Written by notquiteacougar

18 Jun 2012

So friday night I was out at a friends and one of my friends from SH said he would come see me so we could have some sexy playtime and he texts me to say he's got a little surprise for me!

I had had a couple of drinks by the time he arrived, let's refer to him as "P" and his surprise was that he had bought 2 friends along with him and as soon as they arrived it was difficult for them to keep their hands off me and I couldn't wait to get back to my place with the 3 of them! I'll refer to his friends as "A" and "B" for the purposes of this story.

I will try and describe this as accurately as I can baring in mind I had already had a few drinks that night but I can tell you it was one of the best nights I have ever had of sex!

I started off by kissing "A" who was also fingering my already wet pussy when "B" got his cock out and so did my SH friend "P".. I then proceded to take turns in sucking them off whilst "A" licked my clit until my cum juices started to spill out of my throbbing pussy. Then "A" got ontop of me and thrust his big hard cock deep into my pussy, it felt so good and so deep whilst "B" and "P" stood either side of me and I took turns in sucking their cocks. I came again really hard whilst "A" fucked me really deep and after a what seemed liked a really long time "P" told "B" to take over from "A" which he did, his cock wasn't bigger but it was thicker and it felt like it was stretching my pussy which had tightened again after coming so hard and he fucked me really deep whilst "A" sucked and licked my breasts and kissed me thrusting his tongue into my mouth, he was a really good kisser, whilst I rubbed "P's" cock and "P" was happily directing the other 2 with what to do!

Next I sat up on the sofa and sucked "p" whilst "B" finger fucked my pussy and I started to gush, it was like a waterfall and spurted out of me spectacularly! And "A" encouraged me saying "good girl" as he kissed my mouth deeply and carressed my boobs.

Then "A" layed on the floor and I slid my pussy over his hard throbbing cock, he was really fit and I fancied him loads and I really enjoyed bouncing up and down over his cock and I pulled my bum cheeks apart to show "B" that I wanted his cock in my arse. My pussy was so wet and my arse was a little wet from where I gushed but I encouraged "P" to get the babyoil which he poured over my bum and "B" rubbed it in and slid his big cock really deep into my bum hole... at first it was a little uncumfortable and he edged it slowly in until I said "just fuck my bum really hard" at this he thrust it in so very deep and I let out a moan as if it almost hurt but I wanted it more I wanted both of their cocks filling my two holes and "P" stood beside me so I could suck his cock but then he moved so he could go behind and see both their cocks fucking my holes...

I was so horny and so turned on that I came almost instantly and wanted them to stop as it was so intense but then as the both pumped my holes simultaneously I came again in an ecstatic wave of multiple orgasms I screamed quite loudly and loved the feel of their cocks both hitting either side of my g spot.

This went on for over an hour possibly even 2 with "A" and "B" swapping positions and taking turns to fuck my dripping wet pussy and arse... I came so much and it felt so good... I was so turned on too as these guys (both 24 yrs old) had lots of stamina like me and were also very cute and sexy! finally I sucked "A" whilst "B" fucked my arse until I needed a break and then "B" wanked over my mouth and came into it, I swallowed some of it and let he rest drip down my body onto my breasts and I rubbed it in.

Admittedly I was so horny I could have carried on for a lot longer but by the time I noticed what time I realised we had been at it for well over 4 hours! So they left and when I went to bed I played with my pussy reminiscing over the horny sexy night we'd had!

I haven't been able to stop thinking about it ever since and it was definitely the best DP I had ever had, can't wait to do it again!