Written by H

15 Jan 2013

I was in my late forties married, kids, boring job you know the sort of thing. Wife is a great mum but a hopeless lover and never flirts or does anything exciting. One day I met a tall leggy blonde 6 years younger great legs and small bum and really pretty with long flowing hair. She had very small pert tits and was really bubbly laughing at my jokes and welcoming the attention and the conversation which got hotter than the tub at times. She ouzed sex. One day at the sports club I made conversation in the pool and then to my surprise in the hot tub. It was a first for me, previous opportunities I let pass by so as not to dissrupt my marriage especially as the kids were young. We seemed to share a lot in common and time just flew. By the time we got up to go I was breathing really heavy and the bulge in my shorts was obvious with C's eyes darting in my dicks direction. We had coffee and again to my surprise I gave her my mobile, still very nervous but relieved I had plucked up the courage. This was the start of a helter skelter relationship which ws on and off for a number of years. I would go to her flat to meet her as her husbnd was at work and it was the safest place to meet. The first time I took her home she snogged the face off me in the car to the point where I almost cum in my jeans. I just knew this was going to be the romance of my life and was so excited. One time we met at her flat after seeing each other for some months she had let me in for a coffee but as fortune would have it coffee was not all she had in mind. It all started when I again plucked up the courage without too much resistance I have to say from C, and I started to undo the top button of her tight jeans. It took me forever as I was again breathing heavy and very nervously but as every second passed I knew she wanted me as she didnt put up any resistance. We were making our way to the bedroom, not sure who was leading who when suddenly the stud undid. That was the signal to move before she changed her mind I thought. I sat her on the edge of the bed and unzipped her jeans laid her back and snogged her lips off. I then whipped her jeans off in a flash to expose a small white thong which before I could do anything she had pulled down and off. Then those equisite words 'make love to me'. Was she kidding I couldnt believe it she was lying there naked having removed her top (no bra, small pert tits exposed) I was totally fixated my heart was pumping when I whipped off my jean pants and top in about 2 seconds flat. My only regret was that I had wanted to remove her panties slowly having first smelt her pussy through the material and removing them slowly kissing her femininity teasing her with every kiss. Still I wasnt complaining there she was laying stretched cross her bed where that morning her hubby had been and totally unaware of what his gorgeous wife would be doing hours later. She had a perfect body long slim slender with hard erect nipples and small tits (just how I like em)shaved pussy with her feet flat on the bed with her legs, now parting exposing a small shaved perfect pussy which I was soon to find out was warm wet and tight. My wife had 3 kids so this tighness was a new experience for me and it was all I could do not to cum there and then. I kissed her and licked her and rubbed my bell end (I'm cut) against her entrance slid the end in then out a bit more rubbing her now wet slit before thrusting all the way inside her. I leaned forward kissed her and for the next what seemed like hours rocked back and forth thrusting french kissing licking her erect nipples all the time. I had had a vasectomy and she had had a hysterectomy so condoms didnt enter our thoughts. As it turned out C didnt like durex anyway so it was commando all the way which obviously suited me perfectly. I eventually could not hold back. I came at the same time as she let out a loud moan after which we collapsed in each others arms. After 5 minutes or so I gazed at her amazing body thinking how lucky I was. By this time some of my semen was leaking out of her quim. My wife would have been in the loo by now but C revelled in having 'my juices' oozing from her now glistening fanny. After some time we both cleaned up and I was like a dog with two cocks singing all the way home. This was the start of a 6 year rollercoaster affair which unfortunately ended badly but not before some very erotic and sexy times. I recall them quite often when I need some relief as the wife is still the same. My trouble was I fell for C big time and although I havent seen her for several years I will always love her and would run off with her tomorrow given a second chance. You only get one life and she was my soulmate. If you by chance read this C look me up as I know the feelings are mutual despite all that happened.