank you baby. I love you” I replied “”just remember what I said be careful. My mobile is on if you need me”. With that I turned and left for work.

When I returned my wife told me how Bem had taken her again when he woke. Cuming on her face again. I sat there with a raging hard on as she described to me in detail how he had taken her for a third time in about 10 hours. That evening we were to sit down and talk some more about her addiction and her needs. I could see she was genuine in her love for me and that she just had a need to be savaged by men and as many as possible. Bem had left for home having left his details asking us to keep in touch. He had certainly had his experience with an English girl.