Written by Neil

23 Jun 2009

I just had to write about the most amazing horny encounter I have ever seen. It happened 6 weeks ago and I haven't stopped wanking since!

It involved my wife and a fairgoundworker, and whilst the story is quite long it is well worth it.

A bit of background to us, we have been happily married for 8 years and do not have children as we are both career people. We are both 32 years old and my wife is 5 ft 6" with fabulous 34DD breasts (she had a boob job 6 months ago) - they are fabulous! She is a size 10/12 with curves in all the right places.

Her passions are SEX and sexy underwear, and whilst she is very classy she loves to wear provocative clothes. Her ideal outfits are short skirts/dresses (preferably see through!), tight t shirt tops which show a lot of cleavage, and low trousers/jeans - the ones which show off the back of her knickers when she bends down. Her underwear drawers are vast, she loves matching sets and will only wear g - strings. She never wears tights and only wears hold up stockings or suspenders and stockings.

We have been regulars on swinging scene for past 5 years, and have had lots of adventures together - she has had many lovers whilst we have been together as she just cannot gseem to get enough sex, I have never known a woman like her.

Now the story.................. 6 weeks ago we had a travelling fairground arrive in town which comes at the same time every year. It had been a lovely day and my wife and I had been drinking in the pubs with friends since early afternoon. She was getting quite tipsy and was flirting with lots of men in the pubs - she looked absolutely stunning so was getting lots of attention! She had on a very flimsy cotton button front white dress which was quite short. Because of the colour of it and material it was the sort of dress that left nothing to the imagination and everything was visible underneath it. She never wears a bra in the summer as she is very proud of her new breasts, her nipples are very large and for some reason since her boob job they have become very sensitive and it doesn't take much for them to become erect. She had on a very sexy tiny white g string (the back of them was a tiny triangle and the sides were like elastic bands), 5 inch high mules and a recent spray tan. Her dress was low cut and showed off a lot of cleavage. As you can imagine I had trouble keeping my hands off her!

Anyway we left our friends at about 6pm and decided to go off to the fairground for a laugh. We had a good look around and went on a few rides and then came to the Waltzer, which was my wife's favourite ride. We waited for it to stop and got in one of the cars - when it started up this old guy who must have been 65 yrs old came up to it and started spinning it around, my wife was loving it and he was obviously loving the view of my her breasts which were almost falling out. He stayed with us for the whole ride and when it ended, he helped my wife get off and whilst he did this I saw him accidentally on purpose brush his hand against the back of her g string! The dirty bastard I thought, but just left it. Because my wife had enjoyed it so much she wanted to go on it again, and he was there waiting. He helped her in by holding on to her hips and brushed his right hand across her arse before she sat down. When I sat down, I asked her what she thought of him doing it to which she replied he was just some old bloke getting a cheap thrill and no harm done. We had another fast ride with him spinning us around for the whole ride, and on this occassion her right tit actually came out briefly giving him a real eyeful. Again when we got off he steadied her by brushing his hand across her g string and arse. We were both feeling a bit queezy so sat the next few rides out with her sat on the railings. Every time he went past he would smile at her and wink, and she would return the honours. I told her to really get him going and when we went on the next ride to get her tits out and leave them out for the whole ride - she was up for a laugh and said ok! When we got in a young lad came to take our money as the old git was busy and when he saw this he came rushing over and told the young lad to fuck off as he was going to give my wife the ride of her life! As we started off she gradually unbottoned her top two buttons so that her breast were heaving to get out and it would only take a bit of moving around before they fell out, after about 20 seconds they came out with nipples standing to attention and that is how they stayed for the whole ride - the old gits face was a picture as he spent the entire ride just staring at them and didn't bother spinning us around as he wanted to see them. When we stopped my wife got up and pretended to be shocked that her breasts were out and apologised to him, he put his hands around her again feeling her g string and arse as he did and said that she had made his day and does she want another ride. She said yes and I said that I didn't as had enough by now so he said he would go on with her! I said that would be alright and gave her a little kiss and told her to really go for it - she knew what I meant and I could see in her eyes that she wouldn't let me down. He let her go in first and helped her in as normal. As they were going around I could see that she had undone the buttons at the top again as her tits were all over the place, and must have also undone some buttons on the bottom because as she was going around the wind and air was blowing the dress up so you could see the crotch of her knickers. It wasn't long in before the old git had his hands across her shoulder trying to keep her safe and I could just make out that his right hand had gone around to touch the bottom of her breast. The ride seemed to go on for ages and I can only assume that he had asked to keep it going. When it eventually stopped she got off and adjusted her dress and he gave her a little slap on the bare arse as she got off. He came across with her and she seemed to be loving the attention. He said that I was a very lucky man and I said I know and she is a fucking great shag as well! I don't know why I said it but it just came out - fortunately my wife is very open minded and said I am not that good, I am better! The old guy who told us his name was Alan owned the fairground, he was a dirty and scruffy old man with a beard and looked unkempt (just my wife's type funnily enough as she has this peculiar passion for old men for some reason) and my wife started asking loads of questions about it - all the time she was doing this he was leaning into her and touching her up in front of me. When she asked if he lived in a trailer he said yes and asked if she wanted to see it to which she replied yes if I didn't mind? I said that is fine as I am going to play the fruit machines.

