Written by Suffolk Steve

7 Feb 2017

I`m a fan of true erotic stories (can`t be arsed to read fiction) and I also get extremely turned on by voyeurism. I`d like to give you, the reader, a chance to read about pretty much an overview of what sex life or experiences I`ve had throughout my life (I`m now nearly 61 years of age). I may even have to break it up into two or three parts but we`ll see. I`ve always been a horny guy - even from the young age of 9 or 10. A couple of first cousins and I had several opportunities to do the `you-show-me-yours-and-I`ll-show-you-mine every now and then, plus a couple of girls at primary school who weren`t shy to show me their genitals. In exchange of course, I had to show mine and at 10 they were fascinated by my erections. It wasn`t until I was 14 when I discovered wanking. (Late I know but better late than never!) To be honest, I just haven`t stopped wanking. Even now I can easily knock out one, two, three or even four wanks a day if I feel horny enough- which is virtually every day. At 17 (and still a virgin) I got my first proper girlfriend (Jacqui). She was 16 and quite good looking, fairly tall, a slim body, blonde hair and usually in short skirts (we`re looking at 1973 when miniskirts were still in fashion, thank christ!). Despite her mum giving me a lecture about `not touching her daughter`, I was a very horny lad and of course took no notice. I think she was a virgin (she never said) and our first time having proper sex (as opposed to getting a quick feel of her nice tight vagina down some alley in the evenings) took place when my parents went away. I took her to my parents` flat and after some snogging on the floor of the living room, got her knickers down and off one leg, leaving me to feel her up to try and get her going. I can`t say she was all that horny herself; I`m sure she just went along with it willingly just because she liked me. I don`t remember her getting wet but in any case the condom was slightly oily enough to take care of a nice smooth entry. I got on top of her and entered her tight vagina. Maybe I was a bit nervous, I don`t know, but I thought the whole idea of fucking was quite overrated. It didn`t take long for me to come - I filled up the condom with my youthful sperm - but it didn`t quite satisfy me as much as a bloody good wank did. Opportunities to fuck her was relegated to hidden corners in the small estate where I lived. And sex was awkwardly performed standing up. I hadn`t thought of turning her around and slightly bending her over to ease access into her. No, I tried to do it from the front and on a few occasions it was a case of asking her `if my willie was inside her?` I`m sure my cock had found the entrance to her tight bumhole, rather than her vagina but I erred on the side of caution and made sure I went in the right hole - even if the standing position only allowed me an inch into her. I think more time was spent coming after I got her to wank me off. I`m totally ashamed to say that I never knew what a clitoris was, nor indeed a female orgasm so I`m afraid I was quite selfish, as I look back on those first experiences. Anyway, roll on a few years (after the first girlfriend), I decided just to bumble along and see what I could get along life`s paths. I had the odd fling during holidays etc and on one occasion during the 1977 Silver Jubilee celebrations (by now I was 21 and without a girlfriend), I got pulled by a girl named Christine, who was also 21. She wanted to dance a slow dance with me and she held me close. I got an erection of course but I don`t think she noticed. Anyway, she decided that she wanted sex with me and we sneaked back to her parents` place and quietly went into her bedroom. It was around 12 midnight so she knew her parents would be asleep. It didn`t take long for her to go to the bathroom, clean her teeth and come back into the room virtually starkers. Boy, I was quite nervous. I never expected my luck to go this way! Anyway, she was so turned-on, so horny, that she was absolutely dripping wet. To this day, and after a couple dozen other sex partners/girlfriends, I`ve never known such wetness. There were no condoms but neither of us cared at that point. I entered her and tried to find some friction for my own enjoyment but to no avail. My erection, to my embarrassment, started to subside. An attempt to fix the situation by pouring talcum powder worked to a certain degree and I managed another erection. After a while of strong panting on her part and groaning on mine, we both came - me pulling out and sending shot after shot of hot sperm over her tummy and even into her hair.

After another few years (and the odd fuck with a willing gal), I got another proper girlfriend who kept me in a sex life for about 4 years. The sex wasn`t particularly anything to write home about but it was a sex life anyway. Part two is to follow as things hot up....I hope you`re enjoying my true stories.