Written by weesean00

13 Apr 2011

Following on from my fantastic Edinburgh Night, both myself and wife recently took a weekend break to Belfast. The point of the weekend was to chillax and see what happens, no plans or expectations.

On the Friday night in the 1st pub my wife dressed as sexy as ever was mesmerised by a groups of younger guys and their fast flowing irish accent, we got chatting and the drinks flowed and talk soon got quite raunchy given the way my wife looked and the way she was flirting

I heard her to say to one of the younger guy`s i`d love to hear that voice as I was being fucked it would drive me crazy, his reply was obvious, that would not be a problem as I`d love to hear you moan as my irish cock fucked you.

with this she looked at me and then asked If she could take him back to our hotel for some playtime, of course I said yes but then the bombsell came, he asked if his friend could join us!!! my wife looked at me and smiled and next thing we where headed off to the hotel. as we walked they where flirting with her and touching her ass and asking all sorts of questions relating to what she was wearing and what they would be doing to her..

once in the hotel room thing happened so quickly and before I knew what was happening my wife was stripped down to her lingerie on her knees and sucking two thick irish cocks and the was loads of moaning happening. next my wife was on all fours being spit roasted as they said in broad irish accents take it and fuck me, and suck me you bitch... she then swapped the cocks and got fucked sensless by the other guy in every position I had seen.. as I wanked off watching my wife looked at me winked and said here comes the good bit, at this both guys stood over hr and spunked all over her waiting mouth and i watch her suck them dry and rub their cum into her face and tits. they dressed and left and I got to fuck her with her telling me how fucking horny they had nade her and how she wanted to sample Irish cock on every night f our stay!!!! roll on Sta I thought it cant get any better......