As they left I saw him with his hands around her hips and feeling her through her sheer dress. I followed them closely throught he maze of trailers and vehicles towards the back of the fairground. It was dimly lit but enough light coming from trailers and other lights to see what was going on, as they approached the end of the trailers they came to a huge one and it was here he stopped. She said is this yours, to which he replied yes and would she like to see inside, She said yes and he aksed what is it worth? She acted dumb and said I don't know what you mean, to which he moved close and said yes you do, you have been teasing me for ages now and I have seen half of your naked body I want to see the rest. With this he moved forward and pushed her up against his trailer kissing her passionately. His hands were all over her and it wasn't long before her buttons were all undone and he was mauling her beautiful firm breasts and sext g string. She was grabbing at his jeans and pulling the belt off and zip down. She dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth (I was close enough to see it was a reasonable size and circumcised), he face fucked her whilst holding her head down and I was convinced he was going to come in her mouth. However after about 1 minute, he pulled her up and kissed her again and pulled her g string to one side and pushed his dirty oily fingers inside her soaking pussy. He did this for a couple of minutes and I could hear her moaning and eventually she told him to fuck her for gods sake! he turned her around against the trailer and pulled her dress up to her waist and pulled the g string out of her crack and just thrust his cock into her eager pussy. He was really going for it and was shouting as he was driving his cock in to her - she was maoning like a real whore and was making loads of noise, I was surprised no one came out to see what was going on as the noise was deafening. As he was pumping into her he spat on one of his fingers and I saw him find her bumhole and push his dirty finger up her - he wouldn't know this but she goes absolutley wild when this happens as she loves it and she started calling him all the names under the sun ashe was fingering her arse and fucking her really hard - after a couple of minutes the graons got louder and more intense and he shouted " I am going to fill you up with my spunk you dirty little whore" and he came soon after. They both got their composure and he did his trousers up and she tidied herself up and she told him that it was an incredibly naughty and dirty fuck and she loved it! They had another kiss for a while and I heard him ask her if she wanted to go in his trailer now to which she replied "do I deserve it yet", and he said "no, so you will have to work a bit harder". The last image I has was her walking up the steps with his hand firmly wedged up under her dress and on the cheeks of her arse.

I hung around for a while, but judging by the noise coming from the trailer and the way it was moving I felt I may as well go home. She eventually came home at 12.30 pm the next day looking very dishevelled and haggered with all the buttons missing off her dress! It transpired that she was fucked relentlessly by Alan for hours (he had been taking viagra), before he fell asleep. She then got up to come home only to find his 17 year old grandson in the lounge watching tv - this was where the buttons got lost and she told me that whilst she had a great time with Alan his grandson was something else and she could not believe that a boy of his age could be so good in bed! Anyway that is a story for another time.....................