Written by Wetndeep

28 Nov 2009

after our little escapade the other week both myself and wife Deb decided to increase the people in our marriage from her just having another guy to both of us enjoying more than one person.

We arranged after a couple of weeks to meet another woman and 3 guys which obviously favoured Deb but I love to see her enjoying herself. Anyway the night arrived and first to arrive was the guys who were all aged around the mid thirtys and all looking reasonably fit. The girl arrived last and I left Deb to chat to the guys and answered the door and when I clapped eyes on the woman my first thoughts were well she's not bad looking. She was aged 38 and a size 14/16 for those who care but had a lovely pair of breasts.

We all congregated in the lounge just chatting and drinking and sharing stories etc and inevitably the chat got around to sex and the reason that we had all met. There is not a set rule of how to go about starting a session like this off so I started by moving towards the woman who by the way was called Sarah and started to kiss her, she responded by pushing her tongue into my mouth and feeling between my legs with her hand. We carried on kissing and rubbing each other up and then I broke away and looked across to see Deb had started to enjoy herself as she was being snogged by one of the guys whilst the other two were fondling her breasts through her shirt. Both myself and Stacey moved across to join them and removed our tops and Stacey's breasts were even better looking cupped in a half cut bra. Myself and James moved to feel Stacey's breasts and remove them from the bra and contined by getting her step out of her skirt and removed her panties. Deb at this time was stripped naked and had tom in her mouth whilst Gary the other guy was eating at her pussy like a mad man.

Myself and James moved Stacey to the floor and James pushed his hard cock into her mouth and I went behind her and moved my hand to feel her pussy. Her pussy was soaking wet and as I offered my cock to her lips it slid in right up to the hilt and I started to fuck her in a hard motion to which she let out a muffled moan whilst sucking on James's cock.

I pumped my cock hard into Stacey and let out a long groan as I felt myself shoot spurt after spurt of hot cum into her wet pussy. I pulled out and left her sucking on James as he was shooting his load onto her face. Whilst I was recovering I heard a familiar moan coming from Deb and looked around to see her taking a shot of spunk on her face like I had never seen as Tom shot his load across her face and there was at least another five heavy spurts shot over her breasts. Gary was at this time pulling his cock out of her and unleashing a load over her ass as he came.

We sat around recovering whilst the girls cleaned up and once they returned we all grouped up together again for more of the same with the two women swapping partners to take cock after cock and hot cum for the next couple of hours.

Debra and myself have decided that we will do this again sometime and we are well and truly on our way to having a fantastic swinging life as and when we feel the need.