Written by devo

2 Dec 2013

being a closet dresser I am not that brave about being seen dressed by anyone but after a few drinks in my local I went home and dressed in stockings a little leather skirt knee high boots and a shiny bright red pvc mac,not far from where I live is a place called wacker quay out the way and quiet so walked the path down there feeling really kinky and sexy on the way I met a guy half my age walking his dog,all I wanted to do was run away but in high heels no way, he chatted turned and walked the same way as me after a short time I noticed in the dim light he had his cock out and was wanking,he was huge and I couldn't stop looking, noticing this he put his arm around my waist I turned to him and we began kissing his hands were all over me, lust and passion took over and I was holding on to a tree with my mac and skirt up and the guy trying to push that monster inside me,i muttered let me suck you off as his helmet entered me and took the wind out of my body a few more strokes and he was deep inside me,the noise of my mac and him cumming must have woke half of cornwall , I staggered home and layed on my bed his spunk still running out of me GOD would love to meet him again