Written by Willing Husband

12 Jun 2016

Why do I share my wife? The same reason I like to make her laugh, see her smile and enjoy her life. I don’t share her as much as I experience life with her without the confines of jealousy.

Everyone should try it. My wife and I are very close and this has made us even more.

My wife has a lover who is a long distance truck driver. He leaves Sunday evening and returns Friday morning. His rule is I cannot fuck her 24 hours before he gets back. So Thursday morning is my last fuck. Over the weekend, she is allowed to wank me, she usually does this 2 times as I get so hard. She can’t suck me. We have all agreed that I can watch them once but not wank. She really lays it on and screams when he pounds her. I sleep in the lounge or in the next room over the weekend.

Each even when he is there and we turn in then he will usually fuck her before sleeping. I will hear them and when they have finished she will come out of the room naked and come to where I am sleeping and give me a kiss goodnight. I will get a chance to run my fingers up and into her smooth pussy which is still soaking wet and cummy from what he deposited in her. Although she doesn’t stay long the feeling is so satisfying and intimate for us.

I am totally happy with these arrangements.

When he leaves on Sunday evening I am all over her and balls deep before he gets to the yard and his lorry. Then we fuck all week till Thursday morning. She always wants it. We have more sex now than before when it was just her and me.

She says he is not better than me, it’s just different and she just loves that I let her have the excitement of a lover which other couples don’t experience. It taboo and unknown. Even our friends and wider family don’t know. They think he is just a friend of mine who stays with us when he is not working.