Written by lilac_bunny

11 Oct 2010

For those who have read my profile or spoken to me you will know I’m recently single and looking to find the sexual person I was before I ever got in to that relationship! Part of me was starting to wonder if I ever did have good sex or if it is all in my imagination. Reading some of the stories on here I was thinking about my own erotic encounters and was thinking of this incident when I was 19. I was a late starter and at the time this happened I had just had my first kiss about 2 weeks earlier, with my best friend’s brother.

My best friend and her brother John had just rented a house together. She was a couple of years older than me. We were very excited as she was the first one of our group to move out from the parents and have some freedom. Dutifully she invited a few people round for a house warming party. After an afternoon BBQ numbers dwindled and there was me, my best friend Ann and another girl Cath left with John and his friend Frank. The three of us girls where experimenting with alcohol for the first time, much to the amusement of Frank and John who were 8 years older at 25. Then Cath said wouldn’t it be funny to watch a porn film, and none of us girls had ever seen a porn film so with lots of giggles we went down to the movie rental shop to get some porn. We found the movies very funny and not at all a turn on. Frank went off to the shop to buy some cigarettes and I went with him. He was a lot drunker than me, mainly because I had been tipping mine down the sink when no one was looking. No sooner had we got round the corner out of sight than he pushed me down an alley and stuck his tongue down my throat. I remember thinking I was going to choke on it, or on the taste of whiskey. I tried to push him away and squirmed which just seemed to make him more determined and he placed my arms round his shoulders, going to kiss my neck instead. As soon as his mouth made contact with that super sensitive spot I stopped struggling to get him off me. I had never felt anything so good in my life. There were little shivers of pleasure running all through my body and my nipples puckered. Instead of pushing him away I was was pulling him close. He kissed me again then, this time properly and I lost any sense of self control I might have had left, allowing and enjoying his hands roaming up inside my top, cupping my breasts. He pulled at my nipples causing me to moan with pleasure and then a blast of cold air hit me as me lifted my top to suck, lick and bite at them. I opened my eyes to see an old man looking on and shaking his head in disgust but I was beyond caring. I grabbed Frank’s hair to bring his mouth up to mine for more hot kisses and he continued to grope my breasts with one hand as he rubbed my pussy through my trousers. I remember his saying something like “God you’re fucking wet already” and briefly worrying that that wasn’t supposed to happen before any thought were destroyed by his fingers sliding down inside my waistband to find my clit. I think I came in about 30 seconds flat, I had never felt anything like it! Suddenly his phone rang and he pulled away from me. “It’s Ann wanting to know what’s happened to us”, no sooner had he said it that we heard voices calling our names. He pulled my top down and I fastened my trousers. He disappeared round the corner and I heard him saying sorry he was making sure I was alright because I was being sick down the alley.

Back at the house I didn’t know what to do with myself, my knickers where so wet it was uncomfortable wearing them. We all got changed for bed which was a relief and I threw the knickers in the bin. I choose to have the settee in the lounge/dinner whilst Cath was sharing Ann’s room and John staying with Frank. As it was a two up two down with a downstairs loo having the settee meant the others would pass me to get to it but I preferred that to sharing a bed in the confused semi-aroused state I was in (can a woman be that?). Around two hours after everyone went to bed I was still laid there wide awake, straining to hear in the silence for any noise of someone coming. It seemed that the coast was clear. I closed my eyes and ran my hands over my breasts, imitating the way they had been touched earlier. I thought about Franks hands all over me and my fingers sort to carry on where he had left off, feeling my pussy with renewed curiosity as to whether I could make myself feel as good as Frank had made me feel. I arched my back in anticipation, fringing my clit, slowly at first and then furiously. As I felt orgasm coming I throw my head back and opened my eyes... and froze. There was Frank, cock in hand, wanking over me wanking! I didn’t move or speak, and then I realised John was stood behind him. I whipped round on my side to tell them to fuck off, pulling the cover further over me, cheeks burning in embarrassment. Before I could say anything Frank was kissing me again and the words died. The moment his lips touched mine I was lost in a world of pleasure. I felt his finger on my pussy and moaned in delight. He replaced his lips with his hand over my mouth shushing me, which was when I realised it wasn’t Frank’s fingers now sliding in to my virgin pussy it was John’s. Frank then stood over me his cock cms from my face. I made my decision and reached out for him, it was the first time I had seen one in the flesh and I wanted to touch. I wanted to taste as well, I stuck my tongue out and lightly flicked the shaft. He moved his cock closer to my mouth and took a more confident lick. Frank then gently pushed his cock on to my mouth and I started to suck on it, tentatively and then faster imitating what I had just seen on that porn movie as John spread my legs and started to lap at my cunt. Franks cock was quite large, around 10 inches and I couldn’t get it all in my mouth but I tried, sucking harder as the tongue flicking over my clit was bringing me to orgasm. As a bucked my hips and moaned my pleasure Frank shoved his cock down in to my throat to empty his load which I nearly choked on “swallow it” he commanded and I did. There was a noise then at the top of the stairs and both men withdrew. I pulled the duvet over my head as the door opened. “What’s the noise?” I heard Ann say, “you’ll wake her up keep it down” and they went. I lie there the rest of the night wondering if they would come back down, not having the courage to go up and finish what had been started.